cesarean section Any woman who is expecting a baby,hopes that he will give birth independently, in a natural way, as it is foreseen by nature. However, to the great regret, at times this hope does not come true, and the baby is born by surgical intervention - caesarean section. Cesarean section of the testimony is quite diverse - some of them can be identified even before the woman becomes pregnant, and some - only during childbirth. Of course, in most cases, pregnant women successfully give birth to their babies on their own. However, it is still necessary to get acquainted with information about what causes may lead to the need for a cesarean section. After all, from such a probability, to a huge regret, not one pregnant woman is fully insured. And if this happens unexpectedly for the future mother, then she will certainly frighten her. And most of this fear is based precisely on the lack of necessary information for a woman. But, as we know, it is precisely the unknown that frightens the person most. And if a woman will know what a C-section is, and why it may be necessary, it will be much calmer. So, let's see what are the indications for caesarean section.

Absolute indications for cesarean section from mother's side

Caesarean section is very serioussurgical intervention in the body of a woman. That's why no doctor will conduct a cesarean section simply, without the presence of strict indications for its conduct. Of course, in this case, there is no question of those paid clinics in which they make cesarean money for rabid money to those women who are afraid of birth pain. Ethics and professionalism of such doctors, we will not discuss in the framework of this article - let them remain on the conscience of these same doctors. In all other cases, indications for cesarean section are needed for the operation. All indications are divided into two groups - relative and absolute. This is exactly what will be discussed below. There are so-called absolute indications for cesarean section from the side of the mother. Absolute indications are those situations in which natural births are physically impossible. And, regardless of all other conditions and factors, the doctor is forced to give birth only by caesarean section. As a rule, in such cases, natural birth will certainly lead to the death of the mother. Such indications include:

  • Clinically narrow pelvis

One of the main indicators forCaesarean section is the absolutely narrow pelvis of a pregnant woman. Clinically, the narrow pelvis is an anatomical phenomenon of the pelvis, in which the pelvic ring is so narrow that even the fetal head does not pass through it, not like the shoulders. And there are several ways of conducting labor with a narrow pelvis, so the cesarean section is resorted to in really extreme cases. It goes without saying that if a woman was registered for pregnancy and regularly visited a gynecologist, this pathology will be discovered in advance. And the caesarean section will not become shocking news for a woman.

  • Mechanical obstacles

In some cases, an obstacle to naturalchildbirth and the indication for caesarean section is the presence of certain mechanical obstacles that make the passage of the fetus through the birth canal impossible. Similar mechanical obstacles can be large tumors of the ovaries, uterine myoma and others. As a rule, doctors notice such abnormalities even during pregnancy, on routine examinations and ultrasound examinations. All of the above applies equally to all other small pelvic tumors, as well as deformities of the pelvic bones - both congenital and acquired as a result of certain injuries. These defects in some cases also often create significant obstacles when passing a child through the birth canal.

  • Threat of uterine rupture

As a rule, similar indications for cesareansection appear in those cases if a woman has a scar on her uterus. Scars on the uterus are a consequence of either an already performed cesarean section, or other cavitary operations on the uterus, inevitably leading to the appearance of a scar. Of course, the scar on the uterus does not always require a cesarean section - if the healing has occurred normally, you can perform natural childbirth. But sometimes there are situations in which the scar on the uterus is untenable and there is a very serious threat of rupture of the uterus. And this is a direct threat to the life of a woman, and sometimes a baby. In order to identify the inconsistency of the scar, a woman needs an ultrasound. In the event that the contours of the scar are uneven and contain a large amount of connective tissue, and its thickness is less than 3 mm, doctors speak of the inconsistency of the scar.

Absolute indications for fetal operation

In some cases, cesarean section is performedbecause of absolute indications from the side of the baby. They are also extremely important, because natural childbirth in this case will inevitably lead to the death of the child. Such contraindications include:

  • Placenta previa

Placental presentation is the name of the placentathe location at which it is not attached the way it should be - on the back of the uterus, but on its neck. This arrangement overlaps the baby out of the uterus. If the cesarean section is not done in time, very severe bleeding can occur, which threatens both the life of the mother and the child. This case relates to routine, since this pathology is most often detected in advance, with a planned ultrasound study, which is usually performed at 36 weeks gestation. A woman should be under strict medical supervision right up until the very birth. If the blood vaginal discharge does not appear before the 38th week, the woman will be given a planned cesarean section. In some cases, it must be done urgently, if the birth begins before the planned time.

  • Premature detachment of the placenta

Another indication for caesarean section, related towith the placenta is its premature separation, before the birth of the child. This situation is extremely dangerous, as the child stops receiving oxygen. This puts his life at risk, and the massive bleeding that inevitably occurs - threatens the mother's life. That is why in such situations, doctors immediately conduct an emergency cesarean section. indications for cesarean section

Relative indications for caesarean section from the side of the mother

In addition to absolute indications for cesarean deliverysections also exist relative. In such cases, births in a natural way, in principle, are possible. However, they are associated with a certain risk for the life and health of both mother and baby. As a rule, it is the share of such cases that accounts for the vast majority of all cases of cesarean section. In such cases, the issue of the method of delivery is decided individually in each case, taking into account all factors without exception.

  • Chronic Maternal Diseases

Relative indication for cesarean deliverysection may be the presence of a future mother of one or another serious chronic disease. Such a disease can be the pathology of the heart or nervous system, cancer, diabetes, etc. In addition, a relative indication of caesarean section may be an exacerbation of chronic genital diseases, for example, genital herpes. At natural delivery there is a risk of infection of the baby.

Relative indications for caesarean section from the fetal side

In some cases, there are relative indications from the kid:

  • Incorrect presentation of the fetus

In some cases, an indication for cesareansection is the wrong position of the baby. Sometimes a woman manages to give birth on her own, but in cases when the child's premonition is combined with another pathology, doctors prefer not to risk.

  • Hypoxia of the fetus

In the event that, for some reason, uthe baby develops an intrauterine hypoxia, and the gestation period is quite long, the doctor can decide to have a caesarean section. In any case, a woman should be prudent - if the doctor believes that there are indications for caesarean section, do not balk. After all, caring for the health of the baby is the main thing! We advise you to read: