Cathedral of Girona One of the favorite places for recreation tourists recognizeThe Mediterranean coast. In the north-east of Spain is the Costa Brava. The resort is in a picturesque place, where you can see rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, exotic plants and small bays. In addition to abundant natural resources, the abundance of forests, Costa Brava has a great cultural heritage. Architectural monuments, historical sights, ancient remains - all this attracts visitors. Having visited the resort, you can plunge into the atmosphere of medieval traditions and bygone eras. Lovers of history, ancient architecture will be happy to see on the coast many attractions and museums. Visiting important places, strolling through the ancient streets, tourists will learn the history and secrets of medieval Spain. After all, the rich past of this great country is reflected in art and sights. And the freedom-loving and independent nature of the local people makes visiting the Costa Brava even more interesting. Old city

Museums as a historical value of the Spanish resort

The Museum of Salvador Dali, perhaps, is the mosta popular place among the cultural events of Spain. Visiting the museum, tourists can look at many things through the eyes of a great artist. There are collected more than 1500 exhibits: paintings, sculptures. The exhibition allows you to plunge into the era of surrealism and learn more about this direction of art. It is also remarkable that the building is located in Dali's homeland - in Figueres. A special place among the tourist species is the Museum of the Sea. This landmark will tell visitors about the amazing history of the Spanish naval navy fleet. In spacious halls tourists are offered to get acquainted with significant exhibits of different eras. Antique ships, fishing boat designs, ancient maps, modern shipbuilding, swimming equipment - this is an incomplete list of things that visitors come to during their visit. The building and interior decoration of the museum also corresponds to the theme and bears its cultural value. The Museum of Cinema offers a plunge into the world of hidden shots. More than 20 thousand exhibits will tell visitors about the history of cinematography, how this art was born in Spain. A large collection of cinematographic equipment, films, posters, photographs collected in an amazing place. After visiting Girona, you can see the medieval building in which the Archaeological Museum is located. A rich collection of artifacts, dating back to different ages and epochs, is located in the building. This museum is visited by people interested in the history of the Spanish colony, as well as ordinary tourists who want to look at archeology, palaeontology, numismatics. All exhibits are found in archaeological excavations on the territory of the country. The room is divided into several rooms for the convenience of people. The Central Gallery, the Gothic Hall, the Hall of Paleontology are some of the places visited at the Bagnolas Museum of Archeology. Some tourists, coming to the resort, visit the Museum of Art. Numerous paintings and expositions help visitors to plunge into the atmosphere of medieval events, to feel the theme of religiosity during the reign of kings. Theater-Museum of Salvador Dali

Castles and monasteries

The pride of the city of Lloret de Mar is the castleSan Juan. It is located on the top of the mountain, from where you can see all the natural beauty and panorama of the resort. This object is protected from all sides by high walls, because previously it was considered a fortress. Now the castle is a place for gathering tourists and pilgrims. The interior of the building clearly conveys the medieval era. The Church of San Roma has a great historical value. The facade of the building is decorated with mosaics and frescoes. Tourists can spend time walking in the inner garden. The appearance of the church is cumbersome, because before it served as a defensive fortress. It is located near the delightful Mediterranean coast. The Tower of San Juan is a tourist attraction, which is located on the top of a mountain. It served as the defensive fortress of Spain from the foray of strangers. Today the tower is a cultural property of the resort, from where a magnificent view of the entire coast opens. The Church of St. Vincent is a ruin, although there are still services in the temple. Tourists will be able to visit the small chapel. And the exterior of the building is an example of Gothic art. On the coast there is a small church - St. Mary's Cathedral, which is very expensive for local residents. In addition to the fact that the temple is a shrine and a local abode, it is still considered a historical value. The building was erected in the 15th century. Today it is surrounded by gardens, parks and shady alleys. A significant place of modern Catalonia is the Monastery of Montserrat. The construction is considered the most amazing and mysterious among tourists. Picturesque mountain formations resemble large, quaint castles. The large area of ​​this unexplored place is equipped with cable cars for easy transportation. In the depths of the mountain rocks there is the Benedictine Monastery. This building survived the attack of the French conquerors. Today it is the largest place for meeting pilgrims from all over the world. Monks live on the territory, and guests are accommodated in a hotel. The main attraction for many tourists is the statue "Black Madonna", which is stored inside the building. The mountain on which the monastery is located is considered sacred among local residents. Many of them come there to worship and say a prayer. Medes Islands

Memorable places and surroundings

Attractions in an amazing location onthe coast of the Mediterranean Sea is found everywhere. The Spanish resort of Costa Brava welcomes its guests with picturesque nature, exotic places, each of which is imbued with the spirit of medieval times. Historical monuments and entertaining views can be found everywhere. The gardens of Saint Clotilde are one of such places. The garden amazes all visitors with its luxurious and rich views. A huge area is dotted with plant cultures, garden sculptures, fountains, avenues, ponds. The style of the park is in the Renaissance style. This amazing place is created in honor of the wife of the famous Marquis. Every detail is thought out to the last detail. Studying this garden, visitors can relax and have a peaceful time. Another unique place on the Spanish land is the Garden of Marimourt. This botanical park has collected on its territory different types of flowers, a great variety of cacti. Each plant is signed for the convenience of visitors. Perhaps, this is one of the largest gardens not only in Costa Brava, but also in Europe. Lovers of cacti must certainly visit the Costa Brava. Only there, in the Botanical Garden of Pigna de Rosa, a rich greenhouse of these plants is collected. They are brought from different countries and continents. In the garden, tourists can enjoy the view of flowering cacti. In addition to them, there are other amazing plants in the park. For those who come to Spain solely because of a holiday at sea, the marine reserve will be extraordinarily interesting. The Medes Islands are located near the town of Estartit. In this amazing place you can admire unusual representatives of flora and fauna. The surrounding area is rich in some species of exotic animals. Fans of active pastime will be able to practice water sports: diving, kayaking, trips on boats and yachts, scooters. The archipelago is considered a unique place, where up to now the ecological nature has been preserved. A significant place among the Spanish villages in Costa Brava is Peralada. Tourists repeatedly come to the country in order to visit this cultural and historical center. On the territory there are historical castles, monuments, gardens. Various celebrities and representatives of cultural life came to this village. And the vineyards on the territory will amaze the visitors with their scale and beauty. Jewish Quarter

Family holiday on the coast

Some tourists visit Spain with their children. After all, the climate of the country is favorable for family rest. And new impressions of the greatness that has been seen will remain in your memory for life. Monuments of architecture in Costa Brava will amaze visitors by its appearance. So, for example, the newlyweds come to the monument to the sailor's wife. This bronze sculpture is located near the beach, on a rocky terrain. It is the symbol of the city of Lloret de Mar. The sculpture is clearly visible from the shore, and she greets the sailors with her outstretched hand. Costa Brava is rich in entertainment for all ages. Water World Water World is a modern landmark on the coast. An amazing water world, surrounded on all sides by the picturesque Spanish flora. Several swimming pools, springboards, recreation areas, the highest tower in the world - all this attracts tourists. A family trip to Spain will be successful if tourists visit the Toy Museum. Thousands of copies and exhibits are exhibited in the halls of the museum. Most of the samples presented once belonged to the famous people of Catalonia. A lot of impressions, children's joy will give copies of dolls, soldiers, airplanes and other works. Rare samples of toys depicted in photographs or postcards will surprise even the true connoisseurs of history. For travelers who come to the Costa Brava with their children, it will be interesting to visit the Marineland Dolphinarium. On a large territory there are: a water park, attractions, interesting views, recreation areas. Sea inhabitants will show a spectacular event. And the abundance of water slides, pools, labyrinths will please older people. On the territory of the water park you can get souvenirs. Botanical Gardens of Costa Brava

Mediterranean resort as a historical value

The picturesque view of the Costa Brava is decoratednumerous churches, castles and monasteries. Each castle has its own unique history. Local residents transmit from generation to generation traditions and features of buildings. Even those who barely survived the facade. Costa Brava reflects all the splendor and power of natural resources. Having once visited a beautiful, sunny coast, tourists return here again and again. After all, every time, Spanish Catalonia appears in a new perspective. Endless expanses, rocky cliffs, a clean coastline, an abundance of historical monuments and sights - all this leaves an unforgettable impression in the hearts of newcomers. Having seen the architectural splendor of the country, one can understand its history, life and traditions of the people.