laser hair removal at home Hair removal on the body can hardly be calledpleasant procedure, however, every year thousands of women and men are ready to experience such tortures to get rid of unnecessary vegetation on the body. What are the only ways in the old days were not invented to achieve the desired result: wax and shugaring in Eastern countries, walnut juice in Georgia, soft pumice stone in Ancient Egypt, and in China - threads on which the hairs were wound. Of course, the effect of such manipulations was not always positive, at times irritation and rash appeared on the skin, but in many hot countries where water was worth its weight in gold, such procedures were performed by every inhabitant not for beauty or masochism, but for hygiene purposes. To date, thanks to the development of scientists and process engineers, there are many less painful and more effective methods of hair removal, such as laser hair removal. For a long time such a procedure could be done only in some beauty salons located in large cities, and the cost of such a pleasure was not affordable for everyone. More recently, the fair sex has been given an excellent opportunity to do this at home, which saves not only time, but also finances. However, even after a few years of debate over whether laser hair removal is harmful or not, and also what effect it has on the body, do not subside. Both supporters and opponents of this method give their reasons, which must be taken into account.

What is "home" laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal at home is a newa method of removing unwanted vegetation even on the most delicate and delicate areas of the skin with the help of a special device - a laser epilator. This device is able to cope with thick, thick and dark hairs, which bring a special discomfort, since after the usual procedures the tips are visible already on the second or third day. However, unfortunately, if you have gray, blond hair or a small fluff, the effect of epilation will be zero. Also, do not touch the eyebrows, as you can damage the cornea of ​​the eye.

Pain during laser hair removal

In this case, it all depends on yoursensitivity to external effects on the skin. Definitely, the first few procedures you will feel a slight discomfort or slight tingling in the treated area. However, do not be afraid, because these sensations are not as painful as when using an ordinary epilator or wax. In addition, the risks of getting any complication are reduced to a minimum, but when using a familiar razor, you can cause a serious cut. who made laser hair removal

Why it is worth buying a depilator

  • Most of those who did laser hair removalat home, argue that the effect of the apparatus is the same as after going to the salon, but the device is much cheaper than visiting such establishments several times in six months (the average cost of the device is three to four visits). In order to achieve a positive effect, many ladies need to make at least eight visits, each of which is very expensive. Also, because of the peculiarity of the organism, it is sometimes necessary to repeat the course, since the hairs begin to grow, to which the laser did not act in the previous times.
  • The laser epilator is compact and very convenient inoperation, and also does not require the purchase of many additional attachments. If you follow the instructions and observe the safety rules, you will not be hurt and there will be no prints or traces left on the skin. However, before the first application it is recommended to consult specialists who will show and tell everything that newcomers should know about.
  • Do you constantly suffer with ingrown hairs and do not know how to deal with them? Then the laser epilator will be the best solution to this problem.
  • The obtained effect lasts much longer than frommachines, creams, waxes, etc. means. Those who did this procedure regularly, there was a significant slowdown in hair growth. Doing this procedure a month before the trip to the sea, you can not worry about that in the zone of bikini or armpits you will have black dots, as it happens after standard razors and blades.
  • Horrors and inconveniences in laser hair removal

    Despite the manufacturers' assurances about theuniversality and complete safety of their products, epilators can still harm your health. Therefore, before buying, be sure to read the shortcomings and precautions, since some drawbacks of laser hair removal can affect your decision.

  • First, the discomfort is caused by a small powerand the area of ​​capture of the device. So, in order to remove hair on your legs, you will have to spend much more time than if you used the services of specialists in the salon. In addition, the ladies will have to dodge and take uncomfortable poses to remove vegetation in hard-to-reach places.
  • If you work with this technique, you allowthe slightest mistake, after the procedure, burns will appear on the skin. There are a number of serious contraindications when this apparatus can not be used, otherwise side effects may occur. Before you risk a little experimenting with your own body, be sure to visit a doctor, take tests and go through the research.
  • After the treatment of the armpits, in no case canUse deodorant substances for as long as three days, since after them will be baked. In the hot season, you will have to choose between an unpleasant odor or a positive effect of laser hair removal. The first few hours will also hurt when in contact with clothing.
  • Another disadvantage is that afterprocedures can not immediately go to the beach. You will need to wait at least five days before you can sunbathe in the sun, otherwise the sun baths will have serious consequences: stains, burns, irritations. In the summer, those who made hair removal, have to use special sunscreen.
  • To the one who on the eve of procedure did pilling orused a scrub, it is necessary to postpone the hair removal for at least three or four days, otherwise you will be incredibly hurt during processing, since the skin in this place is already damaged and has not yet fully recovered. Otherwise, small inflammations can form on the body.
  • Side effects can also occur afterreception of a hot bath or a bath, therefore after epilation it is better to give preference to a slightly warm soul. If you have removed facial hairs, rinse this area with purified or filtered water to prevent infection, since the one that flows through the pipes does not meet the established standards and can contain dangerous bacteria. Do not go to the pool, because the bleach will cause burning. The same applies to sea water.
  • You will have to give up many pleasures (massage, playing sports), since a few weeks after epilation when you touch the treated skin areas you will be very hurt.
  • Contraindications for laser hair removal

    You are not recommended to do procedures in your homeconditions, if you have serious problems with the skin (pouring out, acne, irritation). The consequences after hair removal in this case can be deplorable. The same applies if you have a fungus or herpes, as this can lead to infection. Laser hair removal can have a negative effect if you have diabetes, benign or malignant tumors. People who have recently done tattoos will have to postpone the procedure until better times, since the skin that has not yet had time to heal should not be subjected to such serious stresses. Whether laser hair removal is harmful

    Rules for laser hair removal

    According to those who made laser hair removal inhome conditions, to achieve a positive effect can only be on hair, the length of which is from one to three millimeters. Before you start to remove vegetation on the body, you need to tune in to the right way, otherwise you will be hurt, because your subconscious mind sends the appropriate signals to the cerebral cortex. Before the procedure and after, do not use products containing alcohol, oils or fragrances, otherwise you risk getting burns. Those who have purchased this device are not recommended to use tweezers, a conventional epilator, wax as ancillary means, since the laser can not act on the area where the follicles were removed, so the effect of the procedure will be low. If you need to urgently get rid of hair, use a special cream or standard shaving machine. So you can stay always in shape, even if you are far from home and do not have the opportunity to use the device. Owners of dark skin, or those who have recently sunbathed, have to apply a special clarifying cream and mask a month before the epilation. If you do not have such an opportunity or you just do not want to wait long, it's better to go to the salon where you will be picked up by a suitable procedure based on the tone of your skin. Also, specialists working in such institutions are obliged to give you recommendations regarding the care of the treated zone, so that no consequences arise after such stress for the organism. At home, doing epilation with sunburn is contraindicated, since you can get a serious burn. Note that those who did not do this procedure before, on the skin may appear a slight reddening, which will soon disappear. Until the swelling or irritation passes, those who do hair removal should not use a washcloth or sponge, otherwise you will only worsen the situation. If to you after removal of hair it is sick, put on the processed zone calming agents (gels, losony). Also an anesthetic effect will give a usual cold wet towel or ice, wrapped in a thin fabric. If even after a couple of days you do not get redness or burns, scars, pour out and you will be hurt to touch the skin, contact the doctor right away.

    To be or not to be, that is the question

    Do not know which is the best method to choose forgetting rid of unnecessary hair on the skin? Try each and then find the most optimal option for yourself. If you previously did not deal with laser hair removal, go first to the salon at least one procedure to check whether you are suffering the impact of this device or not. In case everything will be fine, you can safely acquire such a technique to look stunning at any time of the year. But even if after processing you do not get any effect, do not despair, so the result sometimes does not appear immediately. In the worst case, you will know that this method is not for you. We advise you to read: