Chair for babies So, you did not have time to blink with an eye, but yourthe baby has grown up, has become extremely inquisitive, and even needs a lure (although, more recently, this little screaming little man was only able to sleep, cry and eat mother's milk). How to most effectively feed the baby with a spoon? On the pens? - extremely inconvenient. Try to put the baby in a chair? - Also not an option, because, firstly, the child can still sit up badly, and secondly, within forty minutes (which is how much feeding can last at the first stage), "persuading" the crumb to sit in one place is almost impossible. And here comes to the rescue, in my opinion (and, I think, the rest of my parents will support me) is one of the greatest inventions of mankind - a special chair for feeding a baby. Appearing in your home, the chair will be your indispensable assistant at least two and a half years (depending on the design). Conditionally, all the chairs can be divided into three types:

  • Chairs-transformers;
  • Folding highchairs;
  • Miniature folding chairs.
  • Now more. Chairs-transformers are a design of two parts: a children's table, highchair. In the disassembled state it can be perfectly used for teaching the child the skills of writing and drawing at a more adult age. Also there is also a multi-functional cradle combi roanju. In this cradle, even the most capricious kid will fall asleep, giving you a break, to take care of yourself or household chores ... In collection, the stool-transformer is a very convenient device for feeding and playing the baby. In a comfortable ergonomic seat, there are five-point safety belts for the toddler, a detachable worktop (in some models - with special fixings for fixing the dishes supplied in the kit). The material can be as environmentally safe (which is an important factor in the choice of goods for the child) plastic, and wood. Folding chairs, of course, can not boast of the ability to transform into a table and chair, but have a mass of other qualities. They also have a comfortable back with seat belts and removable countertop. In addition, there are many different adjustments: the position of the high chair, the inclination of the backrest, the position of the countertop. In some models there are various additional useful adaptations: baskets for toys and other paraphernalia, castors that "lightly move their hands" make a chair into a rocking chair and much more. One of the important advantages is that the folding chair (as the name implies) can be folded, thus saving space in your apartment. Miniature folding chairs represent a comfortable seat that is attached to a normal chair. Miniature chairs also have a tabletop, but it can be removed and the child can be seated at a common dining table when this becomes necessary. In general, the choice is yours. Good luck to you! And let your baby grow healthy, strong and cheerful!