clothes for short women Low girls, women are lovely,romantic, gullible, touching ... It would seem that a very attractive image is being formed. However, more and more girls are striving to become higher. Maybe it is the fashion industry that is to blame for this, which paved high and thin on the pedestal? And maybe, the low lady dreams at least once to look at the world around him from above? The reasons can be many, but the desire is one: to become higher, even if only visually. Desire, I must say, is not so unrealizable. We will help and some tips stylists. So, the easiest way to get a little higher is shoes on a platform or heels. In addition to the fact that heels can make you a little higher, they make the image more stylish, elegant. finished. Therefore, heels should become an integral part of your image, especially since the choice of women's shoes today is so rich and diverse that you can not limit yourself in your imagination, in your desire to become taller, elegant, stylish. There is another method that will visually increase growth - it is a successful combination of the upper and lower parts of clothing. Visually, the object seems to be higher if it has a sufficiently wide and stable base and a thin, upwardly tilting peak. This principle also works in the case of creating your own image. Fortunately, is represented today in such a variety thatThe choice of a successful solution is not difficult. In the case of low girls, you need to try to choose a more magnificent bottom and a more tight top. By the way, stylists do not advise low girls to wear curvy hairstyles, since they are able to visually make a woman even squat. Therefore, down with magnificent naches and fur hats, but short curvy skirts, tight T-shirts, elegant heels - this is exactly what we need. And the last rule, which should be paid attention when choosing clothes - is the lack of long, lush, voluminous clothes. It is worth remembering that all the clothes below the hips visually shorten the legs. And the heels in this case are practically powerless. Of course, this does not mean that in winter you need to sport in mini skirts, but when choosing trousers, you should try to buy the simplest tailoring and the most tranquil shades, so as not to attract attention to them. But in this case the upper hand can be selected and brighter. Also, large parts should be avoided in clothing - large pockets, buttons, large patterns look on the low girls, women are too big and are able to break the image created with such difficulty. We advise you to read: