Goat's milk is good and bad Goat's milk is perhaps the mostdiscussed dairy product. The benefits and harms of goat's milk are sometimes underestimated, and sometimes clearly exaggerated. This article describes in detail all the properties of goat's milk, indications and contraindications to its use - both from the scientific point of view, and from the point of view of traditional medicine. The benefits of goat's milk were known even in ancient times. Even in ancient Greece, there was a myth according to which the baby of Zeus was nurtured by the Amalfean goat. For many millennia, the peoples of Asia, Europe and the Caucasus were engaged in the cultivation of goats. Even Hippocrates and Avicenna recognized the medicinal properties of goat's milk, using them for the treatment of sick people. Most often goat's milk was used to treat pulmonary and gastric diseases. For the treatment of children with rickets, cheese, made from goat's milk, was very widely used in the Middle Ages. It is explained very simply - this cheese contains a huge amount of vitamin D and calcium, the lack of which is the cause of the development of rickets in children. Well, for the inhabitants of the mountain and southern territories, goat's milk products have long ago become simply an integral part of the daily diet. However, seriously the doctors became interested in the medicinal properties of goat's milk and began to study closely its composition only at the beginning of the 20th century. The impetus to the beginning of research was the observation of scientists for infants, for one reason or another deprived of mother's milk. The mortality of those children who received goat's milk instead of mother's milk was significantly lower than those children who were fed cow's milk. The Paris Academy of Medical Sciences in 1900 officially recognized goat milk as a high-dietary product, and recommended it for the nutrition of children and people with a weakened body. In Russia, the most ardent promoter of goat's milk was the pediatrician and children's nutritionist VN Zhuk, the author of the most popular book in the Soviet Union "Mother and Child". It was with his active support and participation in the suburbs of St. Petersburg that a special goat breeding farm was set up, brought on special order from the government from Switzerland. However, goat's milk has gained such wide popularity that very soon it became catastrophically short for all comers. Goat milk began to be given only by prescription for feeding children and feeding depleted people with chronic diseases. It was at this time that the use of goat's milk was officially recognized by Russian medicine. However, after a while goat's milk quietly went into the shade for absolutely unknown reasons. For a very long time, goat's milk, and all products made from goat's milk, were considered quite exotic products. Most likely, this happens because we are all from childhood accustomed to the traditional taste of cow milk and cheese, and the perception of products with unusual taste and smell is always difficult. However, in recent years, goat milk again begins to gain former popularity. People began to think about their health, paid close attention to the issues of healthy eating. Goat's milk products are very useful for the human body. In addition, not a small role in the popularity of goat's milk brought pediatricians who unanimously recognize the use of goat's milk for the child's body, especially for weak and often sick children. Goat milk for children is a very useful product. And, in addition, in our time there are more and more fans of traditional medicine, in which recipes using goat's milk are very widespread.

Goat Milk Composition

The composition of goat's milk is described in more detail below. Goat's milk is obliged, of course, to its composition with its medicinal properties. Both milk and dairy products contain a huge amount of vitamins, such as A, C, B, D, E, micro and macro elements. The chemical composition of goat's milk is very different from that of other animal species. So, for example, in goat's milk about 6 times more cobalt, which is contained in the composition of vitamin B12. But it is this vitamin that bears the main responsibility for such vital processes in the human body, as metabolic processes and hematopoiesis. This feature of goat's milk is of fundamental importance for those kids whose health is greatly weakened. The next, no less important and valuable feature of the composition of goat's milk is a rather high content in it of such a valuable substance as potassium. Potassium is necessary for the proper formation, development and operation of the entire cardiovascular system of the human body. That is why doctors - nutritionists recommend the use of goat milk for people who suffer from any kind of disturbances in the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. In spite of the fact that goat's milk, along with the cow, belongs to the casein group, in goat milk, the content of alpha-1s-casein is practically zero. It is alpha-1s-casein that is the main source of allergic reactions of people to cow's milk. Such an allergic reaction to cow's milk is quite common. But an allergy to goat's milk - a thing out of the ordinary. But beta-casein in goat's milk contains almost as much as in human breast milk. Due to the fact that the proteins of goat milk contain a sufficiently large number of albumins, the proteins are easily broken down and converted into small flakes. In this form, the body is much easier to absorb milk proteins, in contrast to absorbed in the unchanged form of cow's milk proteins. That is why goat's milk almost never causes any disorders of the normal functioning of the digestive system of the human body. Due to the fact that milk is contained in goat's milk by 57% less than in cow's milk and 23% less than in lactose in women's milk, goat's milk is allowed for use by dietitians even for people who suffer from individual lactose intolerance. Of course, there is a risk of rejection of their body and goat's milk, too, but this is, as a rule, very, very rare. However, it is still necessary for a sick person to start drinking milk gradually, in small portions, gradually increasing them. And only after it becomes finally clear that there is no intolerance, you can consume goat milk and dairy products cooked from it without any fear. Separately it is necessary to tell about such an important factor in the composition of goat's milk, as its fat content. Despite the fact that the average fat content of goat's milk is about 4, 4%, the percentage of assimilation of goat's milk is almost 100%. This is explained by several properties of goat milk fat. Firstly, the size of fat balls of goat milk is about 15 times less than fatty beads of cow's milk. Secondly, cow's milk contains only 51% of unsaturated fatty acids, while in the composition of goat's milk these most unsaturated fatty acids are around 69%. Incidentally, it is this type of acids that have the metabolic ability to prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the human body. Also, the composition of goat's milk is very rich in various vitamins and microelements, for example, such as:

  • Calcium

Everyone knows that it is calciumresponsible for normal development and dental health. The embryo needs a huge amount of calcium to form the bone and dental systems. However, after birth, throughout his life, a person continues to need calcium. Calcium in the human body is responsible for many processes. So, for example, normal coagulability of blood is possible only with a sufficient amount of calcium in the human body. Besides this, calcium plays a leading role in the normal functioning of the central nervous system, musculoskeletal system, elasticity and strength, as well as normal permeability of the vessel walls. In addition, for residents of large cities, a sufficient amount of calcium in the body is especially important - because calcium has a unique ability to remove radionuclides and strontium from tissues.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is of great importance for the correctthe course of many physiological processes. First of all, magnesium is necessary for the normal course of various types of energy metabolism. This is explained very simply - the splitting of ATP releases a lot of energy. But in order for this splitting to occur, it is necessary to have in the human body magnesium ions, without which such a reaction is simply impossible. In addition, magnesium is responsible for the regulation of normal cell growth, the synthesis of new proteins necessary for the body to function, the normal functioning of the central nervous system, the removal of radionuclides and heavy metals from the human body. Magnesium in general very effectively cleanses the human body, preventing the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels, kidney stones and bladder. Magnesium also participates in the processes of phosphorus metabolism, normal neuromuscular excitability and even stimulation of normal intestinal peristalsis. In addition to all this, magnesium is simply necessary for full-fledged work - reducing and relaxing - the heart muscle. And for normal blood pressure in the human body is also a great responsibility is magnesium. This action is achieved due to the fact that magnesium expands the walls of blood vessels and thereby reduces high blood pressure.

  • Manganese

Manganese is necessary for any living organism forfull functioning. And the human body was no exception. It is manganese that activates such vital processes as the process of cellular respiration and mineral metabolism. Also, manganese is absolutely necessary for the normal functioning of the following organs: the liver, kidneys, pancreas and brain. Among other things, magnesium is involved in the development of bone and muscle systems, which is why it is so necessary for children in the period of active growth. Also, manganese is involved in a large number of different immune responses, as well as lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. Also in goat milk contains a very large number of high-grade animal proteins, fats, minerals and trace elements, which have a very beneficial effect on metabolism. Goat's milk to nursing infants

Who benefits from goat's milk?

Now it is worthwhile to tell in more detail about the fact,which of the people is most useful goat's milk and products made from it. Of course, its use is useful to everyone without exception, but in some cases goat's milk has not only a beneficial, but truly curative effect on the body of a person suffering from certain diseases. So:

  • The presence of human allergic reactions to proteins of cow's milk

Such people are forced to completely abandonthe use of dairy products, which are so necessary for the human body to function properly. But the same goat milk of similar allergic reactions does not cause and can be used by this category of people. Moreover - goat's milk favorably affects the human body. With regular daily use of it for at least two months, a person often completely disappears any allergic reactions and the protein of cow's milk.

  • Restoring the body after various stresses and increased physical exertion

As mentioned above, the goat's fat ballsmilk is much less than fatty beads of cow's milk. It is thanks to this fact that the assimilation of goat's milk is much easier and faster than cow's milk. This fact is very important for those people whose body is weakened due to various factors. And also in goat milk, a high amount of potassium, which is simply necessary for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system of a weakened human body.

  • Children's rickets, as well as recovery after fractures of bones of varying complexity

As you know, goat's milk contains a hugethe amount of calcium and vitamin D, which greatly strengthen the bone tissue. That's why often doctors advise goat milk to children after a year for the prevention and treatment of rickets. And, in addition, goat's milk is extremely useful for people who have suffered a fracture of bones. As numerous researches of surgeons - traumatologists have shown, daily consumption of one glass of goat's milk reduces the time of adhesion and complete restoration of bone by 2 times.

  • Goat milk for pregnant women

For a pregnant woman, goat consumptionmilk brings simply an invaluable benefit, as it is a real storehouse of a wide variety of nutrients and microorganisms, as well as minerals. Calcium, which is abundant in goat's milk, not only provides the crumb with everything necessary for the formation of the bone system, but also protects the mother's teeth from destruction, and the nails - from stratification.

  • Goat's milk with breastfeeding

A nursing mother, who uses goat's milk, alsocompletely provides the need for trace elements and vitamins not only for children, but also for their own organism. Thus, the nursing mother saves herself from a huge number of very different problems, ranging from vitamin deficiencies, to trivial hair loss. Goat's milk for nursing mothers replaces the use of multivitamin complexes.

  • People who want to lose weight

Despite the fact that goat's milk containsa rather large amount of fat, it does not transform into adipose tissue in the human body. A huge content in goat's milk of various micro and macro elements, vitamins and minerals will help prevent during the diet of the onset of avitaminosis and other complications on the part of the body that is deprived of normal nutrition.

  • The presence in humans of intestinal dysbiosis

If a child or adult is confronted with asuch a nuisance as a violation of the normal balance of intestinal microflora, sour-milk products and cheese made from goat's milk, will very quickly help to bring the intestines back to normal. Be sure to include in the diet of sick people yogurt, yogurt or at least just fermented goat's milk. As a rule, to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to drink sour-milk products from goat's milk at the rate of 100 grams for every 10 kilograms of a person's weight. The course of treatment should be the following: three days must be taken with sour-milk products, after that make a two-day break. Then the reception should be five days - and one day break. After this, the reception should be within one week, after which it is necessary to pass tests for dysbiosis. If necessary, and it arises extremely rarely, the course of treatment must be repeated. Although, as a rule, a noticeable improvement in the condition of a sick person comes already on the third day of consumption of fermented milk products prepared on the basis of goat's milk. Also, with dysbacteriosis, cottage cheese from goat's milk is extremely useful. It is prepared in the same way as cottage cheese from cow's milk. Also it can be bought already ready, both in shops, and in the markets.

  • The presence in a person of chronic gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice, or a stomach or duodenal ulcer

Goat's milk with gastritis is extremely useful. Goat's milk, among other advantages, has an amazing and unique ability to immediately neutralize hydrochloric acid, which is contained in the gastric juice. And while during the neutralization there are no violent chemical reactions that cause bloating, heartburn or belching. In addition, the composition of goat's milk is lysozyme. This substance has a high ability to heal wounds on the mucous membranes. If you suffer from a stomach ulcer or gastritis, the next course of treatment with goat's milk will help you. Every morning, on an empty stomach, you need to drink a glass of raw milk. Then, during the day, in small sips you need to drink two more glasses of goat's milk. The course of treatment should be approximately 21 days.

  • Goat's milk for diathesis

Very many kids and their parents are faced withsuch a problem as diathesis or atopic dermatitis. Faced with a similar problem, parents know how many unpleasant moments this disease causes to crumbs, and also how hard it is treated. Pediatricians found that children who consume goat's milk, are much less likely to suffer from diathesis. And goat's milk, used by a child during treatment, significantly accelerates the recovery of crumbs. Goat's milk with an allergy is a strong enough antihistamine. But the allergy to goat's milk is extremely rare. Parents immediately have a question about how to give the baby goat's milk. Someone believes that it should be boiled, and someone prefers to give it raw, believing that boiled milk largely loses its useful properties. Doctors advise to act as follows: for children under two years of age, milk should still be boiled, but for older children it is more expedient to give it in raw form.

  • Goat's milk with pancreatitis

Concerning the benefits of goat's milk for patientsPancreatitis has long been heated debate. Some doctors say that in this case, goat's milk is absolutely useless, and other nutritionists say that it makes the disease much easier. In any case, the use of goat's milk can not bring any harm, so it's worth a try. To treat pancreatitis goat's milk should take half the glass before each meal for two months.

  • Goat's milk with diabetes

In folk medicine, goat's milk is oftenIt is used to relieve the condition of a person suffering from a disease such as diabetes mellitus. To do this, traditional medicine offers the patient every day two hours a day to drink a glass of goat's milk. However, in no case should you stop taking insulin and other medications that are prescribed by your attending physician - goat's milk, with all its medicinal properties, can not replace them.

  • Goat's milk with cancer

There is an opinion that goat's milk from cancerhelps very effectively. However, it is difficult to judge how effective this treatment is, and it is hardly possible to objectively - after all, a sick person who uses goat's milk, for sure, in most cases gets alternative treatment for traditional medicine. Goat milk treatment by traditional methods, of course, will not be able to replace. However, doctors have accurately established that the use of goat's milk during the passage of a patient by a chemotherapy course, significantly reduces the manifestation of side effects of chemotherapy drugs. And, in addition, greatly strengthens the immune system. For this, traditional medicine offers the following recipe. For its preparation you need 100 grams of any natural honey, one twig of aloe and 500 grams of fresh raw goat milk. On a water bath, melt the honey and bring it to a boil, then add a thorough crushed alveolus tree and continue to boil for 5 minutes. After this, add the resulting mixture to goat milk, mix thoroughly and place in the refrigerator. Let the milk infuse for at least 6 hours, then give the patient every hour for 50 grams for every 10 kilograms of weight. Treatment should be started one week before the expected start date of chemotherapy, and finished - at least a week after the end of chemotherapy. Before using this medication, always consult with the doctor in charge of the patient. And, in addition, before taking this remedy, it is necessary to find out whether the patient had previously had any allergic reactions to any of the components. If the sick person did not eat anything from them before, take the remedy very carefully, in small portions. Goat's milk is good

Goat's milk in cosmetology

Goat's milk is very widespread incosmetology. So, for example, daily rubbing of a skin of the face by usual raw goat's milk allows to get rid completely of acne eruptions and considerably to improve a complexion. And goat's milk for hair is a real salvation. Rinsing hair after washing with goat's milk restores damaged dry hair, preventing their cross-section and loss. Goat milk consumption If you plan to include goat's milk in the diet as a preventive and restorative means, you need to know a few simple rules. There is an opinion that goat's milk is very fatty. Nutritionists are often asked about how to breed goat's milk to avoid an intestinal disorder. However, in fact, this precautionary measure is absolutely superfluous - the fatty acids of goat's milk almost never violate the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. That's why in how to drink goat's milk, there are no special wisdoms - just like the usual cow.

Benefit and harm of goat's milk

Goat's milk is good and bad - this question can not bebypass attention. The more useful goat's milk, it was already mentioned above - the beneficial properties of goat's milk are undeniable. However, there is a downside to the coin. Now it's time to talk about the possible harm that breast milk can bring. The main thing that needs to be remembered is that goat's milk for babies can in no case fully replace children's milk formula. This is explained by the fact that, despite the fact that in goat milk contains a very large number of very different vitamins, something is still missing in it. Goat's milk to infants is not the best substitute for breast milk. So, for example, in goat's milk there is very little substance, such as folic acid, that is necessary for normal harmonious development. Folic acid is a kind of water-soluble form of vitamin B, responsible for the birth and development of body cells, as well as for their normal functioning. In addition, in the composition of goat milk, there is practically no such vital element as iron. As is known, iron is a part of hemoglobin. And with a constant shortage of iron in food, the child quickly develops monochromic iron deficiency anemia. That is why, in the event that the child is noted for intolerance to the protein of cow's milk and, as a consequence, milk formulas based on cow's milk, it should not be translated for feeding only goat's milk. Baby formula on goat's milk is additionally enriched with all necessary vitamins and minerals, but, at the same time, lack the disadvantages of goat's milk. The next danger that can be trapped by a person when using goat's milk is "brucellosis." Despite the fact that goat's raw milk is much safer than cow's, the danger of contracting this disease still exists and it simply can not be ignored. You can buy goat's milk only in two places:

  • In shops
  • In large markets that have their own veterinary control service

If, for some reason, you have purchasedGoat milk is "hand-woven", the seller, whom you do not know and who has never before acquired milk, must necessarily be boiled. Otherwise, you run the risk in the infectious disease department of the hospital for at least two weeks and the question of whether goat milk is useful, for you will never be actual. Also, when picking goat's milk, be sure to smell it. In the event that the animal is kept in unsuitable unsanitary conditions, goat's milk acquires an extremely unpleasant taste and smell. Most important is the purity of the udder of the goat, the sebaceous glands of which secrete fatty acids. It is these acids, getting into the milk, give it such an unpleasant smell and taste. We advise you to read: