depilation and depilation And who came up with this excruciating procedure -depilation? Who and at what moment decided, in what place the girl "necessary" hair on the body, and in what - "unnecessary"? Surely it was made by men of revenge for the fact that they have to shave every day. For some reason, they consider this procedure simply the top of torture (they would at least try to remove wax with hair on their legs or under the armpits). And we, the girls, do this depilation .... That is, hair removal ... Even here the problem: forever these two concepts are confused! Let's see, what distinguishes depilation depilation, or maybe it's all the same?

What distinguishes epilation from depilation

It would seem that "hair removal" and "depilation" are quitesimilar in meaning words. Both of them mean removing unwanted hair from the body. But there is a difference between them. The main difference between depilation and depilation is that when the hair depilates, the visible part of the hair is removed and the hair follicle continues to live, and during hair removal the root of the hair is destroyed. Simply put, depilation is temporary, and depilation is permanent. Go to the hair removal - get rid of excess vegetation on the body forever. You prefer depilation - shave with a razor, use wax strips or special creams and repeat the procedure every few days. Wait, wait, and why then the word "hair removal" is called almost all of the above procedures? Go to any electrical shop, and next to the hair dryers and irons you will see a whole shelf of electric "epilators"! But they do not get rid of hair forever, so it's not e-hair, but depilatories? And already such familiar expressions as "waxing", "sugar hair removal" - are also incorrect? Alas, this is so. In fact, what is sold in the store on a shelf with home appliances - an electric vibrator, and not at all "Epilator electric," as written on the price tag. And most beauty salons offer depilation services for different areas of your body. Why is everything messed up? Now it's hard to say when the fashion word "epilation" appeared on the lips of literally all the girls of our country. After all, the main purpose of it was that extra hair can be removed, and for good or not - it's the tenth thing. This is similar to the story of the famous word "photocopy", when most copiers had nothing to do with the Xerox trademark. But ads with the word "Xerox" and now hang on every corner, and no one bothers. Also with the removal of hair: a foreign word entered into the everyday life, and what is the difference between depilation depilation and no one at that time was particularly interested. Moreover, few of the specialists of beauty salons can clearly explain today the difference between them. "Is there life on Mars, is there life on Mars ... What's the difference?". The main thing is for the client to leave satisfied. That is why the confusion still exists. What distinguishes depilation from depilation

History of Hair Removal

Whatever it was, but depilation was born intime immemorial. Ancient Egyptian women shaved off superfluous hairs sharply sharpened by subjects - similarities of the modern razor. In ancient Rome, unnecessary vegetation was removed from the body, winding the hairs on a strong thread and pulling them out with a sharp movement. Does not it look like anything? And how, do you think, are modern electric depilatories constructed? The old kind method of the ancient Roman beauties works till now: the twisting mechanism sharply pulls out voloski from your body. Cleopatra and Nefertiti were the first to think of applying a mask of honey, wax and herbal infusions to the body to remove excess hairs from the body (that's how Schugaring appeared!). Do not disdain beautiful women and forceps, forcing unfortunate servants for hours to pull out "divine hairs." Wax strips and analogues of depilatory creams were invented in the East shortly before the XIV century AD. The beauties in the harems had plenty of time to come up with a way to make their body absolutely smooth and attractive. What can not you do for the sake of the chance to attract a single man, when around a few hundred nice rivals! As we see, for hundreds of years little has changed in the depilation procedure. Yes, it's not surprising: what new can you think of for temporary removal of unnecessary hair? On the other hand, technological progress still did not leave this delicate problem aside - there was a great opportunity not only to shave off the hairs, but also to get rid of the problem of excess vegetation on the body. Age of epilation has come! Strangely enough, but hair removal could have appeared in 1896. Then a German doctor named Freund suggested an ideal solution to the problem: in just a few absolutely painless sessions, get rid of unwanted hair forever! The thing is that at that time X-rays were discovered. But only the queues from those who want to irradiate themselves to the waistline did not line up, so the "brilliant idea" was lost for nothing. At the end of the XIX century, the first experiments with electroepilation began, this method was perfected practically all the last century. Many modern young ladies use it till now. The meaning of electro-epilation is that a tiny needle electrode is injected into the hair bulb, it beats with current and destroys the root of the hair. You understand how painful this procedure is. And it is done in several stages, and traces of "jabs" can not heal until two months! At the end of the twentieth century, we were pleased with laser epilation - a procedure though painful, but more effective. Its main trouble is that "killing" the roots of the hair of one zone lasts 5-6 hours, and the owners of swarthy skin or light hairs on the body simply does not fit. And although now this type of hair removal is advertised very often - it was replaced by another, more powerful system: photoepilation. This is a fairly fast procedure, it fits both blondes and brunettes, but it was not possible to get rid of the pain factor. Here they say, in Europe, enzyme hair removal is becoming fashionable .... They say that it almost does not hurt! than depilation depilation differs from

Epilation and depilation: what to choose

As you can see, there are many ways of epilation,and each promises to remove the hairs forever. However, do not be deceived - in order to achieve an absolutely smooth skin forever, you need to go through the procedure many times. The fact that you will visit the beautician and hold fashion hair removal, does not mean instant destruction of the hair bulb and termination of hair growth. Any hair removal requires courage, patience and considerable money. And some people such procedures are generally contraindicated for health reasons. Of course, there is a difference between depilation and depilation, and a big one. But it is, rather, theoretical. But in almost all cases, get rid of excess vegetation in just one session and for the rest of your life it is impossible. Indeed, after hair removal, the hair grows more sparse and thin - but that's the details. So it's up to you to decide whether it's cool to treat creams and wax and save money for hair removal, or get by with grandmother's means. It all depends on the nature: for someone to shave their legs and brush their teeth in the morning - a familiar, easy-to-use ritual. And someone is ready to experience several times the pain to not face this problem any more. We advise you to read: