hairstyles with long hair weaving Braid braid has been practiced since ancient times -then this attribute was ritual. Ancient pagans, if a man plaited a braid woman - he took her as his wife. For many centuries a tight braid, exactly, like a covered head, was considered a sign of marriage. Trimming a woman with a scythe means disgracing her. Only in the recent past the braids became a symbol of schoolgirls and very young girls. What is a hairstyle for long hair based on weaving? This is a planned, schematic connection of strands. The simplest scythe must be weaved on the basis of three strands, which are tossed from left to right, alternately. The longer the hair is thicker, the more beautiful the hair is. I want to note that the ordinary pigtail looks on long hair, like a real treasure. More complex variants of braids require skill and careful study of the patterns of weaving.

Casual hairstyles based on weaving

Loose, long hair is not alwayspractical, and sometimes, just inappropriate. Constantly collect hair in the ponytail, cockleshells, buns become boring. When you want diversity to help come braid braid. Everyday hairstyles with long hair can be either simple or complex. The main thing is to have enough hair, time and patience. The most popular hairstyle based on weaving is a French pigtail or spikelet. The technique of performing these variants of braids is very simple and subject to anyone after a short training. It should be started on not very long hair, in order to master the process well, you can hone it on any length. The main difference between this hairstyle and the standard braid is that it starts from the top of the head. The basis is taken by all the same three strands, only further weaving implies picking up.

  • In the zone where the weaving starts, divide the hair into three strands. Make sure that they are about the same size;
  • We make standard hair trimmings with simultaneouspicking up new strands. Make sure that your hair is neat. This can be achieved only if the hair is smooth - meaning the absence of "roosters";
  • On the occipital part, the hairstyle ends with the usual weaving. Or fix the weaving with a barrette - in this case there will be a tail. Or wrap the hair inwards and secure with a hairpin.

Hairstyle "French braid" weave in severalvariants, one of which is the spikelet. The way of execution remains unchanged, only strands of hair are taken very thin, so that a relief pattern similar to a real spikelet is obtained. Another option is reverse hair weaving. For this hairstyle, braids are created not by laying strands on a strand, as in the first variant, but by setting one on top of the other. By the degree of density, the hair is divided into a tight and weakened one. The second option is intended solely for long hair, as the medium and short will be permanently knocked out. If there is a need to make such hairstyles on short hair, additional fixations with hairpins, invisible ones, as well as lacquer fixing are used. One of the secrets of stable styling is weaving on the gel. It is distributed over the entire length of the hair and only then begin to form a hairstyle. Thus, the strands are securely fixed to each other. hairstyles for long hair with weaving

Holiday hairstyles based on braids

If you have long hair, then builda festive hairstyle will not be difficult. But you always want something trendy, relevant. On the basis of braids you can think up an incredible number of hairstyles. The most popular romantic weave: waterfall or lace. These exquisite varieties will conquer the most fastidious fashionista. Hairstyle for long hair "French waterfall" A feature of this variety of weaving is that part of the hair remains loose. It turns out a kind of romantic design with a rim of hair on the head.

  • The first and mandatory condition is pure hair. They should be well combed to avoid tangling;
  • Braiding braid begins with the division of hair. Take a small strand behind your ear and divide it into three parts;
  • Hair is thrown "inside out". Upper strand under the middle, lower under the middle and so on. The hair is in a horizontal position;
  • We proceed to the waterfall. From the free upper hair, we select a strand equal in volume to all that is available. We put it under the top so that it is on the middle from above and below the bottom (wave: under, on, under);
  • We make a standard overturn: upper under middle and lower. There remains the fourth part. We turn it around, that is, let's pass a strand under it to the top. The fourth strand is left free, falling. The whole procedure is to pull the excess strand through the braid.
  • We take the next free strand of hair and repeat the process. As a result, we get a waterfall from hair falling from the braids;
  • The last link is made ordinary and tight, so the haircut ends. We turn the hair 180 degrees and press it with a hair clip. Now the whole volume is straight down.

Variants of the French waterfall can beseveral. You can use the circular option described above. You can make a braid connection at any point (in the middle or on the side) with fastening to the bow or clamp. It is especially important when fastening is performed by contrasting tape. You can also perform a parallel circular weave. In this case, really long hair is needed. In the classical version, the waterfall from the braids is made across the head, but other modifications are possible, for example, vertical weaving. Features of lacy weaving This kind of weaving braids from long hair is especially romantic. What could be more tender and attractive than the curly locks, coquettishly woven into a magnificent hairstyle? Technique of weaving is not particularly difficult.

  • Before beginning the hairstyle, we treat the hair with gel, foam or wax. Choose a product according to the type of hair;
  • In the usual way, weave a French braid. Upper strand on the middle, under the third and further;
  • After each element, carefully pull one or more strands and treat them with a styling agent. As a result, you should get an imitation of lace;
  • Strands can be distinguished from one side, and from both.
  • Finish such a hairstyle with a hanging scythe.
  • If you plan to create flowers, then you should take into account the direction of hair twisting. In this case, the allocation of strands occurs only on one side, looking outwards.

hairstyles for long hair weaving

Woven objects and use of hairpins for

Many hairstyles, considered to be weaving, have nothing to do with braids. To such it is possible to carry a following version:

  • Divide the hair horizontally into 4 parts;
  • In the upper part, assemble three tails, fastening them with elastic bands-flowers;
  • The second row consists of 6 tails. Each upper bifurcates and connects to the lower tail;
  • In the end, you get a "flower bedspread" made of hair. Very light and sublime hairstyle;
  • No less relevant is the weaving in the hair of threads of beads, pearls, bright ribbons. Clamps with large stones with a symbolic outline are used as clips.

Make a daily or festive hairstyleyou can both in the cabin and at home. It is worth remembering that braiding braids on yourself is a rather difficult process. Due to the "imperfection" of the human body, it is extremely difficult to get your hands far back, to keep them for a long time in weight, to create a masterpiece blindly. However, it is entirely possible to perform simple weaving elements yourself. The main effort, and then the result will not keep you waiting. The people around will be delighted with your way, because the braids are never out of fashion, they are available to all age groups. We advise you to read: