wicker basket Now it is very popular to place inapartment or house objects made by hand. Such interior items can be purchased at various hand-made fairs, ordered via the Internet, but it is most interesting to make them yourself. Of course, you can immediately begin to create with some serious work, but it is best to try with a simple product, for example, to build a laundry or fruit basket with your pens. This is a very exciting and interesting activity, the result of which will be a long time to please others. To make a basket at home is very simple, for this you need to know a few nuances, which will be discussed below.

What materials can you make a basket?

Weaving products can be made from various materials. Of course, the most ideal material for baskets will be the use of willow twigs. Before weaving it is necessary to prepare the willow rods by hand, soak them in saline solution so that they become elastic, this is a long and difficult process. Of course, you can buy from someone rods, but it turns out quite costly. The second popular material for weaving baskets is straw. You can weave from barley or wheat straw, as well as from a straw harness. Braiding from straw is a very simple way, this material is very flexible and easy to work with. Baskets are beautiful, airy, pleasant golden color. Very affordable material is birch bark. Hands such a basket weave very simply, even for children's creativity. The main thing is to prepare the original product in large quantities and dry it. Products woven from birch bark are simply wonderful, because birch bark has a unique and unique pattern, which can not be painted in any way. If there is no possibility to harvest different willow twigs or birch bark with their own hands, then one can take the most popular material for crafts - a simple newsprint. There are newspapers in every house in large quantities, sometimes we do not even know where to put them, we do not want to throw them out, they're piling up. Make a basket of newspapers is very simple, with such a task even a child can cope, the main thing is to prepare the hands for the basics for the future basket - newspaper tubes. preparation of material for the basket

How to prepare material from newspapers for weaving

The first thing to do is to collect all the newspapers at home. Each newspaper sheet is cut into two parts vertically, then with the help of a knitting needle you need to twist newspaper tubes. Hold the tip of the newspaper with your hand, twist the newspaper diagonally, at the second corner, drip some PVA glue and the tube is ready. It is necessary to make such workpieces with your hands, so do not be lazy. To make the tubes long, you can connect them with glue. Of course, the first newspaper tubes can get dense and unpretentious, but you can learn quickly. When the required number of tubes is ready, they need to be painted. For this, a water stain or water-based paint is suitable. It is best to paint each piece separately, then it will turn out more natural, and everything will be painted. Of course, if there is no room for painting the tubes separately, then you can paint the finished product. For the preparation of materials for the basket you can attract children, and weaving will seem to them a very fascinating activity and help develop fine motor skills of fingers and instill taste and interest in creativity. basket weaving from the newspaper

How to make a basket of newspapers

Make a basket of newspapers is very simple, at the beginningIt is necessary to determine the shape and size. For the first time, it is best to choose a product of rectangular shape and medium size. Weaving always begins with the manufacture of the bottom. You can take a piece, for example, a box from under the shoes, cut the bottom of the box, this will be the bottom of the basket itself. We glue the ends of our tubes with our hands to the cardboard and start the weaving. Gently lift up all the rods, except for one side, it is best to fix the tubules with an elastic band or clothespins around the box. The remaining free tube begins to braid vertical. You can increase newspaper stockpiles with the help of PVA. It will take some time to weave the basket, but the result will definitely please. The product, made by own hands, can be painted, beautifully decorated with fabric, flowers or ribbons. Woven baskets from newspapers must be varnished, this will give them strength and beautiful decorative effect. Varnish needs only acrylic, cover them with several layers. With your hand-made articles from newspapers you can not only decorate the interior, they are perfect for gifts to relatives and friends. After all, it's enough to make several products with your own hands, understand the principle of weaving and the excellent result will not keep you waiting. You can make not only baskets from newspaper tubes, you can also bottle bottles of unusual shape, different capacities, everything depends on imagination and availability of materials. You can also make newspaper hearts or flowers to decorate the interior. In conclusion, it should be noted that the products made by themselves are especially pleasing to the eye and warm the soul, there is a feeling of pride that you are able to make a beautiful thing. It is possible that this will become a wonderful hobby for the whole family, develop fantasy, open wonderful and boundless horizons for creativity. After all, things made by themselves are especially expensive and valuable.