accessories by yourself What is an accessory? This is a thing that complements something, decorates, makes the image unique. And if you look around you will notice - modern women prefer purchased accessories. Yes, they are beautiful, fashionable, complement the overall image. But do they make it unique? Hardly, since such accessories can be purchased at any store and seen on every second girl. So why spend money on something that is not unique? Why be like everyone if you can create stylish, amazingly beautiful accessories yourself. And for this you need only to be patient, allocate a little time and fantasize! Products made with their own hands will cost you an order of magnitude cheaper, but the attention of others, their envious looks will be provided. So, where do we start? What of the accessories is at the height of popularity? Of course, beads and belts. And in vain many people think that such things can not be done on their own. Everything is quite simple, even trite.

Fashionable beads from buttons

In order to make this accessory, youYou will need the usual flat buttons with two holes. Just prepare a fishing line or a strong thread, seed beads. The thread along the length should be comparable to the two lengths of future beads. Naturally, choose buttons similar in texture and color, but the size of them may be different. Selected buttons can be decorated with patterns. For example, to make on them cells, stripes or specks. Paint under the fur or under the zebra. Here it all depends on your desire and imagination. Are the parts preparation complete? So, let's start collecting our beads. We cut the thread or line into the needle and pass it through the buttons, alternating with beads and beads. First through one hole, then through the second. A fastener for such beads is not provided, as they are easily worn over the head. If desired, you can replace the thread with a satin ribbon, then between the buttons and beads there will be a place for another decoration - nodules. Very beautiful and stylish beads are obtained from wooden buttons. They come in a variety of outfits, especially clothing in black, brown and red colors. And most importantly, you will not take more than half an hour to work! own hands accessories

Belt from an economic rope

In order to make fashion accessories yourhands, do not necessarily purchase any expensive parts. Now we'll look at how to create a trendy and stylish belt from the usual rope, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

  • We buy a rope of medium thickness (better than black), small carbines (such that hold keys and key chains) and a piece of felt or leather;
  • We prepare scissors and glue;
  • We tie one end of the rope in a double knot. So that at the end there remains a small loop;
  • In this loop we insert the carbine and tighten, the other end of the loop remains free;
  • The same actions are repeated two more times;
  • Now take the skin or felt, cut out six strips. Their size should be such that they can be wrapped around the rope;
  • Lubricate pieces of skin with glue and wrap around places around the nodules;
  • That's all, our belt is ready for use!

Tissue flowers for decoration

Women began to create accessories themselvesa long time ago. And the first of such products were flowers made of cloth. This ornament is universal. It can be attached to the hair, and to the belt, and to the purse, or simply to give comfort to the interior.

  • We take any fabric you like;
  • Cut out the fabric circles. Billets should be made according to the number of petals in the flower;
  • Each circle is folded in half, then again in half. And we pull the base with a needle and thread;
  • Thus, we collect all the petals on one thread, in one flower;
  • Now we need to close the hole in the center of the flower. You can put there a button trimmed with a cloth, or a large bead, or a piece of cardboard;
  • By a similar principle, leaves are made.
  • It remains to find the application of your product and enjoy your skill every day!

how to make accessories yourself

Original box from a bamboo napkin

The needlewomen are such dreamers! From the most banal and simple things they can make special and unique accessories with their own hands. All women use boxes for storing ornaments and all sorts of trifles. Here's about the box and will be discussed below, or rather about how to make the original thing from a conventional bamboo napkin. What you need:

  • Napkin made of bamboo;
  • Slice of corrugated cardboard;
  • Needle and thread;
  • Pieces of fabric for decoration of the box;
  • Thermocouple;
  • Various small things for decoration: beads, braid, coins;
  • A small cut of gum;
  • Varnish and acrylic paint.

So, let's get to work. We take a dense corrugated cardboard (for example, the remaining from the packaging of any household appliances). We cut out two lateral blanks from it. The size and shape will depend on what you see the future casket. The outer side of the blanks is covered with a cloth. Next, you need to trim them from the inside. To do this, take the sidewall, put it on the fabric for interior decoration and make the stitches closer to the edge. Have you asked? Now we will deal with the napkin itself. It is necessary to glue or sew the same fabric to the wrong side. Further we start to collect a casket. You can glue it together, but you can sew it, here at your discretion. We connect the sides and napkin, carefully bending the latter into the desired shape. We make a small hole where there will be a clasp, and decorate the surface of the casket with rhinestones, beads, braid. It does not matter what the drawing will look like. Something abstract, a bouquet of flowers, the muzzle of an animal, the main thing is that you like it! Beads for shine are covered with acrylic paint. Clasp-loop made of elastic bands or elastic braids, also covered with paint. We cover the top of the product with varnish, so that it will be easier to clean later on. The casket is ready! It turned out an excellent storage for jewelry or accessories for needlework. By a similar principle, you can make a small handbag. It is only necessary to slightly change the shape of the side blanks. As you can see, accessories can be made by anybody, even an inexperienced girl in needlework. Firstly, they are unique in their kind, and secondly, do not need special monetary costs, and thirdly, it's so exciting to create original things yourself! In addition, such accessories can be a great idea for a gift to a friend, mother or sister. After all, a thing made by own hands is the best gift for a loved one who will be appreciated for sure! We advise you to read: