gifts for the baptism of a child Baptism is a rite that passesmost kids. Therefore, sooner or later you will get to the list of invitees for such a celebration. Perhaps you will visit the holiday as a guest, and maybe even as a godparent. Of course, not a single holiday can not do without gifts. The christening was not an exception. Of course, you will have a question - how to choose a gift for the child's baptism? Choosing a gift for a child is not an easy thing to do, let alone an important day. I very much want the gift not only to bring pleasure to the kid, but also bring tangible benefits. And this is very difficult to do - as a rule, children are most happy with toys. But the toy bothers very quickly - so the child's psyche is arranged. Moreover, christenings are not New Year's and not a birthday. For a long time there were certain traditions concerning this celebration - they also need to be considered when choosing a gift. As you can see, the task is not simple. But do not despair - desperate situations do not happen. Let's try to figure out what to give to the child together.

Gift from the godmother

Orthodox traditions very clearly define the gifts that the godmother must acquire. Without fail, Mom buys a baptismal kit, which includes:

  • Kryzhma

The role of the kryzhma can play a beautiful largeTowel or special baptismal towel, in the center of which is embroidered a cross. As a rule, such baptismal towels are sold in church benches. But sometimes they can be found in shops specializing in children's goods. And in the event that the godmother likes to do handicrafts, she can sew the kryzhma with her own hands. Of course, for these purposes it is necessary to use exclusively natural fabrics, pleasant to the touch - after all the crumbs after the font will be wrapped in this towel. And, of course, do not forget about the decoration - a beautiful braid will have to come in handy. After all, baptism is a holiday!

  • The Baptismal Shirt

No less attention deserves the baptismalshirt. You can buy already ready, but you can do on your own. For example, in winter, you can use a warm bikini sweatshirt or blouse, in summer time the material should be thin - for example, cotton or linen. If a sweatshirt or blouse is used, it is necessary to properly decorate it. On the back you can embroider the cross and the initials of the baby. Do not neglect it - the baptismal shirt is kept all life. And the grown up child will surely remember you warmly. baby baptism gifts

Gift of the Godfather

Do not stay away and Dad. Gifts of the Godfather are also very clearly defined:

  • Cross

A cross is an indispensable attribute of baptism. He dresses in the church itself, during the sacrament. What kind of godchild to buy is up to you. If financial opportunities permit, you can buy a gold cross. Well, if there is no such possibility, it does not matter, a silver or copper cross will perform its function no worse. The main thing is that the cross should be given from the heart. Sometimes the question arises - should the cross be on a chain or on a string? In principle, here, too, it all depends on your capabilities. You can buy a chain - in extreme cases, if the child is too small, he can wear it when he grows up. And if you decide to use a stretch, get it in the church shop - there are available ribbons of various lengths, with a convenient clasp.

  • Icon

On the day of his baptism, the child must receivegift icon with a picture of his Guardian Angel and / or a personal icon with a heavenly patron. And it is the godfather who should give this icon to the child. A similar icon can also be bought in the temple itself.

  • All other expenses

It is the godfather who must pay all the expenses in the temple related to baptism. Therefore, it is worth to know in advance an approximate amount, so as not to be in an awkward situation. gifts for the baptism of the child from the godmother

Other gifts of godparents and guests

In the event that the godparents wantgive your child something else, it's best to consult your parents. Do not be shy - now in this family you will become practically native people. Therefore it is much more reasonable to consult with parents that the gift was really to the place, and not dusted on the far shelf. Godparents can buy two different gifts. And in the event that they plan to give something expensive, it will be quite appropriate to buy one gift for two. In the event that you are invited to the christening of the child as a guest. You can give anything - the main thing is that this gift is made from the bottom of the heart. By the way, it is quite appropriate to ask parents what their child needs. And if there is such an opportunity, discuss the gifts with other guests in advance - 3 identical teddy bears are unlikely to please the child. There are several practical win-win gift options for the child:

  • Dishes

Ideally, you can give your child a silverspoon or cup. Especially if this gift is personal - to order engraving in our time does not present any complexity. Just a few minutes - and an exclusive gift is ready. Most likely, your cup or spoon will become the first personal dish of the child. And certainly will remain loved for a long time. And who knows - maybe after a while this cup or spoon will become a family value? But in the event that you can not afford such a gift, it does not matter. In any store of dishes sold a huge number of very different beautiful sets of children's dishes. You will surely find exactly what you like. A set of dishes will come in handy in any case.

  • Gold decoration

If you are invited to the christening of a girl andhave the necessary amount of money, it is best to buy some gold jewelry. Time flies quickly and today's baby will very quickly become a girl. And gold is always relevant. Therefore, such a gift will always be a joy.

  • Educational toys

Always relevant are educational toys -the blessing, for today in shops a huge choice. The only thing that you need to pay attention to is the age of the child. Hardly a one-year-old kid will need puzzles. A six-year-old is unlikely to be pleased with the developing mat. If it's difficult for you to decide the choice of a toy, ask for help from the seller.

  • Bed dress

Do not hurry to grin - bed linens and othersaccessories do not happen superfluous never. Of course, this is not about the cheapest calico kits. Choose a nice bedding or blanket - the parents of the crumb will surely be pleased with such a gift. Do not forget that children's bedding must be made entirely of natural materials.

  • clothing

Another version of the gift, which for surecome in handy - it's clothes. Here everything is limited exclusively by your possibilities and imagination. You can buy any elegant dress or dress, and you can do something everyday - sliders, blouses, panties, tights - depending on the age of the baby. If you decide to give clothes, be sure to check with your parents beforehand the exact size of the child. After all, in the event that you buy a bigger dress - half bad, the child sooner or later will grow to it. And if the clothes will be small? Therefore, be sure to insure and consult with the mother of the baby. Incidentally, it is your mother's that you will be able to find out what exactly will be most relevant from clothes. The only thing that should not be given is shoes. After all, even knowing the exact size, you can buy unsuitable shoes - for example, the rise in crumbs will be too high. Shoes should be bought only after fitting. After all, on the right choice of shoes depends on the health of the legs of crumbs.


If you want to excel a special originality,you can give a crumb ... photosession! Such a gift is sure to enthrall you if not for the baby, then for sure the parents. Of course, such a gift will not be cheap. But believe me - it will be an excellent memory for the entire life of the baby! And, becoming an adult, he will proudly show these pictures to his children.

  • Money

In the event that you prefer to follow the paththe smallest resistance, you can as a gift to the child to bring an envelope with money. By the way, such a gift has become more popular lately. And it's not by chance that parents are probably better than all the rest that know what their child needs. However, remember that all children's things are quite expensive. Therefore, give an adequate amount of money, so as not to be seen as stingy. Remember that a christening gift must be purchased with special care and love - then it will bring happiness to your little owner, and you can thus give him a piece of his warmth. Going to visit, do not forget about the hostess of the house and other children, if the kid is not alone in the family. It will be very appropriate to purchase small souvenirs for children and flowers for the mistress of the house. And do not forget to take with you the most important thing - goodwill and good mood. We advise you to read: