At one time a woman looksstunningly, but in another - the beauty "leaves", the circles under the eyes and wrinkles begin to stand out sharply. Knowing the biorhythms of your body, you can always be on top, beautiful, driving crazy. According to experts, knowledge of these watches helps with the benefit of carrying out any cosmetic procedures, greatly enhancing their effect. But the most-most expensive cosmetic product that is not used in time - simply will not have any effect at best, and at worst - will lead to irritations on the skin.

The Benefits of a Cold Shower

Our skin "wakes up" about six in the morning. At the same time, the blood pressure and temperature of our body increase, the percentage of adrenaline in the blood increases. In this morning it is absolutely undesirable to carry out any cosmetic manipulation. But an invaluable benefit will be a cold or cool shower. During it, the blood supply to the skin increases, it turns pink, acquiring elasticity. The most important thing is that her condition will last for the whole day. Yes, it should also be noted that a cold shower is useful not only to the skin, but to the entire body.

To have a sleep still

Amateurs get up at 7 am often noticeableswelling of the face and swelling of the eyelids. Therefore, there is such a useful tip: if possible, get up or 6, or at 8 am. To bring the person "in order", in an effective way is washing the pieces of ice. It is best to prepare them in advance. Especially useful washing "frozen" infusions of herbs: calendula, chamomile, St. John's wort, green tea. No less useful is the steam bath, facial massage or contrast compress. For the eyelids, you can use a cream that removes swelling. Any of the above manipulations improves the blood supply to the skin and is able to "revitalize" it.

It's time to cleanse

The interval from 8 am to 10 am should begin withcleansing procedures. If you do not do this, then accumulated skin contamination can trigger the appearance of pimples and irritations. Tonic without alcohol is perfect for dry and normal skin, but fat should first be cleaned with foam or gel, and then use a tonic with anti-inflammatory effect. The skin of the face and neck will not prevent moisturizing cream. After all these procedures, you can safely apply makeup. Of course, if there is time, then it is worth to visit the beauty salon or take time to your beloved home. It is during this period of the day that the sensitivity of the skin to any procedures increases.

Let's powder the spout

Many women, especially those with fatskin, noticed that between the 10th and the 12th hours the skin begins to shine. At this time, the activity of the sebaceous glands is significantly increased, so it's okay to use the powder. A crumbly variant is recommended, but it is not as convenient as a foundation or a compact powder.

Time to drink coffee

After lunch, the body slows downmetabolic processes, lowering blood pressure and weakening protective forces. It is at this time that the appearance of the skin leaves much to be desired, it looks tired. If possible, it is recommended to have a little sleep or take a walk in the fresh air. If you work and can not afford neither one nor the other - just get distracted for a few minutes, have a cup of coffee or strong hot tea. Afternoon is good for a visit to a hairdresser, but cosmetic procedures are not recommended.

We go to the sauna?

A new rise in biorhythms occurs from 15 to 16hours. At this time, it is best to visit the sauna or bath. After that (from 17 hours to 20), the skin can perfectly perceive any manipulation, it will perfectly respond to your desire to pamper her. So, it's time to take care of the steamer masks and baths and use cleansing and nutritious means. It is not necessary to purchase expensive cosmetic masks, it is possible to use home recipes. And from 6 to 7 pm the body is ready for the most painful cosmetic manipulations (for example, depilation with wax, etc.)


For the time from 8 to 11 pm there is a recessionactivity of the body, and he is preparing for bed. It is best to take a soothing bath, in which you add a little (a few drops) of aromatic oils. Up to 22 hours it is highly desirable to cleanse the skin of cosmetics, otherwise there is a risk of waking up with a swollen face. Also, any nutritious or calming mask, after which the skin needs a cream for its type (moisturizing, nourishing, etc.) will be useful. Do not forget that if you apply the cream after 23 hours, it will not absorb into the skin. Therefore, if you missed the time, it is better to limit yourself to cleansing procedures. Before going to bed it is useful to drink milk with honey, brush your teeth, then go to sleep. A healthy dream is better than any cosmetic manipulation. Last tip: if you are going on a date or an important business meeting in the morning, then choose the time from 10 to 11 or from 16 to 18 hours.