hair flowers for your hands All the same, we women are creatures unusual. Our craving for beauty is so ineradicable that, whenever possible, we try not only to ennoble the space around us, but we also decorate ourselves all the time. About different lady things that serve this purpose, in general, you can write a multivolume work, but we'll talk, perhaps, about the most ancient female adornment. And it's about the colors for the hair. Perhaps, it was our primitive predecessors who had already decided to decorate themselves with flowers, and maybe it happened later. However, almost all peoples (living in the areas where flowers grow) female costume necessarily included such a detail as flowers. In Europe and in Asia, in America and in Africa, aborigines decorated their hairstyles and costumes with flowers. And today the flower in the hair on the charming female head is a tribute to the traditions, and a special chic and even everyday decoration. Unfortunately, tender live flowers in the hair are fresh and beautiful for a very short time, that's why women came up with artificial flowers for hair. There is an incredible number of national needlework techniques for the manufacture of artificial flowers, for example, the Japanese tsumami Kanzashi or the Maltese chancellor. But with the advent of new materials, new techniques were born and new ways of making artificial flowers were invented, and, probably, with time, they will become even larger. It's impossible to tell about all these methods, but let's learn a few examples on how to quickly and easily make a flower for your hair with your own hands.

Vintage Flower on the Invisible

An incredibly simple and quick way to decoratehair - pin hair invisible with a flower. You can attach any artificial flower to such an unpolluted clip, but we will make our own hands a vintage invisible. To make such an invisible, we need:

  • invisibility;
  • piece of felt for flower base;
  • Guipure or lace braid (50 centimeters) for the petals;
  • button or bead for the middle;
  • scissors and glue.

First we cut out a couple of circles from feltdiameter of two centimeters. Then along the edge of one of the parts, we spread a layer of glue and begin to glue the braid, wrapping it with a spiral and making the turns from the edge to the center. We apply the braid to the felt only with one edge, firmly pressing it with your fingers. As a result, we will get an elegant guipure rose with delicate petals. In the center, decorate the flower with a button or bead, placing it on the glue. The second felt part is glued (or even sewed for strength) to the invisible, then we put a flower on it and fasten it with glue or thread with a needle. Here is a flower for hair can be done quickly and easily with our own hands. A vintage rose in her hair is very gentle, very romantic and very fashionable. Because vintage is the charm of antiquity, an alternative to puffy and energetic glamor, a trendy trend associated with good taste. flower in hair with your hands

Chiffon rose on the rim

Bezel or hoop is a very popular accessory forhair. And if you make a flower with your own hands, then it will transform this accessory beyond recognition. So you can revive an old and already annoying bezel or even decorate a new, but simple purchase. To make this decoration we will need:

  • a rim or a thin plastic hoop;
  • beads;
  • chiffon;
  • scissors;
  • candle or lighter;
  • needle and thread;
  • glue.

We take chiffon fabric and cut out a lot of itround details of various diameters. The size and splendor of our flower will depend on the number and size of the cut circles. The more details, the more magnificent the rose, and its size will be determined by the largest chiffon circle. Now all the details are neatly fired along the edge, giving the fabric a smelt. After that, all the circles are stacked in layers, starting from the largest and ending with the smallest. Layers can be joined together with glue, or you can sew. Now we decorate the middle of the flower with beads or glass beads. The flower is ready! The finished flower is attached to the rim, using a glue or needle and thread. If your bezel looks completely unpresentable, then coat it with the same chiffon, and only then attach a flower made by your hands to the rim. By the way, using chiffon and beads of different colors, you can come up with completely different flowers. For example, a red fabric with a black bead will turn into a poppy, white chiffon and yellow beads will make the flower look like a daisy. And if you add pearl beads to the white chiffon, then such a flower will decorate the bride's hair. beautiful flowers for hair with your hands

Hair clip with tsumami kanzashi

Tsumami Kanzashi - amazing handicraft techniqueamazing country of Japan. Silk flowers made in this technique were used exclusively for hair decoration in women's hairdresses. Tsumami Kanzashi is still incredibly popular in Japan, but we are actively practicing among the skilled craftsmen who are fond of making artificial flowers or hair accessories. This technique is multifaceted: here there are very simple methods of making flowers, and complex, including several stages. Let's try and make a hairpin decorated with such a Japanese silk flower. For this we need:

  • base for hair clips;
  • tape made of orgas, kapron or satin;
  • beads for decoration;
  • candle or lighter;
  • needle with thread;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • pins.

From a tape we cut eight squares which andbecome flower petals. Now we begin to make petals ourselves. We take a shred and fold it in half diagonally, connecting two opposite corners of the square. The resulting triangle is again folded in half, joining the sharp corners and folded along the line running from the top to the bottom. We grip the petal with tweezers and melt the unprocessed edges (cut points) above the flame of the candle. We break the petal with a pin and put it aside. So do all the other petals of the future flower. When the petals are ready, we collect the flower, folding the petals in a circle and connecting them with glue or a needle and thread. In the middle of the flower, we sew or glue a bead, and attach the flower to the hair clip. Now you can decorate your hair with this wonderful Japanese flower. By the way, for such an ornament, you can take different ribbons and make a two-color or even a multi-colored flower (flower-semicolor). It can be attached not only to the automatic hairpin, but also to the hairpin, to the invisible and even to the hair band. In general, an ornament for the hair can be almost any artificial flower. With equal success it is possible to make for this purpose a flower from organza or from felt, use for this purpose skin or ribbons or even weave a flower from beads. In the end, just decorate the hair with a living flower (which does not fade for a long time), as our distant predecessors did. Such an ornament will provide you with a halo of mystery or romanticism, chic or exquisiteness, charm or audacity. What is more suitable for you? Choose! We advise you to read: