useful home hair masks Home hair masks are greatpopularity, they allow you to quickly return hair health, shine, elasticity and splendor. Usually such masks are required when dandruff appears, the hair itself becomes dull and ugly, and ordinary shampoos simply can not cope with such problems. But expensive procedures in the salons far from everyone can afford, so a simple home prescription comes to the rescue. With the help of mixtures based on nettle, natural vegetable and essential oils, kefir and eggs, even untrodden hair can be made beautiful and shiny. In addition, it is the masks that help to eliminate the negative effect of frequent use of curling irons, hairdryers, varnishes and stains to model hair.

Home masks: timely help for your hair

But is the home recipe useful? The fact is that for such homemade cosmetics only natural products are used that are much better than the synthetic additives of most shampoos and complex restorative procedures in professional salons. Of course, the result will not come immediately, after about 3-4 weeks, but it will last much longer, and the hair will become more beautiful. Home hair masks can be very different, they help against dandruff, hair loss, tarnish and much more. But it is necessary to exclude also such negative factors as inadequate nutrition, constant stresses, the use of paints, direct exposure to UV rays. Without this, the long-awaited result will not come. It is worth noting separately that any home recipe should be selected in accordance with the problem that has arisen, since different products have different effects on the hair. We offer some very simple, but extremely effective recipes that will help make your hair curlers elastic and very beautiful. How to make restoring masks? Restoring masks made from natural ingredients are usually used for colored, brittle hair that have been severely damaged after bleaching, using various cosmetics, such as varnishes. One of the most effective recipes is home based on kefir. To do this, the usual low-fat kefir is applied to the hair for about half an hour, after which it is washed off. Instead of kefir, you can use decoctions of oak bark, chamomile, plantain. Their action is similar, only the oak bark returns also shine, and not only makes hair stronger. Very interesting and homemade recipe based on honey. For preparation it is necessary to take honey, two yolks, a little cognac. The mixture is applied to the surface of the hair for 30 minutes, after which it is thoroughly washed off. This mask has a complex effect: honey nourishes the hair, makes it stronger, cognac gives shine and a very attractive appearance, and the yolks create splendor and volume. home mask application

Which masks can be used at night?

For those who do not have the opportunity to studyhair in the daytime, suitable mixtures for night use. This homemade recipe allows you to make a mask, apply it to your hair, and then wash it off in the morning. Such masks are very effective and simple, everyone can do them. We offer such a simple homemade recipe, as a mixture based on ginger. Hair after that will be easy to comb, will cease to be cut. To make it, take 30 ml of sesame oil, a tablespoon of ground ginger. The product is carefully rubbed into the hair along the entire length. After that, you need to wrap your head with a plastic wrap, and in the morning just wash it off with a shampoo. You can independently make a tool and based on carrot, apple juice and aloe juice. For an average length, three tablespoons of carrot juice, one quarter of a glass of apple juice, a full tablespoon of aloe juice are sufficient. For longer hair, you need to take more ingredients.

Get rid of dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most common problems,which can spoil the life not only of a woman, but also of a man. Hair becomes groomed, dull, have a permanent plaque. Anyone can get dandruff, so the curls need a thorough and constant care. Today, there is a wide choice of a variety of means, but not all of them are great help. But a home recipe can quickly and easily get rid of such a problem. We offer a few simple, but very effective options, which quickly and reliably relieve dandruff:

  • Mask with yogurt. For preparation it is necessary to take a glass of sour milk, one fresh egg. All is thoroughly mixed with a blender, after which the mixture is rubbed into the roots. On the hair it is necessary to keep it about half an hour, after which it can be washed off.
  • Mask with cottage cheese and beer. For her, you should use 150 g of cottage cheese and one glass of regular beer. The mixture is whipped and applied to the roots for half an hour. After this, it is necessary to gently wash the mask off the hair with warm water, wash the head with shampoo.
  • Mixture with olive oil. This home hair mask helps not only to get rid of dandruff, but also makes hair stronger. For cooking, you need to take three full tablespoons of olive oil, add a little freshly squeezed lemon juice, a little burdock, castor oil, a pair of drops of essential oils of orange and lavender. The mask is applied over the entire length of the hair, left for half an hour, after which it is necessary to wash the head thoroughly with shampoo. Repeat at least once a week.
  • washing hair mask

    We make hair thick

    The density of female hair is what it seeksmany. It has long been no secret that widely advertised shampoos do not provide the same density as they promise. In many cases, even expensive procedures in the salons can not give the proper effect, but the home recipe based on the simplest products can return the fluffiness and density of hair. The recipe itself is quite simple, it is necessary to take 100 g of kefir, one chicken egg, a teaspoon of cocoa powder. The mixture is stirred until uniform, after which it is divided into two equal parts. One is rubbed into the roots, after which it is necessary to wait until the mask dries. The second part is evenly applied to the hair, they must be covered with a shower cap, the head is wrapped in a warm kerchief and left for thirty minutes. After half an hour the hair should be washed with warm water, you can use for this broth nettle. You can repeat the mask two or three times a week, after a month you will see an obvious result, the hair will become thicker.

    Effective winter masks

    Winter is not an easy test for our hair. They become dull, lifeless, easily tangled, poorly combed, the volume and density disappears. Home hair mask in winter will return your shine and shine to a healthy appearance, firmness. Use for the preparation of such medicinal compounds only natural products, such as honey, vinegar, colorless henna, special cosmetic clay, eggs, butter, even some alcoholic beverages. We offer several recipes that are very easy to make by yourself. Home recipe with aloe and mask with rum This mask has the following advantages: the use of aloe allows you to return volume, fluffiness to the hair, to accelerate their growth. It is done very simply: the leaves are kept in the refrigerator for a few days, after which they are ground in a blender (you can simply pass them through a meat grinder). To the mass, add fresh lemon juice, yolk of one egg. Some advise to add crushed garlic, but from the smell then it will be very difficult to get rid of. The mass must be thoroughly mixed, gently rubbed into the scalp. After that, wrap your head with a plastic wrap, cover it with a towel. Keep the mask for about thirty minutes, then wash your head with an ordinary shampoo. A homemade recipe with rum helps to solve such a problem as loss of shine and healthy hair. For the mixture it is necessary to prepare:

    • two ordinary eggs,
    • one tablespoon of jojoba oil,
    • cocoa (can be replaced with macadamia),
    • three drops of essential oil ylang-ylang,
    • a full teaspoon of rum,
    • a tablespoon of liquid flower honey.

    Homemade hair mask based on rum is donethus: the eggs must be beaten in foam, add all the other ingredients, and then heat it in a water bath. The finished mask is applied to the head, distributed over the entire length of the hair. After that, you need to wrap your head with a plastic wrap, a woolen shawl. Keep the composition for about forty minutes, then wash it off with water. Nutritious winter mask To hair grow better, you need to provide them with food. To do this, it is enough to mix three drops of grapefruit essential oil, a tablespoon of fresh ginger juice, half a teaspoon of tincture of hot pepper and a teaspoon of vitamin A and E, yolk from one egg. All is mixed until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. The mask is applied to the roots, after that the entire length, keep on her head for about fifteen minutes. Repeat recommended 2-3 times a week, combine with washing shampoo. Home hair masks are very useful for general hair condition, but they should be applied as needed. Use only natural products, the mixture is selected according to what effect it is necessary to obtain. Such homemade recipes are very different. In the winter they help restore elasticity and healthy hair condition, in summer - remove excess fat, restore vitality, shine and health.