1 Conducting a survey of 8,000 women, scientistsmanaged to identify products that provoke early skin aging. In their opinion, it is this food that leads to the fact that the representatives of the weaker sex look a few years older than their biological age. Scientists say that the cause of the appearance of early wrinkles is malnutrition. As a rule, accelerates aging like alcohol consumption, smoking and frequent visits to the solarium, and excess in the diet of simple carbohydrates and saturated fats, as well as lack of fluids. Also, the appearance of early wrinkles is affected by excessive consumption of sugar. Long researches of the British scientists have proved, that sugar forms in an organism harmful for a skin connections. As a result of the effects of such compounds, elastin and collagen are destroyed - two elements that prevent skin aging. It is noticed that not only lovers of sweets, soda water, chips, crackers and fast food look 4-6 years older than their age. Provoke the appearance of wrinkles can be used in large quantities of bakery products, potatoes and pasta. In a survey conducted by British experts, it was found that a real epidemic of aging broke out among young women. The most useful for the skin, according to scientists, are dark green and orange vegetables, tomatoes, pomegranate, as well as varieties of red grapes. These products contain a large number of antioxidants - it allows you to fight free radicals that appear in the body under the influence of ultraviolet. We advise you to read: