If you are tired of the monotonous classic manicure and pedicure, you can use nail ornaments, the variety of which for today is simply amazing. Classic pedicure

The main types of jewelry for nails

Among the rich variety of various ornamentsfor nails can be distinguished sequins, foil, rhinestones, dried flowers, feathers, piercings and much more. With their help, and also thanks to the imagination and creative approach to nails, you can create real masterpieces. In this case, the use of such jewelry is not limited to manicure. With their help you can create an interesting and unique composition on the toenails. Sequins Nowadays in specialized stores you can find sequins of various sizes, colors and shapes. When they are used on the nail, you can draw a pattern or pattern, and then fix it with a clear varnish. Sequins of large sizes and curly spangles in the form of stars or hearts can be one by one to fix on each nail. Often the sequins are part of the nail polish itself. pedicur-4 Rhinestones As well as sequins, rhinestones are differentsize and color. As a rule, rhinestones are made of plastic or glass. In order to reliably fix this decoration, it should be applied immediately after the nail is covered with varnish. With the help of small rhinestones, you can apply a pattern to the nail, whose sketch is recommended to be depicted on paper. Foil Foil can be purchased at a specialized store. In this case, colors are usually chosen based on the color of the varnish used. Interesting design is obtained when using a contrast combination. For example, against a background of dark blue shades of varnish, silver foil will look great. The foil should be applied to the still not dried varnish, after which it is recommended to cover the nail with a special transparent varnish. Pedicure with foil Dry flowers This kind of jewelry for nails can beto buy in the store or make it yourself, by drying small field flowers and their petals. In order to fix them on the nail, its surface must be covered with a varnish of the chosen color, then lean against it a flower or petal. After the composition dries completely, it must be fixed with a special transparent coating.

Foot Care

Numerous decorations for nails will beeffectively look only on well-groomed legs. Therefore, a complex pedicure is an obligatory procedure for each self-valued woman. It includes not only giving nails a neat shape, coating them with varnish and using various ornaments, but also full care for the skin of the feet and feet, which usually involves massage, aromatic baths and the use of special moisturizing creams. Foot Care Today in the market of the corresponding productsthere are new tools designed to improve the effectiveness of the procedures conducted, as well as to consolidate the result. SocksBabyFoot is a clear example of continuously moving progress. With the help of these socks, you moisturize the skin of your feet before the pedicure, get rid of calluses and coarsened skin, and eliminate sweating and unpleasant odor. Before the pedicure, the socks are put on clean legs, do not remove them for an hour, after which the gel is washed off with water. The active components that make up the gel have an anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect. They prevent the development of skin fungi and stop the aging of the skin of the legs. After using this tool the effect is saved on average from two to three months, which is incredibly convenient and profitable. To receive more detailed information on socks BabyFoot - development of the Japanese experts, deserved not one reward of quality, - it is possible on a site . Any woman should always follow carefullyfor their appearance and health. Because, feeling attractive, she becomes happy. Therefore, in spite of the fact that the legs are bare, as a rule, only in the summer, do not forget about the importance of constant care for them and the regular conduct of preventive procedures.