headaches during pregnancy The fact that the expectation of a child is the most pleasantexpectation in the life of any woman, can not be questioned. However, very often this expectation is overshadowed by various troubles - for example, a headache. Headaches during pregnancy - a problem very relevant for a large number of women. And go the usual way - just drink an anesthetic pill - a pregnant woman simply can not, because pharmacological drugs can have on the body of the future baby is very negative effect.

Causes of headache

According to statistics, the headache periodicallyabout 80% of all women are affected. And often during pregnancy, a woman first "gets to know" with a headache. Doctors explain this phenomenon for several objective reasons:

  • Hormonal changes

The fact that during pregnancy in the bodywomen are very much changing the hormonal background, it is known to everyone without exception. And it is this oscillation of progesterone and estrogens that leads to a change in the normal tone of the vessel walls. Therefore, it is not surprising that such a phenomenon can lead to the occurrence of systematic headaches.

  • Vegetosovascular dystonia

During pregnancy, a very large numberwomen experience various disruptions to the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, as well as of the nervous system. This also explains the often occurring headaches.

  • Diet

As a rule, in most cases, future mothers,immediately after they learn about their pregnancy, cardinally change their diet. For example, they refuse caffeine. And this can provoke severe headaches.

  • Meteorological dependence

What is a concept, like meteodependence, onin fact, there are, scientists have established reliably. And very much this phenomenon is affected by the future mothers. Change of weather, and even more so of the climatic zone with a high degree of probability will let know about yourself a headache.

  • Wrong posture

Often in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, a woman's posture is severely impaired. And this leads to frequent headaches. Part of this problem can help to cope with the bandage.


One of the most common types of headachepain during pregnancy is a migraine. The disease is characterized by the following symptoms: The head often hurts only from one side, it is extremely intense and has a pulsating character. The pain is so painful that it simply knocks out of the normal rut. A sick person can not do household chores, sleep properly, his appetite disappears. Pregnant women often have a so-called migraine with aura - a special subspecies of the disease. The onset of migraine is the appearance of bright flashes of light or colored circles in front of the eyes of a future mother. Soon after this develops a severe headache, and after a while - nausea, vomiting, intolerance of loud sounds and bright light. Fortunately, during pregnancy for the first time a migraine makes itself felt extremely rarely. Yes, and those future mothers who have suffered from migraines before, the disease is much easier. But in any case, the appearance of such a headache woman should as soon as possible seek medical help. With a very high degree of probability, the doctor will decide on the need to conduct a thorough and detailed examination of the entire body. This is necessary in order to exclude such serious diseases as thrombosis and intracranial hemorrhage. headache during pregnancy

Pain caused by physical stress

In the event that the future mother periodicallythere are moderate pains on both sides of the head, you can suspect headaches that result from physical stress. In this case, the activity of a woman decreases very little, or does not change at all. Most often the head begins to ache on the background of overwork. Typically, this type of pain most often occurs in the first and second trimester of pregnancy. As a rule, in such cases the doctor gives recommendations to change the way of life and habits, normalize sleep, spend more time outdoors. Treatment with pharmacological drugs, as a rule, is not appointed. Either comes to the maximum possible minimum.

SOS !!!

Unfortunately, in some casesa headache during pregnancy can signal a serious danger. And it can be caused by such pathologies of the nervous and cardiovascular systems as:

  • Subarachnoid hemorrhage.
  • Hemorrhage in the brain. Most often this happens in unconscious pregnant women who abuse alcohol.
  • Thrombosis of veins. Especially attentive should be mothers suffering from varicose veins. And the more advanced the disease, the higher this risk.
  • Infectious diseases affecting the brain, for example - meningitis.

In such cases, parents are often forced toresort to surgery or to an emergency cesarean section. Since this can cause the death of the child, and sometimes the mother. But do not panic - it happens rarely enough. In most cases, the nagging pain experienced by expectant mothers poses no danger to the mother and baby. Just remember this information - it will help you in time to recognize the potential threat, contact the doctors and get all the necessary help.

Prevention of headaches

A widely held truth,that any disease is easier to prevent than treat, is also relevant in this case. Why puzzle over how to get rid of a headache, if its appearance can be avoided altogether? Just try to observe the following rules:

  • Sleep and walk

A normal healthy sleep is necessary for all people withoutexceptions. And to the future mother - especially. Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours at night. Yes, and for a day's sleep it would be nice to carve out an hour - another. Do not forget about the need to be outdoors.

  • Drinking regime

Water is the source of life. And it's not surprising if the headache arises from banal dehydration. Especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, when the body massively loses water due to banal toxicosis. However, it is very difficult to say what the drinking norm is all purely individual and should be discussed with the treating doctor-gynecologist. Otherwise, if the future mother consumes more fluids than the body needs, there may be edema and an increase in blood pressure.

  • High-grade food

Often, moms are long and painfully looking for a reason,provoking the development of headaches, not suspecting that the correct answer lies on the surface. And if to be absolutely exact - on a plate. Hunger often becomes a true culprit of a headache, so do not forget about the need to monitor your diet and diet schedule. By the way, pay attention to your menu. Headache can provoke products such as nuts, chocolate, sausages, canned food and smoked products. It is better to postpone them until a more appropriate time.

  • Psychological and physical tranquility

Try to minimize the nervous -emotional shocks. And it does not matter whether they are negative or negative. In any case, the most important thing for a future mother is the stability and peace. Yes, and from excessive physical exertion should also be abandoned - they are now completely irrelevant.

  • Environment

Try to avoid finding yourself in thestuffy rooms, in places of large crowds, in smoke-filled rooms and crowded public transport. Incidentally, the result of neglecting this demand is not only an ordinary headache, but even faints. how to get rid of a headache during pregnancy

Treatment of headache

So, with the types of headache and preventionfigured out. But what to do if, despite all the efforts, to avoid the headache still failed? Correctly - get rid of it, heroism and patience in this situation are not at all relevant. But how to do it right, so as not to harm the crumbs? After all, pills are often contraindicated. If the doctor prescribes the treatment, you can be sure that it will be completely painless. But you yourself can help yourself. Very often an effective measure of getting rid of the pain sensations is a short-term rest in a ventilated room, devoid of bright light and loud noises. And sometimes even the most persistent pain recedes after a short sleep - of course, if it is not a migraine. You can also try to attract physical influence to the allies. Try to relax and massage your head with your fingertips, in a circular motion, from the neck to the crown. Some women are very effective in helping a normal head wash. But ice should not be applied to the head in any case - do not risk your health. In some cases, to help the future mother comes the most common sweet, weak tea. Very often you can hear advice about what it is worth instead of welding to use this or that medicinal herb. However, this can not be done in any case - many of them can provoke the development of miscarriage or premature birth. Many mothers speak very positively about acupuncture, homeopathy and various oils. To the selection of homeopathists and acupuncture specialists it is necessary to approach extremely carefully, because you trust them with the most precious thing that can be - your health and health of a crumb. And with the use of aromatic oils you need to be careful. If you want to get rid of the pain with them, first of all, measure the blood pressure level. In the event that it is lowered, give preference to the oils of orange and mandarin. But in the event that the pressure, on the contrary, is increased, the oils of lavender and lemon will help. Such oils as cumin oil, fennel, basil, jasmine, wormwood, peppermint, fennel and thuja, are strictly prohibited during pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding. In a pregnant woman, they can lead to a spontaneous abortion. A lactating mother will be surprised why her baby is sleeping so badly. We gave only general information, but remember that she can not replace herself with going to the doctor and adequate treatment. Only the doctor knows exactly how to get rid of the pain in each particular case. We advise you to read: