causes of subcutaneous adiposity Subcutaneous adipose (lipoma, fatty tumor) -benign subcutaneous nodes, formed from fat tissues, on the human body. These tumors are painless and not associated with surrounding tissues. Human lipomas do not cause anxiety until the moment they reach a diameter of more than 1 cm. Widows grow slowly, reaching in time with impressive dimensions. Then they begin to deliver to their carrier both physical and aesthetic inconveniences, because a lipoma can appear even on the face. It also happens that weners are formed in places inaccessible for feeling (in retroperitoneal tissue, in the lungs, in the mammary gland, etc.) Sometimes patients are concerned about multiple educations. Most often, the fatty joints are from 1 to 5 cm in diameter. But sometimes they are also quite large - more than 10 cm. In such patients, the lipomas hang and form a foot of the skin at the base, which leads to stagnation of the blood, necrosis and covering with ulcers. The size of the wen's body can also depend on the weight of the patient. For example, if the patient's weight increases, then the tumor size also increases. But nevertheless, the growth of the adipose occurs more often uncontrollably. The appearance and development of the lump is asymptomatic, but it also happens that they cause pain to patients, cause discomfort, squeeze the nearby organs. Although most complaints are received for a cosmetic defect. It is possible to get rid of fatty glands by surgical method, but before surgery it is necessary to make sure of the good quality of education by the method of puncture biopsy.

Diagnosis of subcutaneous adipocytes

Lipomas are most often diagnosed on the body in womenat the age of 30 to 50 years. Typically, lipomas are formed under the skin in places where the fat tissue is present. Favorite places of the WenWiki are back, arms, legs, head, both the hairy part, and the face. Lipomas are classified according to the cellular composition into the following types:

  • Lipofibroma - a soft wen, consisting mainly of adipose tissue;
  • fibrolipoma - dense lipoma, consisting mainly of connective fibrous tissue;
  • angiolipoma - a lipoma containing a large number of blood vessels;
  • myolipoma - a neoplasm in which there are smooth muscle fibers;
  • Myelolipoma is the rarest variety of fatty acids, consisting of fatty and haematopoietic tissue.

diagnostics of wen's doctor

Causes of Lipoma

To date, the causes of the appearance of adipocytesare not finally clarified. But scientists have some assumptions. It is believed that the emergence of fat cells is associated with a systemic metabolic disorder in adipose tissue. Do not also exclude the possibility of lyme formation due to hormonal failures in the body. These include: climacteric period in women, during which there is a restructuring of the childbearing function, and damage to the brain that is responsible for metabolic processes in the body. The development of adipose cells can provoke liver and pancreas diseases, problems in the functioning of the thyroid and pituitary gland. Often, adolescents develop due to diabetes mellitus, malignant respiratory tract infections, and also against the background of alcoholism.

Conducting examinations with lipoma

In order to get rid of the lime body,First of all, it is necessary to carry out a diagnosis. Diagnosis of fatty glands located on the surface of the body is not difficult. The following factors are taken into account:

  • location by lip;
  • consistency;
  • communication with surrounding tissues;
  • painlessness when feeling;
  • the formation of retraction when stretching the skin over the wen.

If you want to remove theinaccessible to feeling and inspection places, then radiography and ultrasound are prescribed. X-ray examination of soft tissue lingual tissue is based on the use of long-wave x-ray radiation, which allows to evaluate the structure of the tissues of the formation. The most reliable way to diagnose deep limes is computed tomography, with which you can distinguish adipose tissue from denser ones. If the survey raises doubts about the goodness of the tumor, then resort to the methods of puncture biopsy and cytological research. Before a surgical procedure, a laboratory test is performed to remove the lipoma, which includes:

  • general blood analysis;
  • general urine analysis;
  • blood chemistry;
  • blood glucose;
  • research on HIV, hepatitis, syphilis.

In some cases, before you get rid of the wen, it becomes necessary to exclude other diseases. For this, a cytological examination is carried out. wart removal by surgical method

Treatment of subcutaneous adipocytes

To get rid of zhirovikov it is possible only by a surgical method. For this there are the following indications:

  • a rapid increase in the size of the wen;
  • large tumor size;
  • painful sensations due to squeezing the surrounding tissues of the lipoma;
  • aesthetic defect.

If the subcutaneous fatty is small and located in theaccessible place, it can be removed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. If the lipoma is large or located on the body in complex anatomical places (neck, axilla), then the patients are hospitalized and the treatment is performed in a stationary setting. There are 3 ways of surgical intervention to remove fat cells:

  • removal with the capsule is the most radicaltreatment method. Under local anesthesia, a wide cutaneous incision is made, the lipoma is removed and removed together with the capsule. After this, seams are superimposed on the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue. This method is the most effective, excludes manifestations of relapses, but from the point of view of aesthetics is unsatisfactory.
  • minimally invasive wart removal - method, withwhich is made on the skin incision length of less than 1 cm. Lipoma is destroyed and removed inside the capsule. The advantage of this method is a good cosmetic effect, but the method is not radical.
  • liposuction lipoma - the way in which the skinan incision of not more than 5 mm is made. The lipoma is removed inside the capsule with a lipoaspirator. With this method of surgery, a good cosmetic effect is achieved, but there is a possibility of relapse. laser removal of subcutaneous adipocytes

Complications of lipoma

Complications with zhiroviki are very rare. Here are the main ones:

  • inflammation - zhirovik blushes, increases and starts to ache. With pressure in the tumor, liquid is felt;
  • liposarcoma - malignant lipoma, in which in very rare cases a normal weneworm can regenerate;
  • displacement of surrounding tissues near the lipoma.

Getting rid of a lipoma is only half the battle, inpostoperative period, it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the site of the body on which the operation was performed to rule out complications. Lipoma is a benign tumor, which for a very long period of time can not disturb its carrier, remain unchanged in size or grow very slowly. Of course, the appearance of the wen-eye is not attractive, so every person who dreams of getting rid of a tumor as soon as possible. Moreover, injuries or damage to the lipoma can cause it to change up to degeneration into a malignant tumor. Usually the prognosis of treatment of adipose tissue on the body is favorable, and getting rid of them is not difficult, especially for an experienced and qualified doctor. The most important thing is not to delay the treatment and to pass the examination as quickly as possible so that the doctor can choose the most appropriate method of removal.