the reasons for the appearance of the wen on the neck We all strive to be beautiful and healthy,However, sometimes there are such troubles that we are not particularly hampered, do not hurt, but very much spoil our appearance. These diseases include zhiroviki. Sometimes there is a wen on the neck. How do you get rid of them? And what symptoms of their appearance can be found.

Symptoms of the adipes appearing on the neck

Wearers on the neck appear due to blockagesebaceous glands, so daily washing with soap is simply necessary. And the neck is no exception. You also need to use the neck scrub that you are treating the face with. And we must not forget about the bath, where the skin is cleaned as well as possible. If he appeared, then the treatment is inevitable. Symptoms of the adipic is easy to recognize. Usually the adipose appears as a tumor, it does not hurt, it does not interfere, but it can increase in size. The tumor is usually benign, but do not let everything go by itself. Look at your neck, touch. Whether there are any seals on the skin, maybe, with fingertips you will feel a slight swelling. If there is no redness on the swelling and it does not hurt like a pimple, these are the signs of a zhirovik. It is best to contact a doctor right away, it will not be difficult for him to get rid of a small lipoma. But you can try treatment and folk remedies. garlic for the treatment of wen

Folk remedies for wen

Treatment with folk remedies can begin withbalm "asterisk". The grease from this balm is opened after a while, and as soon as it opens, it should be squeezed out for a few days, until all the liquid comes out. So you can completely get rid of it. Still from zhirovik helps, oddly enough, a chicken compress. You need to take a film from the chicken egg and apply it directly to the lipoma. There may be an erythema - do not panic, so the therapeutic effect is manifested. Once the redness is over, take another film. Apply such films until the grease does not resolve. The cinnamon helps the caterpillar, it needs to be taken 1-2 times a day by the teaspoonful. Another interesting recipe that will help get rid of lipoma, is lard with garlic. The fact is that garlic has an antiseptic effect, and bacon serves as a link. Garlic must be crushed, then strew lard with garlic to make a gruel. Then this gruel should be applied to the tumor and wrapped in a scarf. Soon, the adipose must pass. There are several other interesting ways to get rid of lipoma. For example, a common onion can help. It, as is known, as well as garlic, has antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. The bulb should be crushed into gruel and applied to the area of ​​the disease. It is also best to wrap this place around your neck with a scarf. Treatment is carried out for several days. Knowledgeable people argue that in this way you can avoid surgical intervention. Another great defender in the fight against zhirovikov is aloe. This plant is very often used in folk medicine, because not only kills germs and prevents infection, but also gently lubricates the wound with its juice. In cosmetology it is often used. Treatment is as follows. It is necessary to take an aloe leaf, cut it along, and then attach it to the right place. You can wrap your neck with a bandage to keep the sheet. So you need to apply it every day at night. At the end of two weeks, continuing such treatment, the adipose should pass. The last ingredient you want to recommend is red pepper. It also needs to be applied with a spoon to the wen, and then apply a rag impregnated with alcohol solution or ordinary vodka. It will help the blood to quickly come to the diseased area, which will attract to the rapid opening of the tumor. wart removal by laser

Surgical removal of wen

If the fat exceeds 5 cm in size, suchThe tumor needs to be removed only surgically. But you should not be so afraid of this. The operation is done under local anesthesia, so you will not feel anything. This operation lasts about 20 minutes. Now in modern clinics such troubles are removed by laser. This is a new solution to remove the wen without consequences. Now such operations can be done even in beauty salons, especially if the wenik you do not have very big and does not bother you. If the wen grew very large, it is better to go to oncology immediately. This is a paid service, but it is not worth saving. You should always remember that a benign tumor can develop into a malignant one, so it's not worth taking lightly to such small troubles as lipomas. It is necessary to consider your body, and if something appeared, then immediately consult with your doctor. Because it's easy to remove the wen but very serious diseases that can arise if delayed with this problem very often lead to disastrous consequences, after which serious treatment will be required.