Hot sun and salty sea water negativelyaffect our hair: ultraviolet overdry and discolor them, and salt draws moisture. Therefore, after returning from rest, hair becomes dry and weakened, with split ends. Having listened to the advice of star specialists, you can quickly restore your hair and body beauty and health. Hair restoration: the procedure for wrapping hair, soft shampoos and the right diet. To determine how badly damaged your hair, you need to test in water. Healthy hair when immersed in ordinary water are kept on the surface, while the damaged ones are drowning. If the hair goes to the day, then your locks need urgent help. Do home wrap for hair: apply mask on clean hair, wrap them with a towel, top with a film. After 20 minutes, rinse. This procedure should be done once a week. And at home it is no less effective than in the cabin. After washing your head gently pat the hair with a towel, excluding vigorous movements. Be extremely careful when combing wet hair, as they are more vulnerable. Temporarily refrain from using hoops and rubber bands, which can only intensify the damage. Choose shampoos intended for daily use. Such care products very gently clean the scalp and hair. Correctly apply the shampoo: pour out on the palm, form a foam, then apply it to the roots of the hair, excluding the soaping of the tips. So the hair will not overdry. Wash your hair lightly with a towel before applying the conditioner. Must-have summer - indelible means for dry and damaged hair, which are applied only to the tips, using just a few drops. Such care significantly improves the structure of the hair and facilitates their laying. To stimulate hair growth, B vitamins, multivitamins and proteins are needed. To restore the water balance of hair, drink at least 2 liters of water daily. If after a holiday at sea suddenly appeared dandruff, do not rush to buy medicines. Most likely, this is due to bathing in salt water and climate change. Soon the condition of the scalp will return to normal. Do not dye your hair immediately after returning from vacation, Wait at least a couple of weeks, having healed them during this time. If you can not wait this time, use the paint without ammonia. To give hair shine, use the folk recipe: rinse them with apple cider vinegar, diluted with water.


Several topical ways: how to maintain tan and elasticity of the skin, tighten the silhouette As a rule, after the summer vacation, the body only makes us happy: everything is normal - and the tone, and elasticity, and skin condition. And all this thanks to the swimming in the sea water, which tightens the skin, nourishes useful trace elements and speeds up the metabolism. The only thing that can upset us upon returning home is the slight peeling, which usually causes excessive exposure to the sun. In order to preserve the effect as long as possible, it is necessary not to deprive the skin of all that it has become accustomed to during rest. Save the tan and elasticity of the skin will help sea salt, essential oils and algae, which are beautifully taken care of. Exfoliation is one of the most important elements of skin care. Peelings and scrubs help exfoliate dead cells and deep cleansing. After the procedure, the skin becomes renewed, prepared for further care. Experts advise to pay attention to scrubs, which include essential oils with sea salt. Essential oils soothe and moisturize, and salt - gently cleanses the skin. All this helps to cope with the post-holiday syndrome, which affects about 70% of people who returned from rest. Save the southern tan will help self-tanning. It is recommended to apply the product on a damp body. It is good to restore the skin and help after sunburn. To tighten the silhouette and maintain the tone will help the cream with an extract of algae, which improve the breathing of the skin and remove toxins. Means for the body with a toning and pulling effect will provide your legs with harmony without any debilitating exercises. They not only improve blood circulation, but also strengthen the walls of blood vessels, thereby activating all metabolic processes in the skin. To get rid of edema and improve blood circulation will help and evening contrast shower. We advise you to read: