Child development Developing toddler is what can seeany parent in the process of raising and growing up their baby. But! The development of a baby does not at all mean independent, independent development, a child can develop independently only in growth, all other development requires that children's activities and games be conducted with the child. It all depends on what skill the parent wants to develop in the child. It should be remembered that the main flow of information - at least 70%, the child should receive already in the first year of his life. As the child grows up, children's activities should become more complex in proportion to the child's ability to perceive information. It can be classes with teachers or at home with parents. It is also important for a child to buy educational games. If you have a boy growing up, you can buy him. By presenting this extraordinary gift, you will simultaneously present him with a whole electronic laboratory for the development of hundreds of different devices that are useful in everyday life, and open boundless horizons for creativity. For example, in the event that parents want the child to learn to walk on time and correctly, such children's activities must be carried out from the age of 6-7 months, no later. When teaching your toddler to walk, remember that it is best for him to step barefoot on the floor. You should not be afraid for his health, because it is the barefoot contact of the baby's legs with the floor that he will develop the child's nervous system. Children's classes should be carried out only if all the attributes necessary for this are present. For example, in the case of teaching a child to walk, such an attribute will be high-quality shoes made of genuine leather, and one that would not at the same time constrain the baby's leg, and would not be too spacious for him. At the same time, parents must create an adequate basis for this. For example, massaging a child's buttocks is allowed and encouraged as a preliminary form of glute stimulation. At the first steps of the child, it is better to help him walk by holding him by the handle. It’s quite fun to watch a toddler try to move around on his own at this stage of life. There are other activities for children, many of which are quite funny. You can develop speech characteristics, attentiveness, memory, motor skills and much more. Children's classes refer not only to physical exercises, but also to the development of some habits in children, ideas about the norms of morality, morality in society. All this is achieved not by gravity, but through regular efforts made by parents to their child.