hygiene of a newborn girl Have you become a happy mother? Did you have a daughter? Congratulations! But remember that with her birth in your home settled not only boundless happiness, but also a great responsibility. After all, the girl is the future woman, and hence the future mother. And to her health you need to be treated very seriously. And as you know, purity is the key to health. That's why today we will talk about the hygiene of a newborn girl. Care for a girl is very different from caring for a boy, so parents should familiarize themselves with the basic rules. This will prevent serious mistakes and facilitate the care of your baby.

Skin care

The skin of a newborn girl is very tenderand sensitive, therefore, require special care. In adults, the skin performs several important functions - thermoregulatory, excretory, protective. In babies, the same skin is not sufficiently developed and it is possible to cope with its functions only with proper and timely care. First, watch for the purity of the skin - the first month of the child should be bathed every day. Of course, if the child is healthy. If the girl is sick, the question of bathing should be discussed with the attending physician of the baby. To wash the skin, use only specially designed detergents for newborns - gels, foams, baby soap. Try not to buy detergents containing any additives and perfumes - this can trigger the development of an allergic reaction. After bathing the baby's skin should be gently bloted with a towel, not rubbing and stretching, to avoid accidental injury. Be sure to thoroughly wipe all wrinkles so that they do not remain moist - otherwise, there may be diaper rash and irritation.

Eyes and ears

Normally, a healthy child should not haveno abundant discharge from the eye and, moreover, from the ears. Therefore - if they have appeared - contact the child's doctor as soon as possible, who will examine the child and, if necessary, prescribe the appropriate treatment. If the child is healthy, there is no special care for the ears, nose and eyes are not required. Do not rub your cotton buds in your ears or nose - you can damage them. Remove only those selections that are on the surface. The skin around the eye should be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in warm, clean boiled water. correct hygiene of a newborn girl

Care of genitals

Sexual organs of the baby also require specialcareful care. After all, in adult women, the mucous membrane of the genital organs serves as a powerful defense against various infections. The girl is not protected, and therefore, is at risk of developing various inflammatory processes. And as a result - the baby falls ill, and in especially severe cases, it is even possible to join the sexual sponges. In order to avoid such misfortunes, parents should carefully monitor the hygiene of the genitals of the crumbs. They should always be dry, clean, the girl should not be overcooled or overheated. Remember that the girl's erosion also has specific features:

  • Use only running water for washing!
  • Wash the baby in the direction from the pubis to the priest, but in no case the reverse. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting an E. coli in the child's genital tract.
  • Do not use anything to wash the girl, except for usual baby soap. And then only in case of heavy pollution.

It goes without saying that a girl should havepersonal soap, bath sponge and towel. Do not use your personal hygiene products when bathing your baby! Even if you are perfectly healthy, your stuff is full of bacteria and other microorganisms. Your immunity copes well with them, and sometimes does not pay attention. And the imperfect immune system of babies like this is beyond the power and the daughter can get sick. Remember that washing should be done after every act of defecation - because if the feces get on the mucous membranes of the genital organs, there is a high risk of developing the inflammatory process - vulvovaginitis. In addition, the girl needs to be washed every night and every morning - this should become a self-evident part of life. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly before washing your soap - with soap!

Watch for secretions!

For some reason, there is an opinion that young girlsin norm there should be no discharge from the vagina. And it is quite natural that they are frightened when they notice these discharges. But in fact, the allocation of the vagina - the norm for the female body at any age and it's not worth it. Moreover - in the first few weeks after birth, the girl may have even spotting from the vagina, reminiscent of menstrual. This phenomenon is absolutely normal and is due to the fact that a large number of female hormones enter the child's body through the placenta. Of course, it is necessary to say this to the pediatrician, but in most cases there is simply no reason for concern. The main thing that a baby needs is hygiene. But after separation from the vagina will not stop. They are very meager and have a white color - mucus, epithelium of vaginal cells and certain microorganisms. Normally, excretions do not cause any inconvenience to the baby - there is neither redness nor itching. Otherwise, inflammation is likely to occur. Or simply the girl's hygiene leaves much to be desired. Alas, this happens very often. But even if the girl's hygiene is adhered to impeccably, the mother can notice in the furrows between the large and small labia, a whitish bloom that does not disappear after washing. This, too, should not scare parents: this plaque is not a thrush! It's just the secret of the glands of the labia, which is necessary to protect the genitals of the crumbs. Some mothers periodically try to remove this plaque with a cotton swab. However, this should not be done - you can accidentally injure the tender mucous membranes of the labia's labia.

Beware of irritations

How carefully parents did not follow for purityreproductive organs of the daughter, it is not always possible to avoid diaper rash. This is unpleasant, but not terrible - the main thing is to take the necessary measures in time. Very often, parents can hear advice at diaper riddles to wash the child with soap or a solution of potassium permanganate. However, do not do this in order not to overdry the skin and mucous membranes! It is best to use the decoctions of chemist's chamomile, sage or calendula. Prepare the broths is very simple - pour five tablespoons of any of the above herbs with a glass of water, bring to a boil, persist for an hour, after which you should strain. Dampen the swab with a tampon, wipe the skin under the knee of the baby and leave it for 15 minutes. Then carefully examine the treated area, and also analyze the behavior of the crumbs in this time interval. If the daughter showed no signs of anxiety, and the skin has no redness and rashes, then it does not have an allergic reaction to medicinal herbs - you can make baths. Pour the broth of the herb into five liters of warm water, place the baby's genitals in the tub, for 20 minutes. After that, wipe the girly skin with a sterile wadded disk and allow to dry in the air. Baths should be done at least three times a day, until irritation and intertrigo disappear completely. It has already been said that it is undesirable to use soap with each washing, as it dries the skin very much. Ideally, with soap, the girl needs to be washed up only after she pokes. In all other cases, ordinary water will be enough. By the way, about water. Water should be flowing, but ideally it should be boiled. Cool the water, pour it into the pitcher and wash the crumbs. Boil the water you need at least the first month of the child's life. useful hygiene of a newborn girl

Underwear girls

The underwear of your little lady also requiresclose attention. However, for today only linen of a newborn crumb is more often disposable diapers. However, doctors do not really approve of this approach - they recommend to wear diapers only when necessary. And all the rest of the time the crumb should be in diapers or sliders - as you like. Children's underwear should be washed separately from everything else, using special baby powders, and carefully rinsing. At least the first month, thoroughly iron clothes on both sides. Of course, children's underwear should be made exclusively from natural fabrics - synthetic fibers do not absorb excreta, disrupt the normal process of thermoregulation, promote the development of irritation, and sometimes even inflammatory processes.

Habit - second nature

Of course, the newborn baby is unlikely to have anythingunderstands, but it is necessary to accustom crumb to daily hygienic procedures from the very birth. Hygiene should become for the girl something natural and self-evident - like washing hands, brushing teeth, eating, water, air. So, for the girl, hygienic procedures should not cause unpleasant associations - the temperature of water and air should be comfortable, your movements should not cause any discomfort. Affectionately talk to the baby during hygiene procedures. Remember that your girl is like a tender and sensitive flower. Take care of it, and at the first signs of problems, immediately consult a doctor - ideally, a pediatric gynecologist. But in extreme cases, you can turn to the pediatrician. We advise you to read: