Chic should be natural, otherwise it's not chic, but attempts. Evelina Khromchenko How to look like a million To look young, well-groomed and effective womenseek at any age. How to keep a chic appearance, applying to care for yourself a minimum of effort? Expert in the fashion world Evelina Khromchenko in his interviews advises to bet on naturalness. We decided to calculate how much it would cost an average Muscovite to create a natural image.


Try it now or ombre. These methods are now popular among Hollywood stars - such staining visually gives the volume even to sparse hair. The effect of burned-out strands and grown-up roots is part of the coloring in this technique. Thanks to this, you can visit a hairdresser once every 2-3 months. The price of the service is from 2 000 rubles. Bronzing


Natural make-up to face all and at any age. For girls, he allows you to emphasize the freshness and youth, for older women - to demonstrate a subtle taste. When choosing makeup, give preference to 1-2 tonne darker facial, eyebrow, and lips. The cost of consulting a make-up artist, which will help you master the technique of applying natural make-up - from 1,000 rubles. Natural makeup


To restore the nail plate after building up or simply to strengthen the nails, . This is a new nail care system withusing only natural preparations. After this procedure, the nail plates are leveled, become stronger and get a natural shine - they can not be covered with lacquer for about a month. For several sessions, you can restore even the most debilitated and damaged nails. The cost of Japanese manicure - from 700 rubles. Japanese manicure


So, in order to look natural and well-groomed, with the right choice of masters from the sphere of beauty, you can meet the sum of 3 700 rubles. Prices for services are taken from the site to search for masters of beauty 1 Is:

  • 3 000 professionals;
  • 13,500 ideas for a new image;
  • photos of works of masters;
  • convenient search for a master in the list of services;
  • the opportunity to choose a master working near your home or office, or invite him to your home;
  • customer reviews.

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