harm of vegetarianism Relatively recently, residents of our countrythey began to refuse meat altogether, preferring vegetables and fruits to it. And if in the beginning it was perceived with humor, as another blat of youth and people of age, then in time doctors and nutritionists began to sound the alarm. After all, it is this product (pork, beef) that contains substances and trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. Whether vegetarianism is harmful is a controversial issue. In most cases, everything depends on the age, lifestyle, moral convictions and preferences of a person. However strange it may sound, Homo Sapiens (a reasonable person) is omnivorous. Someone is difficult to step over and eat a chicken grown and killed on the farm, and someone can not live without a serving of steak for breakfast. The locality where the person lives also plays an important role. If, say, a resident of Africa eats a fat pork ham for breakfast, then he will be ill by lunch time. His heart can not stand this load. At the northern pole, people who eat only imported fruits and vegetables will not be able to survive and will freeze all the time. The same applies to physical activities: vegetarianism and sports, in most cases, are incompatible. Without organic amino acids, a heavyweight or an athlete who abruptly abandoned meat will not be able to perform even the simplest exercises.

What is vegetarianism and what does it eat?

In the diet of this vegetarian at allthere are no ingredients of animal origin (even milk, eggs). Fish, poultry, meat - all this is a strict taboo. Opinion is divided only about a single product - honey. Is it or not - directly depends on the chosen direction. In addition, lovers of all living things do not use clothes made from our younger brothers, cosmetics, which they tested. And even some drugs with gelatin and glycerin also remain banned. As for the reasons why a person decided to give up such food, there may be several. Starting with ethical, religious, ecological beliefs, ending with a banal lack of money. In some cases, vegetarianism is a necessary measure when, due to health problems, the patient is prohibited from eating meat. The situation is worse if a person refuses such food, succumbing to the fashion trend. Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Kate Winsley - their ideal figures and a charge of vivacity can only be envied. Some beauties, wishing to be like idols and world stars, follow the diets and prescriptions of famous persons. However, do not forget that the health of these ladies are followed by experienced professionals who react to any changes in the body of their clients. vegetarianism and sports

Strict vegetarianism: to be or not to be - that is the question

Is it worth to give up meat - it's purelypersonal. In vegetarianism there are pluses and minuses. Therefore, beforehand carefully consider your decision. And if you still decide on such an experiment, consult a specialist beforehand. And be sure to complete a complete examination of the body in order to exclude some risks and identify possible hidden diseases. It is best to switch to vegetables and fruits gradually, so as not to cause a malfunction in the digestive organs. Try to eat fresh, not frozen foods. As for children, their diet should still contain meat (beef, pork or poultry), fish, milk. Cons of strict vegetarianism Nature is so conceived that without meat a person can not function normally. A number of amino acids contained in a regular piece of chop or shish kebab can not be obtained from products of plant origin. Excluding this ingredient from the diet and re-planting vegetables, grass and fruits, the girls risk to earn problems with joints and bones. By the way, meat eaters are more calm, they almost never have hysterics and failures. Plus, vegetarians, due to the huge content of vitamin B and D in dishes, rarely encounter diseases of the central nervous system. And this is not to mention phosphorus, zinc, iodine and iron. In principle, many useful elements can also be found in apples, carrots, tomatoes. But most of them are practically not assimilated in the human body. Thus, the harm of vegetarianism is undeniable. Avitaminosis is a small thing that awaits people who abandoned animal food. Low hemoglobin in the blood, baldness, acne, digestive problems, impaired metabolism and other troubles are, of course, not immediately apparent. The first time you will on the contrary feel a surge of strength and vivacity. Apathy, irritation, etc. a symptom will arise after six months or a year. The Pros of Veganism

  • Lack of cholesterol

So, the most important advantage of vegetarians -they do not fear cholesterol, the excess of which is deadly to health. He suffers from the thyroid gland, liver, heart. Representatives of the fair sex who can not live without steaks and fried hams are not by hearsay familiar with atherosclerosis, obesity. From such food, in which there is a lot of fat and calories, but there are practically no useful elements, it usually only gets worse. However, according to nutritionists, if the girls cut lard and bake dishes without the addition of oils, spices and mayonnaise, the harm from the products would be an order of magnitude less.

  • Absence of harmful additives

Serious discussion of the harm of vegetarianism can beOnly if you eat natural meat grown on a farm. Various chemicals and antibiotics, growth hormones, tranquilizers, waste and additives - such findings, even in semi-finished products, are not uncommon. Adding bait to allow animals to eat less, grow faster and behave more calmly. Heat treatment in this case is not an option. As long as you do not grill chops, do not put out stew and how many times do not drain the water when cooking the broth, the chemistry still gets into the body. Also do not forget that at the time of killing (slaughtering) in the body of the animal two pretty harmful substances are produced - cortisol and adrenaline. As a result, the meat-eater receives not only amino acids, but also hormones that affect the appearance of excess weight.

