causes of mastopathy Fibrous-cystic mastopathy isbenign disease of the mammary glands, caused by a violation of the hormonal balance of the female body. Diffuse fibrocystic mastopathy is also called fibro-cystic disease, fibroadenomatosis and mastopathy of mammary glands. Fibrous cystic mastopathy is a widespread disease, but the causes of the disease are not well understood. It is known that they suffer more than 60% of women, especially often fibrocystic mastopathy occurs in patients aged 30-50 years. During the menopause, the risk of breast mastopathy is significantly reduced.

A little about the causes of the disease

Fibrous-cystic mastopathy most oftenmanifested in violation of the balance of sex hormones or thyroid hormones, diseases of the ovaries, liver, endocrine diseases. Mastopathy of mammary glands is difficult to diagnose because of ambiguous signs, which vary in severity of manifestations. Signs of mastopathy of mammary glands in different women are manifested in different ways: there may be weak or, on the contrary, very painful feelings associated with the menstrual cycle or not depending on it, visible or hidden. Self-examination of the mammary glands is an obligatory preventive measure, but it does not give a 100% guarantee of detection of mastopathy. Fibrous-cystic mastopathy can be absolutely accurately diagnosed only by a specialist-mammologist. Mastopathy fibrotic affects the mammary glands. The only biological function of the mammary glands, known to science, is the allocation of milk and feeding the baby. For the onset of a possible pregnancy in the female body as a whole and the mammary glands in particular, each menstrual cycle causes a huge amount of hormonal changes. Nature conceived the development of progesterone and estrogen, so that a woman could conceive and bear a healthy fetus. These two hormones directly affect the tissues of the mammary glands, stimulating the cells to grow and divide. Is it good for pregnancy, but if it does not come? Unlike the lining of the uterus, the body can not simply remove excess cells from the body. They remain, so the body starts the process of apoptosis - programmed decay. The latter does not always go smoothly, inflammation, scarring and, as a consequence, fibrous mastopathy can occur in the mammary glands. examination of the breast by a doctor

Manifestation and diagnosis of the disease

Cystic breast mastitis is manifested ina number of features. First of all, these are pains in the mammary glands. Cystic mastopathy can occur both during the menstrual cycle, and independently of it. In the first stages, the pain may be weak, aching, before menstruation disappears. Sometimes it can be more intense, strongly pronounced, with a return to the back, armpits, shoulder, neck. The mammary glands swell, become rough, it is possible to separate fluid from the nipples. The second and most obvious sign is nodules, seals in the mammary glands. Cystic mastopathy can be characterized as multiple small formations (diffuse form), and clearly expressed single seals (nodular form). The greater risk of contracting cystic mastopathy of mammary glands is for women giving birth for the first time after 25 years, leading an irregular sexual life or breast-feeding for less than 5 months. Development of cystic mastopathy of mammary glands is facilitated by conflicts and stresses in the family and at work, dissatisfaction with sex life. These factors lead to a violation of the hormonal balance of the female body, which means that they increase the risk of cystic mastopathy. Gynecological and venereal diseases, abortions, liver and bile duct diseases, breast trauma and heredity also actively influence the occurrence and development of cystic mastopathy. The very first way to diagnose a disease is an independent primary examination. Every woman should regularly inspect and feel the chest, monitor changes in shape and structure, sensations of palpation. Diffuse fibrocystic mastopathy is well revealed in the early stages, therefore it is in the interests of women's health to visit the mammologist regularly, at least once a year for preventive examination. If there are dangerous symptoms of gynecological and hormonal diseases, it is better to pay an additional visit. Fibrous mastopathy is also revealed by mammography, ultrasound and puncture. The most suitable procedure will be advised by a doctor. A mammogram is an x-ray of a breast. It allows you to identify even the smallest seals that are not probed. The ultrasound helps to track the changes in the compaction of the mammary glands. Puncture is used for the nodal form of mastopathy, this is a fence of a piece of breast tissue with a special syringe. complete breast examination

How to cure the disease?

Cystic mastopathy is not life threatening, it is notprecancerous disease, but the nodal forms of the disease can stimulate breast cancer. In addition, cystic mastopathy significantly reduces the quality of life, so it is necessary to treat it. To start the disease in any case impossible. Surgical surgical intervention is appropriate only in the presence of a pronounced nodal form of the disease, which causes serious suspicion of cancer. In other cases, surgical intervention is not necessary, surgical treatment of mastopathy does not require. The disease causes hormonal imbalance, so you need to treat it. When mastopathy helps drugs:

  • regulating the activity of the thyroid gland,
  • progesterone preparations (progestogen),
  • oral contraceptives as regulators of the menstrual cycle,
  • eliminating the effect of estrogen (phareston, tamoxifen),
  • vitamins (A, B, C, E) and means for improving liver function (karsil, essential, legalon),
  • homeopathic (edas, mastodinone).

Remember that taking the drug and treatment shouldmust be preceded by a full diagnostic examination, identifying a specific hormone that causes the disease, and prescribing the prescription by the doctor. Mastopathy in different women can be caused by a violation of the thyroid gland, an increased amount of estrogen, liver or testicular disease, complications in pregnancy and many other reasons. For the treatment to be most effective, it is important to identify a specific factor. This can only be done by a certified specialist, mammologist or gynecologist, who will prescribe the optimal drug and treatment. Take it seriously to choosing a doctor, because you have the same health. A few words about biologically active additives (BAA), which are not medicines. They can be useful in the disease, because they contain vitamins and nutrients. However, firstly, not all doctors approve of such drugs, so it's worth to consult with a specialist before taking the drug to avoid trouble (for example, increasing the dose of the active substance or, conversely, licking the effect of the drug with a biological supplement). Secondly, in the market of dietary supplements there are a lot of fakes, so be careful and circumspect.

Non-medicinal products

In addition to the prescription prescribed by the doctor, foraccelerate recovery or prevent disease may come in handy general recommendations. And the first is the diet. Women 20-50 years are better to avoid smoked and fatty foods, coffee, chocolate, strong tea. Instead, enrich the diet with fruits, vegetables, especially those containing vitamins A and E, to improve liver function and iodine for the thyroid gland. It is worth giving up smoking and minimizing the intake of alcohol. Do not eat and chips, cola, crackers and other "garbage" food. Without harmful food you will feel better and look, feel a rush of vivacity, and the body will work like a clock. By all means try to avoid sluggish work of the intestines, saturate the body with fiber. Simple physical exercises will help to cheer up, relieve stress, and rich in vitamins useful food will give energy for the whole day. Do not give a chance to a bad mood, apathy or depression. Pay attention to your underwear, namely the brassiere. Correctly matched, it not only gives your breast elasticity and height, but also protects against diseases. The bra should be necessarily comfortable, do not squeeze or squeeze the chest, fit the size and shape. Take vitamin complexes, even if you eat right. Vitamins contribute to the alignment of the hormonal balance, normalize metabolism, antioxidant effect on the body, stabilize the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, normalize the functions of the adrenal glands, ovaries and thyroid gland. When mastopathy most vitamins A, E, C and group B, especially B6, are needed. If you have swelling of the hands and feet, use homeopathic diuretics like herbal tea. It is necessary to limit salt intake. As an adjunct, you can use compresses on your chest from cabbage, honey, beets, carrots or sea buckthorn oil. They will help to calm the pain. Try to fill your day with pleasant moments, spend more time with family and friends, get out on the nature, rest more often. Stresses shorten our lives, so it is not worth it.