Fortress Bourtange - "Star" citadel Holland is one of the most beautiful and unusualcountries of Europe. The official name of the Netherlands is the Netherlands. The country has an unusually picturesque nature, is famous for numerous fairs and flower festivals. The most popular cities among tourists are The Hague, Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam. The capital of Amsterdam is famous for its original elegant architecture. In the city you can see unique sliding bridges, monuments, visit all kinds of exhibitions, museums. Escher Museum

Madurodam Park in The Hague

One of the most attractive Dutchsights is the Madurodam park, which is located in The Hague. Madurodam - an unusual, fabulous place that attracts both adults and children. Children especially, because this park can be compared with a puppet city. Madurodam is a miniature copy of Holland, where all the objects: houses, squares, passers-by on the street, transport, are reduced 25 times. The construction of this park is the finest manual work. Visiting it, the tourist will get acquainted with the culture and stories of the country, see a lot of parks, houses of culture, churches, and all this in a miniature. Figures are reduced approximately 25 times. On weekends and holidays, hundreds of Dutch people with their children visit this park. Arriving a tourist on the weekend will not be easy to squeeze through the backs of people and consider the beauty of the park. But still, if you are going to come to The Hague, this extraordinary place must be visited. It is important to note that in the ticket office you can buy a Russian-language booklet, where there is a detailed description of how to better see the sights, which way to follow. In Madurodam, a visitor can see how little people move along the streets, hold wedding ceremonies near the church. On the rails of this fabulous city are trains, and along the river ships. Some figures begin to walk when a visitor drops a coin in a special box. For example, the central entertainment park is equipped with such a system. The visitor drops a coin of 10 cents, a truck comes up to him, then drives off and returns again with a present in the form of a candy. The picturesque nature of the mini-town is striking: coniferous and deciduous trees, bushes, flower beds are made with the utmost precision. In the program brochure you can find the plan of the park, so that it would be more convenient to choose a place from which to start the inspection. Impressions Madurodam will give unforgettable, especially to young visitors. Many tourists call it the main attraction of the Netherlands. Museum of the human body Corpus

Student and historical city of Delft

The popular student city of the Netherlandsis Delft. This city is famous for its wide production of ceramics. Delft manufactures dishes, souvenirs, various statues, porcelain dolls and so on. In this city you can visit a large shopping area, museums, among which the Prinzenhof Museum and the Weapons Museum. Delft carries a lot of historical events. You can see the statues of the legendary heroes William of Silence, Hain Hein, artist Jan Vermeer and the famous scientist Antonia van Leuvenguq. The streets of the city are truly picturesque, along them you can see a lot of greenery. In the summer, water taxis often swim along the river. It is these taxis that are a feature of the whole of Holland. Rolling on them, you can well consider the appearance of the city and get information about all corners of Delft. The city is a landmark of the Netherlands.

Wax Museum in Asterdem

Among modern Dutchattractions should also be noted the famous Madame Tussauds. Since recent times it was discovered in Amsterdam. In the museum, the visitor will have the opportunity to see and in detail examine the exact copies of famous actors, singers, politicians. They are presented in full size and made of wax. The museum itself is small, compared to London, but it has about 150 dolls. Wax figures are made with amazing accuracy. The masters tried to bring their images closer to reality as closely as possible. Tourists from all over the Netherlands come together to look at these mysterious creations. Moreover, in addition to the well-known personalities of our time, historical personalities are represented in the museum. Tourists who are going to visit Holland, certainly worth seeing the wax figures of the Museum of Madame Tussauds.

Flower fairs - one of the main Dutch attractions

Holland is also famous for the fact that on its territorya large number of flowers grow. They are supplied to different countries. The variety of colors in the Netherlands is amazing, among them you can find both tulips of different varieties, and roses, and hyacinths. Another unforgettable spectacle is the Flower Festival. It can be seen in the major cities of Holland. The event is usually held in early April. Tourists call it the most fun and colorful parade. The beginning at 9 o'clock in the morning. In the cities of Holland, many people dressed in elegant carnival costumes are walking along the streets, festival participants demonstrate sculptures from flowers, the size of which can reach several meters. On the square passing cars, carriages, decorated with flowers. The festival lasts until the evening, the participants with design work are a considerable distance - about 50 km. It is interesting to know the fact that ordinary passers-by help florists. Everyone who wants to participate in the creation of sculpture, come and offer their help. Florists are only happy. Preparation of floral compositions begins 3 days before the festival. This time is enough to finish the work. Artists make sculptures in the form of animated characters, animals, various fantastic characters. The flower parade in the Netherlands is the largest in the world. There are many places in Holland. The country is famous for its uniqueness, unique architecture, historical buildings. Perhaps the most important attraction of the Netherlands are flowers and holidays, dedicated to flowers. The tourist will certainly remain satisfied, will receive a lot of impressions, visiting this magical country.