  • High amount of fiber

Eating vegetables, fruits and cereals alone, vegetariansare stocked with a rather large amount of plant fiber. Thanks to this, beauties practically do not suffer from obesity, after all the eaten food is absorbed in a few minutes. Heavy meat dishes, eaten at night, sometimes begin to rot in the stomach. As a result, at night the meat-eater does not sleep well, and in the morning he suffers with pain and heaviness in the intestines. is it harmful to vegetarianism

"Wrong" vegetarians: fish, eggs, milk

Vulgar vegetarians using in the dietdairy products, eggs and fish meat, thanks to a balanced diet compensate for the shortage of many elements. Calcium can be obtained from cottage cheese, phosphorus - from fillet of hake, crucian carp, flounder, etc. Such an exception to the rule is due to the fact that such products can be obtained without causing harm to the animals. However, there remains one rather interesting question concerning the ethics of partial vegetarianism. In this case, it is difficult to find an explanation why the catch of fish (sometimes very rare) is permissible, but the slaughter of pigs is not. After all, scientists have long proven that marine and oceanic inhabitants also feel pain.

Physical work, work and vegetarianism

Without meat it is very difficult to force your bodydo the hard work. However, the fact that vegetarianism and sport are perfectly matched together has been proved by such great athletes as Mike Tyson, Mohammed Ali, Venus Williams, Thomas Hellrigel, and others. Of course, these people do not eat oatmeal alone, they have quite a varied menu.

How to become a vegetarian

So, you decided to give up meat, followingthe example of his girlfriend or his favorite actor? Sharply exclude from the diet this useful product is not worth it. To at one point switch to fruits and vegetables, you need real endurance. Otherwise, after a week of such a diet, you can break. It will be much easier to learn and adopt a new lifestyle if you follow the eight basic rules of a beginner vegetarian.

  • Make an informed decision to Becomea vegetarian to please your loved one is just as stupid as cutting a hair for a joke. You must understand that from this moment your life will change dramatically. You will have to give up your old habits - going to meat shish kebabs, meat salads, etc.
  • Cook for special recipes In fact, youwith ease you can replace chicken cutlets with oatmeal, without noticing at the same time a special difference in taste. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. The simpler and more interesting the recipe, the tastier the dish. It is unlikely that you can at first eat wheat germ or cooked broccoli.
  • Experiment at least once a week, tryto cook something new. And do not worry if you do not like the dish. Everyone has his own tastes and preferences. You in fact liked meat earlier, and after a year and a half or two you can not even look at it. During this time you will find so much new and interesting that you will not even regret your choice. By the way, if you, for example, like salads, try to replace the meat with other ingredients. Soy, fish (if you are not a strict vegetarian), mushrooms - all this is not only tasty, but also useful. Also you can cook vegetable kebabs (peppers, eggplants, tomatoes).
  • Exclude meat gradually. At first, give uppork, then from beef, poultry, lamb. For all about all take two or three months, no more. It is best to paint a menu for yourself during this period. The main thing in this case is to follow the established schedule. Great, if you can introduce fish into the diet.
  • Give up harmful food Sometimes vegetarianismIt is more dangerous than meat-eating. Fried in a huge amount of sunflower oil, potatoes will be much more harmful than boiled fat. Try to immediately adhere to proper nutrition, cook only healthy food. Get a steamer. These dishes retain all the flavor and useful elements, while they do not contain fat.
  • Buy vegetable semi-finished products Often womenThey can not afford to become a vegetarian, because they do not have time for cooking. In this case, the vegetable kits in the packages will be of great help. The contents can be boiled, fried, baked in a microwave oven. At the same time everything is spent no more than fifteen minutes. The only minus of semi-finished products is high cost. But in this case there is an excellent solution to the problem - the refrigerator. In summer, when peas, carrots, onions, cherries, apricots and other vegetation are worth a penny, freeze food. Also you can prepare conservation: compotes, salads, stew.
  • Go to a vegetarian restaurant It should be understood,that giving up meat is not the end of the world. You can also go to restaurants, cafes, go to kebabs. It's great if there are vegetarian institutions in your city. But, as a last resort, you can always ask the waiter what is contained in this or that dish.
  • Continue medical examinationRefusal of meat is a serious stress for the human body. It is very difficult to predict how your body behaves in this or that way. Therefore, in order to exclude the risks of serious diseases, it is recommended to visit your doctor at least once every six months.
  • When it is dangerous to give up meat

    If you are in a position or plan toSoon, have a baby, wait a bit. The biggest harm of vegetarianism is the lack of vitamins and minerals. Any expert will say that glucose, fructose and other elements must be present in your diet. Unfortunately, bananas, tangerines, apples, grapes and other goodies are not cheap in our time, even in the summer many of them are not affordable for everyone. Therefore, if you can not afford alternatives, do not experiment with health. We advise you to read: