if he said and more than once "I DO NOT LOVE YOU !!!!"I want to return the love of my boyfriend ... I love him very much ... (if I'm asked what is love in general, then I'll be able to respond vrjatli, but here those feelings that I feel for my boyfriend ... all this I call love, for me it is this and there is love) ... everything was good at first, then more than a bit of a good thing, but now there's no way ... sovsm and ... he's already several. once I suggested that I break up, but I was afraid to lose it and did not agree with him ... and we continued ... once they told me that if the guy is already thinking about breaking the relationship, sooner or later it will happen ... and now ... this seems to be a prophecy! ! = ((painful to realize that you no longer need a man, that he closed from you and the most insulting that he no longer feels love for you ... (((you know, time passes and I begin to understand that I avoided all his proposals for the preservation of relations ... Now, just now, I shoot this .. then for me it seemed like something Possibly, and now I realize that I was not right ... here he suggested at least for a while to disperse ... or for some time not to call up ... and after all it was necessary and to do ... it was necessary to understand it ... because a man is not a woman ... he does not care I need something personal, no freedom, I'm sorry that I realized it now ... but I'm worried about something else now ... he told me all this .. and I still like a fool several times he called something he wanted from him asked that he would have thought .. that we would have been all right, that he would not throw me, etc ... (now I understand that it's impossible Th ... it's more annoying, it's true and quiet and silently look at the fact that nothing happens I also can not, I'm afraid of losing it ...) but the whole "joke" is ... that we do not have the opportunity to talk tete-a-tete ... we are now in different cities, the relationship we have more than 2 years and everything is at a distance9 because of studies) ... he suggested that he meet when he arrives to discuss everything ... put all the points on the "I" ... and this will be in August only ... ((when I he asked how do we now with him will be, until August, what is it that we have as it is called, he said that he does not know ... bduet as eats ь and everything ... and that after a personal conversation he hopes that we will part because he does not see the future with us and all relations will be a burden only ... if earlier I still hoped that he might change his mind, he might come talk to me and everything would be fine us ... then now naayayu in this very much doubt ... I even told him about it and I say apparently it seemed to me, but he is .. like you and I thought ... .... ... and social. pages of our we still meet with him (it's written that none of us is cleaning up what is it? if a person is so tuned and at the same time so leaves) ... I'm still thinking ... if he had already exactly-wanted everything with me razorvat.nadoelo if he still does not need ... then why does he have to wait another 2 months ... is it really only because he's so all right? that on the phone. realizes that they do not abandon people ?! those. the chances of vernikt it from me are practically zero ... or is there anyway ?! I'm interested in your opinion, soviots ... and maybe someone had something like that ?! help please ... my roof is already undermining ... until August so far, I can not occupy myself with anything ... thought all sorts of evil go to the head ... Author: