holiday hairstyles for long hair Hair of medium length is rightfully considereduniversal. They are easy to care for, there is room for imagination when choosing hair styles for every day and for special occasions. Festive hairstyles on medium hair can make a stylist in the salon, but having a hair dryer and tongs on hand, you can cope with the task yourself. Go to a specialist or try yourself in the hairdresser's art - each lady decides for herself. The main thing is that the result does not disappoint, and the hairline sustained a protracted celebration: a wedding, a birthday or a party in honor of a memorable date - and the holiday became unforgettable.

Out of fashion: timeless classic

Each season dictates its fashion on hairstyles. Barrettes with rhinestones, bows in the shape of flowers, intricate braids, hair raised high - whenever stylists trying to impress women and puzzle difficult choice on the eve of an important event. There is a universal recipe that is relevant for all times and peoples - curls. With their help, it's easy to create a light romantic image. If you lift your hair up and curl your loose ends, you will get a really classic version, restrained, elegant. In this case, the hair can be supplemented with booklets. Excessive severity will soften the living or artificial flowers in the hair. The main advantage of this hairstyle is that it is timeless. Born in the graceful era of baroque, the hairstyle stood the test of time and became synonymous with the romantic style. In the modern version of the curls, combed in different directions, are appropriate - the image will not lose its romanticism, but will become more relevant. More relaxed and the spirit of the times corresponding variation on the theme of curls - winding flowing hair strands by using the following tools:

  • curlers;
  • papyolki;
  • forceps;
  • ployka.

Each of the methods will achieve a qualitative result while observing simple rules:

  • uniform tension of the strand over the whole width;
  • the most proportional distribution of hair to strands;
  • use of styling products for greater durability of curls (mousse, spray);
  • fixation with the help of hairspray.

These tips are suitable for a high hairstyle. And flowers, hairpins or beads, no doubt, will decorate the hair and give a special charm and tenderness to the image. simple hairstyles for medium hair

Spitches: relevant in every season

In Russian culture, the spit has long been considereda matter of pride. It is no accident that the fairytale heroines are endowed with luxurious braids of incredible length. Hair style based on braided hair gives the image femininity, elegance, but at the same time looks modern. First of all, thanks to the fact that among the representatives of the fair sex the French braid was firmly entrenched. Its important advantage is that any part of the head can become an area of ​​weaving:

  • parietal;
  • temporal;
  • occipital.

Whichever accent is chosen, the spit will always belook appropriate, emphasize individuality and commitment to national traditions. You can weave the bulk of the hair or individual strands. The connection of several braids will look original. In some cases it is appropriate to weave colored ribbons or flowers - it all depends on the image and type of festive event. In any case, a girl or woman with such a hairdo will not go unnoticed. Romantic nature of the image will give easy negligence and deliberate dishevelment - this effect is easily achieved with the help of styling products. greek hairstyle for medium hair

Greek knot in a modern manner

The most modern stylistic delights fromkuaferov based on classical traditions. Almost all the techniques, perhaps, with the exception of radical female hedgehogs, have already been presented in the hairdresser's art and today have acquired new modernized features. The famous Greek knot did not become an exception. The hairstyle of the goddesses has not undergone any special changes for several thousand years and still attracts admiring gazes. All ingenious is simple. Hair, strapped in a tight or rather loose tail on the back of the head, and stacked ends that can be decorated simply and unpretentiously, or with the help of small hairpins, you can turn a knot into a clever plexus of strands. Perfection and elegant evening look with such a hairstyle will give a bouquet of flowers, a bow or a spectacular barrette.

Hairpins - girlfriends for the evening

Hair of medium length is remarkable in thatallow you to experiment with hairstyles that do not do without hairpins. Traditional "snail" - hair, tightly rolled to one side in the occipital area, fixed with pins. Simple and elegant. Smartly and quickly. However, this is the simplest option. If you spend a little more time and show your imagination, the studs will help to create miracles. We must immediately decide that they serve to fix the elements of the hairstyle. In some cases, they are used as a decorative accessory, if, for example, the base of the hairpin is decorated with a flower or a pearl. But most often they are securely hidden from view, and a peeping pin is a sign of negligence when creating a hairstyle, which can be very different. For example, the weaving of strands in the staggered order is always original: the strands are laid perpendicularly to the lap and fixed by the studs. Or are located in a chaotic order, creating the illusion of artistic disorder - it all depends on the imagination of the creator.

Green light styling

If there is no time to build an intricate hairstylebefore the sounded evening, despair is not necessary. Regular laying with a festive accent will be appropriate at almost any event. Carefully divided part, neatly laid ends of hair, a stylish accessory, and the image for the evening is ready. To maximize the hairstyle from the everyday option, it is appropriate to conquer the zigzag-like parting, experiment with the bang: to tip the tips not inwards, but outward, to whip the flirtatious cook. A special charm attached ropes. They do not so difficult as it seems. The main thing is to tighten the strand as tightly and securely as possible with a hairpin or a hair clip. Always good old coins come to the rescue. He will give more volume. Strands should be combed from the roots, and it is better to use a hairpin made of a material that does not create static stress. But, probably, the main rule is not to be afraid of experiments. Bold images in honor, and a bright personality is admirable. An important role is played by the general condition of the hair. Healthy, shiny, they themselves create the prerequisites for a successful hairstyle. With the faded strands, the ends visited and indecently overgrown roots to consult it is more difficult. Nevertheless, to achieve a harmonious image is not so difficult. The main thing is desire, a little imagination and the realization that the hairdress is an integral part of the style and should correspond to the general orientation of the image.