flatulence treatment What is flatulence, know firsthandalmost all people. And, despite such a beautiful name, flatulence is a disease that brings many unpleasant minutes and discomfort to a person. Unfortunately, flatulence means only that a person under the influence of certain causes in the intestine accumulates an excessive amount of gases. Of course, this phenomenon is very harmless and does not pose any threat to human health. However, this phenomenon is very unpleasant, sometimes leads to very embarrassing situations. In addition, in very rare cases, but still flatulence can be a concomitant symptom of some more serious diseases. In any case, a person seeks to get rid of the unpleasant sensations that torment him as soon as possible. And this is correct - if a person has flatulence, treatment can significantly alleviate his condition.

Causes of flatulence

The theme of today's conversation will be flatulence: causes, treatment. After all, this information is very useful in the fight against this ailment. Let's first understand the reasons that can cause accumulation of excess gases in a healthy person. As a rule, the most important and almost the only reason are certain groups of products. These include:

  • Dairy. Almost all dairy products have the feature of provoking strong gas formation, if you use a very large amount. This truth is especially true with regard to milk. In addition, there are people who even a small amount of dairy products can provoke a strong attack of flatulence.
  • Drinks containing yeast. Very often, flatulence develops in people who abuse beverages that contain yeast cultures. As a rule, such beverages are beer and kvass, the so-called "living" ones.
  • Some vegetables. Often the use of certain vegetables leads to increased gas production, especially in large quantities. The most common flatulence is caused by the following vegetables: all kinds of legumes, potatoes, cabbage. Especially sauerkraut.
  • As a rule, such cases of flatulencecharacterized by such basic symptoms as the appearance of cramping pain in the intestine, rumbling, unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the stomach and "bursting" in the lower abdomen. There is no danger of such feelings, and they pass relatively quickly - usually after visiting the toilet. By the way - we can not fail to mention the fact that in the intestine of a healthy adult person there are necessarily about 1000 ml of gases, without which normal functioning is simply impossible. As a rule, such attacks of flatulence do not require any special measures - it is not worthwhile to focus on it. The only thing that needs to be remembered is the need to limit the use of those products to which you previously noticed such a reaction, on the eve of an important meeting or a romantic date. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting into a very unpleasant situation or, at best, suffering all evening. If this does happen, you can take emergency measures, which if not completely eliminate the next bout of flatulence, then, at least, greatly reduce the uncomfortable sensations. Such measures are quite simple - take activated charcoal, at the rate of 1 tablet for every 10 kilograms of weight, thoroughly chewing them before swallowing. Alternatively, activated carbon "Enteros gel" can be substituted, which is a very effective absorbent. It can be purchased in almost any pharmacy. Dosage - half a teaspoon for every ten kilograms of weight. However, sometimes attacks of flatulence occur not only after receiving provoking products. Of course, not always meteorism indicates the presence of any comorbidities in a person. However, you should not risk your health in such a situation - otherwise a person risks neglecting any really serious illness. There is nothing surprising in that people are embarrassed to consult a doctor with such a delicate problem. However, it is still necessary to overcome shyness and go for medical help. Although, of course, there are several good ways, tested goals, which helped many people get rid of flatulence. This is exactly what will be discussed later. treatment of flatulence

    How to cope with flatulence?

    Before I tell you about the treatment of flatulence,you need to know a few things that in no case is unacceptable, because because of them the condition of the sick person can significantly worsen. But many people are using these methods and are trying to get rid of excess gases. First - an enema. Often you can hear numerous tips to help the gases come out of the body using an enema or heating pad, or even laxatives. However, in fact, such actions will only significantly exacerbate the situation, leading to an even more bowel movement. It is much more reasonable to review your diet. If you often have frequent bouts of flatulence, completely eliminate from the diet all fizzy drinks, vegetables, foods containing sugar, black bread. It is much more useful to include in the daily menu more than usual foods with high protein content - meat, fish. As already mentioned above, with frequent attacks of flatulence, it is advisable to seek help from a doctor. The doctor, assessing the condition of a sick person, can appoint the following medicines: activated charcoal, smect, white clay. These substances have the ability to absorb gases, thereby improving the condition of the sick person. If necessary, the patient will be assigned a comprehensive treatment based on the causes that led to the onset of bouts of flatulence. So, for example, if the cause was intestinal dysbacteriosis, the doctor will prescribe pharmacological preparations that will help restore the normal balance of microorganisms in the intestine. If a person experiences severe pain in the abdominal area, he will choose the optimal pharmacological drug that will remove the spasm of smooth muscles of the stomach and intestines. In addition, if necessary, a course of treatment will be prescribed, which will help to eliminate diarrhea and constipation. In extremely rare cases, flatulence is caused by mechanical blockage of the intestine. Such a state poses an extremely serious danger not only for human health, but also for his life. In this case, the only way to help a person is immediate surgical intervention, the purpose of which is to eliminate a mechanical disorder. The main symptom of such a violation is severe acute pain and a huge amount of gases.

    Folk ways of treating flatulence

    In the event that a person has already been to a doctor andknows for sure that the cause of the disease is a violation of diet, treatment of meteorism is acceptable and some folk ways. However, remember that some ingredients can lead to allergic reactions, so before using always consult a doctor.

    • Dandelion root. A very effective means for eliminating excess gases is the root of a dandelion. For the preparation of infusion, fill with ten grams of crushed root medicinal dandelion with one glass of cold clean drinking water. It is necessary to insist it for three hours, after which it is filtered with gauze cloth. Drink an infusion of dandelion root should be two teaspoons at least four times a day.
    • Decoction of parsley seeds. No less effect is the decoction of parsley. To make it, you need to pour a tablespoon of dry parsley seeds with two glasses of water, boil and turn off the fire. Firmly cover the dishes with a lid and leave to infuse for several hours. Take the broth in small portions during the day.
    • Pharmacy chamomile. Very good effect on the human body has an ordinary chemist's daisy. To do this, prepare the next broth - in enameled dishes place three tablespoons of chopped chamomile inflorescences, fill with water and boil for about ten minutes. After that, leave the broth for several hours and strain with gauze. Drink the broth for two hundred grams, three times a day.
    • Mint of the field. Fill three tablespoons of field mint with a glass of boiling water, insist for two hours. Take infusion requires three tablespoons, every two hours. Please note that such a decoction can be taken no more than three days in a row.

    If you carefully monitor your health, you quickly forget about what a flatulence! We advise you to read: