flat feet in children treatment Flat-footedness is an unpleasant companionquite a large number of children. Unfortunately, many parents mistakenly believe that in flatfoot there is nothing terrible, and accordingly, do not give him the necessary attention. However, this negligent attitude towards one's health is fraught with various complications and health problems. Flattening in children requires immediate treatment, and that's why. It has long been scientifically proven that it is on the feet that a huge number of different active points are located that directly affect the condition and functioning of internal organs. Simply put, in case of problems with feet, a child, and an adult, too, is very at risk of acquiring a whole bouquet of various diseases. That's why doctors call on parents to carefully monitor the condition of the baby's legs. This measure will help to maintain a correct posture, a beautiful and easy gait. Well, besides this, no less important - healthy joints, muscles and internal organs.

Causes of flatfoot development

So, flat feet in children. What is this attack, and how to get rid of it? Doctors call flatfoot such a deformation of the foot, due to which its flattening occurs. If you look at the side of how the foot is standing with the child suffering from flatfoot, you can see that it touches the surface with all the points, not the ones you need. It is in this case that doctors talk about flatfoot. Parents often ask doctors about where the flat foot is taken from. Almost always adults think that the cause of flat feet is badly picked up shoes. However, this is not quite true. Of course, footwear plays an important role in the formation of the foot, and if its selection is wrong, the probability of deformation is very, very great. However, in addition to footwear there is a considerable number of various factors that can adversely affect the condition of the feet. So, such factors include: various injuries such as fractures or strains, weakness of ligaments and muscles - both congenital and acquired, functional diseases of the lower extremities. If we talk about improperly selected shoes, parents should remember that most often the development of flat feet provokes narrow shoes, or shoes with an excessively flat sole. However, in some cases, flat feet is an inborn violation of the structure of the foot. Unfortunately, it is often enough the genetic factor that causes the birth of a child with a flat feet. However, parents need to remember that the diagnosis of "flat feet" is not put to a child who has not reached the age of five. But in the event that the parents themselves or close relatives suffer from flat feet, ignore the preventive visits of the doctor - the orthopedist can not be examined. After all, the sooner the corrective therapy is started, the more effective it will be. flat feet in children

Who is a doctor - orthopedist?

Who is an orthopedic doctor? Strictly speaking, this is a surgeon who specializes in the study and treatment of all diseases and disorders that somehow affect the musculoskeletal system and the musculoskeletal system. There are similar specialists in almost every medical institution, and even more so in children's polyclinics. The first time an orthopedic doctor examines a child in the first week after birth. After that, parents should bring the child to a consultation at least once a year, or if the child has some problems, as often as the doctor requires. It is the orthopedist who must watch the development of the musculoskeletal system of the child. It is this doctor who, without much difficulty, will be able to easily determine the presence of a developing flat foot in the child, and, if necessary, prescribe corrective therapy.

Flattening and its treatment

As mentioned above, in the first five years of lifea child to establish a diagnosis is almost impossible. Doctors explain this fact by the fact that during this period, the very formation of flat feet occurs. However, this does not mean that at this time the legs of the child do not need special attention from adults. It is during this period that the choice of children's shoes should be carefully chosen, since it is during the formation of a foot that bad shoes can be very violated by this very process. Particular attention must be given to the sole focus of the shoe sole. It should be made of natural materials. When you try to bend the sole you should not encounter any special resistance. But at the same time it should easily take the original shape. In addition, pay attention to the following nuance - the heel of the child should be carefully fixed. In the same case, if the heel of the child is hanging loose in the shoes, the risk of not only flat foot, but also clubfoot development is very high. In addition, doctors do not strongly recommend wearing old, already worn shoes on the child - this also has an extremely negative effect on the formation of the child's foot. In addition, do not overload the child with physical exertion. It goes without saying that the movement is extremely necessary for the child for harmonious development, however, many kilometers of walking can greatly damage his legs. Try to correctly alternate the load and rest of the baby. Try to keep the little guy as bare as possible barefoot. And the most useful surfaces on which doctors recommend walking are grass, pebbles, sand, or just a rocky surface. Of course, not every kid will want to walk on stones, since with unaccustomed sensations can be very uncomfortable. However, all children like to play, play with it. After all, in the game form, making crumbs do what you want is the easiest. In the same case, if the doctor suspects that something went wrong during the formation, and the arch of the foot began to flatten, he can recommend parents to purchase special orthopedic insoles for the child. They not only reduce the discomfort of the child when walking, but also correct the formation of the arch of the foot. To my great regret, very many parents constantly postpone treatment for later, believing that they can correct the situation at any time. However, this, alas, is not at all the case - firstly, as already mentioned above, flat feet lead to disruption of the normal functioning of many body systems. And secondly, the later treatment of flat feet in children is begun, the more difficult it is to get rid of it. In the treatment of flat feet in children, doctors, as a rule, use physiotherapy procedures, massage, physiotherapy exercises. In addition, the doctor will tell parents about the need to deal with the child at home. And the doctor will paint and show the whole complex of exercises for the prevention and treatment of flat feet. In addition, recently more and more orthopedic doctors prefer to use those techniques that significantly improve blood circulation in the foot area, and also strengthen their muscles. Remember that timely treatment is the guarantee of your child's health for the rest of his life! We advise you to read: