pickled ginger Ginger became famous when it gained popularityJapanese food. It was used as a seasoning for rolls and sushi. A little later it turned out that the properties of this root are phenomenal. How did this plant appear? Its origin is in North India. Since the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit ginger, this word is interpreted as a "horned root". And then the interest of the Phoenicians came to this plant. At first it was used as money, and then decided to taste it. After that, the plant became an expensive seasoning, which could afford only the wealthy townspeople. In China, with the help of ginger, they got rid of nausea and cured wounds, and also used it as an aphrodisiac.

From the history of the product

Ginger was also appreciated in Europe. With the help of it, plague and seasickness were prevented. Now this plant is easy to find, it is sold practically in all countries of the world. In total there are 2 types of ginger: white (peeled) and black (not processed). This product contains a number of microelements: calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and many others. In ginger, a large number of amino acids: leusine, valine and tryptophan. The taste determines to a greater extent the essential oil and starch that is contained in the ginger, which is as much as 5% in ginger. Note that in this plant there are such useful substances as zhingibernen and gingerol. It is thanks to ginegrool that the ginger has a sharp taste. the correct use of pickled ginger

Benefits and harm of pickled root

Is pickled ginger useful or can itto harm? This root anesthetizes, heals, tones up, strengthens immunity and relieves some diseases. Scientists have not yet unraveled all the advantages of this product to the end. But most of all it is appreciated for the fact that this plant can be used as a sedative. I want to open some more useful properties of this plant. It turns out that if it is regularly consumed with regular food, then the work of the gastrointestinal tract will improve. Ginger can be used for stomach ulcers and colic. He will quickly cope with a cough or flu. The benefits of pickled ginger are enormous. He is an indispensable assistant for rheumatism and arthritis. And it is very important that the pickled root reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. It is strongly recommended to use it for mental fatigue. This product improves memory and brain activity. And the most important property is that it can prevent cancer. Of course, despite all the healing properties of ginger, it can cause harm and harm to the body. It is not allowed to eat a lot of ginger to people who have gastritis. Pregnant from eating ginger, too, is to abstain, because. it can be harmful to the unborn child. useful properties of pickled ginger

Is it possible to buy a pickled root in the store?

Of course you can. You only need to know some information when buying this product. It is worth paying attention to the color of pickled ginger. Sometimes manufacturers specifically add beet juice. But this is deception. Nobody will pickle ginger with natural juice. It is highly recommended to view photos of pickled ginger. Often there is not even a high-quality pickled ginger, and it is expensive. Many people eat sushi. And, as a rule, they are used with ginger. I would like to note that it is better to marinate ginger at home, because you can not guarantee for the quality of the product prepared in a cafe. Fans of Japanese cuisine are increasingly trying to marinate it at home, so that it turns out both tasty and useful. The recipe is simple. It is necessary to take 200-300 g of the plant, cut it thin - 3 mm - slices. Then it is necessary to shift the root into a deep cup. Then you need to pour vinegar and add salt to taste. After that, put all the ingredients in a small saucepan and bring to a boil over low heat. The finished product should be removed from the fire and held in a cold place 2-3 hours before cooling down completely, after which the marinovka is stored in the refrigerator. you will save money, help your body and, finally, learn how to cook marinated ginger.