Classics from Issey Miyake The conceptual perfume L'Eau D'Issey was created in1992 by Japanese designer Issey Miyake. An innovative designer, artist, philosopher, graduate of the Tokyo Academy of Arts, he opened his design studio in Tokyo in the 70s of the last century. In this studio the master began to create new magical fragrances, experimenting with forms and materials. The appearance of Le d'Issey became a sensation for admirers of refined and sensual fragrances. This special, unlike other perfume is extremely touching, tempting and evokes a whole bunch of bright emotions. Smooth floral fragrance opens gradually, like a peony bud. The barely visible bouquets of the bouquet of le slides make the fragrance mysterious, inconstant, enveloping its sweet freshness. To buy the perfume of this Japanese master means to penetrate into the sensual and extraordinary world of dreams, given to the great Issey Miyake. The designer of the bottle worked for the glory. Fabien Baron created an extraordinarily beautiful, matt cone-shaped bottle that symbolizes a constant, steady upward movement towards new goals and new heights inspired by the scent of Le D Issey from Issey Miyake. Toilet water l eau d issey will rightfully take its place on the dressing table of a woman of exquisite and refined, not lagging behind the latest trends in the fashion world. A luxurious fragrance, opening with floral notes of lotus and freesia, will taste even to those who in principle do not like floral scents. Because it is not just another floral perfume. An enlightening, meditative aroma will give an unforgettable feeling of happiness, gentle and weightless, like touching the skin of swan feathers. All perfume designer Issey Miyake is sensual and deep, but still the fragrance is unique in its kind. Hardly touching the skin, it just blossoms, reveals a weightless cloud of lush flower bouquets and fresh, intoxicating aquatic shades. The smell will awaken in you romantic feelings, make you feel feminine, desirable, light and airy, like the Fairy of Flowers. The creator of such a unique in the depth, mystery and refinement of the fragrance can truly be called a Master with a capital letter.