beautiful greek hairstyle for short hair The beauty of Greek goddesses has always beckoned andattracted her with grace, beauty and grace. And modern girls, striving to achieve the ideal of heavenly beauty, try to use in their festive and everyday manner a gentle Greek style. To its elements is a long elegant dress in the floor, slightly prisborennoe at the chest or fully pleated. In addition to such a dress, you can make a Greek hairstyle with a bandage on your head. And wherever you go in such an image: for a wedding, graduation, birthday or just for a walk - you can be sure: you will not remain unnoticed!

Greek hairstyle on short hair

Many girls developed a stable opinion thatTo create a style in Greek style, you need long wavy hair. In fact, this is a stereotype that has long lost its relevance. Now there are many opportunities and tools for creating a Greek hairstyle for short hair. It is enough that the curls have a length of only 10-15 cm. During the creation of this hairdo, you can use various accessories: hoops, bands, bands, scarves, decorative flowers, hairpins, hairpins, etc. It all depends on your imagination. But, of course, you have to spend a little more time creating a Greek hairstyle on short hair, but the result is worth it. Such a styling will give any girl freshness, youth and lightness! simple Greek hairstyle

Let's get down to business!

If you create a Greek hairstyle for shorthair you decide to use a satin ribbon, then you need to take it in both hands and start twisting so that the ends of the ribbon are twisted in opposite directions. It should be noted that the tape should be at least 1 m in length, the color of the ribbon should be selected in accordance with the color of the dress, and the straight hair must first be wound using forceps or curlers. Then fold the tape in half and twist the pigtail out of it. Do not tighten it strongly when twisting. Next you need to tie a tape around your head, the ends are nicely tied with a knot. It will only be to divide the ready-made curls with a straight part, screw them under the bandage and fix it with varnish. In order to give your hair a more festive look, you can use decorative textile or natural flowers, a string of pearls, make a voluminous haircut or even attach a small hairpiece. The main thing is not to cross the fine line between beauty and vulgarity, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. If we talk about the color of the hair, then there are no special strict rules and regulations. She looks equally good both on blondes and on brunettes. But especially brightly and interestingly this hairdress looks on the brown-haired.

Pay attention - this is important!

Pay particular attention to care forhair, because to create a Greek hairstyle on short hair, you need to use a sufficiently large amount of varnish and other fastening means. If the hair is straight, then also the frequent use of electric curling irons. In the evening, after a holiday or a walk, you must thoroughly wash the hair with a restoring shampoo, make a therapeutic mask and rinse the conditioner so that they get a brilliant and healthy appearance. Observing such simple rules, your hair will always remain beautiful and strong, without signs of severe damage.