how to choose a mattress for a newborn The choice of a mattress for a newborn falls on the shouldersthe future father, who often buys it along with the crib before the time comes to take the mother with the child. Whether the baby will be comfortable in such a crib, we do not know, but we can say with certainty what parameters a good mattress should meet. So, let's find out together how to choose a mattress for a newborn so that it does not serve as a cause of night insomnia.

The golden rule for choosing a mattress

Do you want your baby's sleep to be serene? Then, when choosing a baby mattress for the crib, you should remember one golden rule: a soft feather is not for a child's back. The child's sleeping place must be absolutely level and moderately rigid. The spine of newborns is too malleable, and in order to avoid possible curvatures, parents need to take care that their child sleeps on the right mattress, and the smaller the baby, the stiffer the mattress should be. The bend of the spine appears only to three years, and until this time, to form a correct posture, the child must sleep on a fairly hard mattress. Do not give in to temptation and buy modern orthopedic mattresses. The weight of the child is too small for the so-called orthopedic effect to manifest itself. But if you take a mattress "for growth" and hope to use it for another 4 years, you can choose the option that provides unloading to the spine. which mattress to choose for a newborn

Size matters?

It would seem, well, what's the difference - a couple of centimetersmore, a couple less. But it was not there! When choosing a mattress for children, it is important to know in advance which cot they will be in. If the mattress is smaller than the cot, it will constantly slide from side to side. This already causes a lot of inconvenience, but in addition, the free space between the mattress and the sides of the crib can be a real trap for tiny legs and pens. If you choose a mattress with excessive dimensions in the hope that you can just turn the superfluous, then you will prove to be wrong. Too wide or a long mattress, crammed into the crib, carries a very serious threat to the health of the baby. After all, he will collect folds and irregularities, and we have already talked about what a tender spine in newborns. Therefore, if in the store to your question about the size of the seller answers that "he is standard", and the bed will get to you "by inheritance," think a hundred times before taking a mattress. And still make your own measurements of the future bed. There is always a possibility that the "standard" sizes that existed about ten years ago are different from those that exist today. The most ideal option is to purchase a crib and a mattress at a time, then it will be impossible to make a mistake. how to choose a mattress for a newborn correctly

Filling the mattress - what's inside?

It's very good that parents are concerned about the issuea choice of a mattress for the kid. So, when choosing this necessary thing, you must not be too lazy and find out what the manufacturer put inside. Fillers can be synthetic (foam rubber, sintepon) or natural (buckwheat husk, coconut fiber, horsehair or latex). The first option is characterized by low cost and the same low ratings and performance characteristics. It very quickly loses its shape and is difficult to dry. But the smell absorbs quickly and part with them reluctantly. Due to the ability to quickly absorb moisture (and this could be a plus, given all sorts of surprises, constantly coming with children), in its bowels you can find a polygon for the reproduction of microbes. If the filler is batting, then it seems to be environmentally friendly, but also very short-lived: batting quickly rolls down, and its surface is stuck in lumps. But natural mattresses of disadvantages have only value. It is higher than synthetic, but they are made entirely of natural components without a smell, are distinguished by their high air-permeability and retain their original appearance throughout their service life. But there is also a golden mean that will help you find the right price-quality ratio. Choosing a baby mattress, you can find options where synthetic materials will be perfectly combined with natural ones and in general the composition will only benefit. After the "filling" is no longer a secret for you, pay attention to the fact of what its upholstery is made of. Here it is better if all the same there will be natural fabrics: linen or cotton.

A little about the rules of operation

A mattress in a baby cot is necessaryturn over to the other side. This is necessary in order to ensure access to the air and prevent excessive accumulation of dust. After all, it can cause the reproduction of dust mites, and this is absolutely unnecessary neighbors for the child. In addition, the rollover is necessary so that the mattress does not cake up and do not crumple. Then it will last longer. If the mattress is equally soft on both sides, then it is recommended to turn it once every three months, and you need to change the head and the legs, and not just the sides. If the mattress with different rigidity, it is turned from side to side with the child's age, and in the future only the headboard is changed with footing. Kleenki or waterproof mattress covers will help to keep the mattress from getting wet. The most accessible is a medical oilcloth, but it is unpleasant to the touch and cold. For babies you can buy special waterproof sheets, both reusable and disposable. And remember: a cot is not something to save on. After all, the newborn will spend a lot of time there. And the purchase of a new mattress is not a sign of luxury, it's the first rule of personal hygiene!