flowers from money by own hands How often do we, spoiled commodity abundance,It is necessary to puzzle over the choice of a gift. And more and more often we choose the modest envelope, attached to a bouquet of flowers or to a box of chocolates. And although the rules of etiquette do not welcome such offerings, often an envelope with money becomes the only possible compromise. But I must say that many prefer to receive money as a gift, and then spend it with pleasure at their own discretion. And if you are going to present someone with a gift in the form of money, do not rush to buy an envelope, but rather stock up new crisp bills of different denominations, the amount of which should equal the value of your cash gift. Because we will make a festive bouquet of money with you. And we will make flowers for this bouquet from our own money. In a word, an original gift made by own hands, but at the same time universal. You can give a bouquet of money for the wedding and for the anniversary, but you can make it ruble or foreign exchange. So, we stock up with the necessary materials and begin to master with our own hands the latest Handmade masterpiece.


Roses - flowers are universal. And thanks to their special structure and the shape of the petals, it is the roses that are trying to reproduce the needlewomen, creating artificial flowers with their own hands. Make roses from fabric, from plastic, from paper. And we will make roses from banknotes. Incidentally, this method of making flowers from money with their own hands is considered the most sparing: the bills remain almost unchanged. For such a bouquet we need the following materials:

  • money bills (the newer and denser, the better);
  • cork (real cork) from wine bottles or foam;
  • toothpick or thin needle;
  • gum for money (bank gum);
  • wire for stems or artificial flowers on stems;
  • floristic tape or color paper for masking the wire;
  • ribbons, braid and other decorations for decorating a bouquet.

I must say that with equal success domoney flowers can be both from ruble notes, and from the money of any other countries. By the way, for making a souvenir money tree it is not necessary to use real banknotes: you can make their color photocopies. And for a cash gift, try not to use dirty and crumpled bills, in extreme cases, try to clean them and iron with iron. Just remember that moisture deforms from moisture, and such money will easily "reject" the ATM. beautiful flowers of money with their own hands


We will fasten the flowers to the traffic jams, which will becometheir basis. Therefore, on each cork we cut out a couple of girdles (tiers), which will fix the gum. Now let's start making petals. We take a bill and put it in half (short sides to each other). Now with the help of a toothpick or a thin knitting needle, we twirl all four corners of the bill: put the toothpick on the corner and roll the paper wrapped around it. Note that the curls should look outward, in opposite directions from the side. Now we take a rubber ring and pass a folded bill to it, as if we hang a sheet on a rope. In this case, the money should lie on the rubber band. Then put the rubber band on the cork and spin it around the upper tier a few turns. In the same way we do with the second bill, which we also put on the top step. As a result, we get a "bud" (the middle of our future rose), whose petals look convex sides in opposite directions. Then we repeat the entire process with two more bills, which we fasten the elastic band to the second tier. These petals must partially cover the first and perpendicular to them. That is, like a real rose: each lower pair of petals in staggered order overlaps the top. The more tiers on the cork we make and the more paired petals we place on the rose, the more splendid the flowers will be. But usually two or three pairs of petals for one rose are enough. Now we need to make a stalk. To do this, flossy ribbon or corrugated green paper tightly wrap the wire and "plant" the flower head on it by plunging the wire into the cork. If desired, you can supplement the stalk with leaves made from the same corrugated paper. And if we use ready-made artificial flowers, then we simply remove the heads from them and plant them in our place with roses made from money. Then you just have to collect the bouquet and decorate it to your liking. flowers from money

Making a bouquet

Here you have two options. Firstly, you can make a bouquet exclusively from cash flowers. The truth in this case, you or the bouquet will turn out to be thin, or the gift will be too generous. Therefore, go for a compromise: gather a bouquet mix. This will be the second version of the bouquet. In such a bouquet you can combine live and money flowers or make it from cash roses and packed like candy flowers. That is, to combine into one whole sweet bouquet of chocolates and a bouquet of money. The second option is even preferable, because the moisture of fresh flowers can not only ruin the kind of cash roses, but also deform the banknotes. For bouquet design use gift paper or foil, floral mesh, corrugated paper or lace. Suitable for this purpose are ribbons, beads and other ornaments for bouquets. Actually, the actual design of the bouquet should take place according to the usual rules of floristry. And the fact that in it instead of real flowers will be money roses - and there is a major surprise. You can put flowers in the basket. In this case, it is supplemented with sweets in beautiful wrappers or put there a bottle of good wine (whiskey, cognac, liquor). However, sweets and alcohol are not the only possible supplement to the basket. Depending on the preferences of the recipient, the basket can be supplemented by: a box of tea, a bank of coffee, a set of spices, a bathroom set, a soft toy and other pleasant things. Dare! And all at you will turn out. We advise you to read: