coats 2016 2017 images Beautiful, fluffy fur coat from natural fur -the desired object of many women. Everyone dreams about such attire secretly. Natural fur at all times enjoyed great popularity, especially among the female half of the population, so this season was no exception. Nowadays this material attracts attention not only because of its warm qualities, but also because in a fur coat from natural fur any woman looks very elegant, luxurious and graceful. This season you are waiting for cozy and stylish coats 2016-2017: photos from the latest shows are surprising with their elegance and variety. Before winter there is not much time left, so now is the time to take care of replenishing the winter wardrobe with one more fashionable and stylish thing that will reliably protect you from the cold, and at the same time emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of the female image. Moreover, the modern range of fashionable coats 2016-2017 allows each of us to choose a fashionable ally for the winter to your liking. In order to find out what kind of fur coats the famous brands and trendy designers prepared for the lovely ladies for the new season, we suggest to make a short excursion behind the scenes of fashion shows. Let's take a close look at the trends that winter 2016-201 offers us: coats, the photos of which you see, impress with their luxury and chic, the richness of natural fur.

Fashionable winter coats 2016-2017: material and colors

The collection of fur coats 2016-2017 consists mainly offrom models with natural fur: this season, designers abandoned the artificial. And this choice is not accidental, because noble furs always look more luxurious and expensive. coats 2016 2017

  • Fur Coats 2016-2017 can be made of furdifferent animals. However, the most popular promises are mink, sable, Arctic fox, mouton and beaver. The length of the pile on women's fur coats in the autumn-winter season can be absolutely any, but the hottest trend is a luxurious long fur with an original cross-haircut. Trying on a fur coat, any female representative will feel like a real queen.
  • Also relevant in the new season is the combinationseveral types of fur within the same product. And in order to have a better idea of ​​such specimens, we suggest you look into catalogs and fashion magazines and see how exquisitely and originally look such variants of fashionable coats 2016-2017 on the photo. Particularly impressive is the Mouton model, decorated with cuffs, a three-dimensional collar or a hood made of fur of other furry animals, for example, arctic fox, fox, chinchilla, sable or mink. No less interesting are models made of beaver in combination with a dark burrow. Also popular in the season 2016-2017 fur coats with leather inserts. Any of these innovations will not leave indifferent any modern fashionista.
  • Still remain in the trend and artificial fur, which designers actively use in the teenage and sports fashion.
  • White color at the peak of popularity all year round: from the spring-summer season of 2016 he gradually passed into the autumn-winter season. In the coming winter snow-white arctic fox without any competition, it is present at all winter shows and in all collections. In addition to this impractical, but still quite seductive color, there are many other daring colors that challenge the winter blizzard, among which the most popular are the deep emerald, bright blue and the entire neon palette of tropical fruits. Also remains in high esteem and elegant classics: silvery-gray, brown and black.
  • Very popular winter-autumn coats 2016-2017 withanimal prints. The most fashionable are cat's, tiger's or fox's prints on arctic fox, sable and mink. This option is perfect for those girls who do not like everyday life and everyday life.

Fur Coats season 2016-2017 - length

fashionable fur coats 2016 2017 Finally, on the catwalks triumphs practicality! The fashionable length of women's coats in winter-autumn 2016-2017 fluctuates around the knee. Also in the designer collections, you can find many interesting styles up to the middle of the shin. In the trend there are still long fur coats on the ankle. Although on the podium this season they are much less common than in previous years, some couturiers have pleased us with excellent models of fur coats of the maximum length, which are ideal for Russian winter. Truly luxurious and feminine models suggest to try on women this winter Donna Karan. Models of fur coats of this fashionable couturier are striking in their beauty and elegance. In this outfit, no woman will go unnoticed. Judging by the photos, winter coats 2016-2017 from Chado Ralph Rucci and Emporio Armani, made in this version, look pretty feminine and elegant. They will be appreciated by the inhabitants of the extreme latitudes and other cold regions of our homeland. The hit of the season is a shorter model in the youth style. This version of outer clothing will not only warm in the winter cold, but also give the female image an individuality and uniqueness. A short sheepskin coat in combination with narrow trousers is an ideal option for a woman driving a car in the cold season. This style looks good with many things of the women's wardrobe. As an addition to these models, designers offer belts and belts with a beautiful buckle.

Collection of fur coats 2016-2017: fashionable styles and models

winter coats 2016 2017 As modern fashion says, coats 2016-2017 -this is the maximum variety of styles and models. But despite this, in autumn and the coming winter, it is the classic cut that will become the most popular. Among the fur magnificence presented to the public, the most popular are the massive and voluminous styles with fairly wide sleeves, attracting attention. Equally impressive are elegant, well-fitting fur coats for the waistband, which favorably emphasize all the virtues of the female figure. Fashionable fur coats winter 2016-2017 can be as with a beautiful volumetric collar or a hood, perfectly replacing a hat, and absolutely without them. Fashion peep 2016 - a fur coat from natural fur, tied with a bright silk ribbon instead of a belt. The most trendy pattern is the Christmas tree. Also in the collection of coats 2016-2017 there was a place and a retro style. Fashionable motives of the 30s of the last century harmoniously blended in with our modern life, which made the admirers of the past very happy. Do not lose relevance and presented in the last season of fur coats with short sleeves. In the collections of some fashionable couturiers there are also quite unusual women's fur coats. So, for example, the brand Christian Cota included in its new collection models without sleeves, in the form of vests, with skin elements, as well as many other novelties that will not leave any girl indifferent. The novelty of the season - mini sheepskin, resembling jackets. In the catalogs and on the covers of glossy magazines, there are already such fashionable coats 2016-2017, photos like many modern women of fashion. Another original trend this season - a black fur coat of chinchilla with a white shirt front on a buttoned collar. This option can be performed in both long and short versions. Short models, no doubt, look more seductive. Such a fashionable fur coat designers are advised to wear with a mini skirt, as, as is known, the open parts of the female body attract much more attention of the opposite sex. When choosing a fur coat, remember that this autumn and winter this item of women's outerwear must necessarily look expensive and luxurious, "catch the eye" in the truest sense of the word. If you gave your preference to a shorter style to the knee or higher, designers are advised to combine this option with bright accessories - unusual bags, leather belts and hats. With voluminous short fur coats, suede boots with high heels and a hat with wide margins look very good. Whichever style, color, length and material you give your preference in choosing, you can be sure, a fashionable winter coat 2016-2017 will protect you from frost, and at the same time perfectly complement your image. We advise you to read: