women's perfumes that men like Have you noticed how much in our life they meansmells? We disgustedly turn away from the person who smells unpleasant, and with pleasure we start a friendly conversation with a person who does not neglect hygiene and uses tasty and expensive perfume. At the same time, the status, age and sex of the interlocutor does not have any special significance. In the twenty-first century, perfume is the visiting card of any self-respecting woman, because a subtle sparkling scent can turn the head of even the most impregnable member of the stronger sex. However, not every perfume is equally good, since even the most elite, expensive and advertised products are not always qualitative, stable and effective. That's why it's important to know what women's perfumes like for men, and which cause terrible disgust.

Perfume with pheromones: a beautiful fairy tale or a harsh reality

As the producers promise, just one dropspirits before a date, and your young man will be subdued once and for all. They cost not cheap, but for such an effect it is not a shame to pay a double (or even triple) price, the main thing is that they do not fail at the right time. But is this perfume really like the representatives of the stronger sex or is it another advertising move aimed at making a profit? Unfortunately, the answer is ambiguous. Some ladies say that after using such a tool, the guys line up to get acquainted. Other girls claim that the spirits did not help them to pick up the gentleman. The reason for success or failure is most often due to which perfume was purchased and how it was used. An important role is played by the psychological background, as sometimes expectations due to existing myths are too high. Myth one - spirits will act on everyone who is close To begin with, it should be understood that, firstly, all people smell differently and, secondly, each person perceives another's aroma in their own way. Someone he can wildly excite, but someone he will be very unpleasant. And nothing can be done about it. The same goes for spirits with pheromones - there is no universal remedy, so it is not worthwhile to hope for a miracle prematurely. Think yourself, if the perfume was so effective, then all the surrounding people would constantly be applied to the body and liked each other. The second myth - human pheromones are used in spirits. However sad it may sound, this perfume contains enzymes of animals (most often pigs), because human pheromones are strictly forbidden to add to such products. It turns out, the fragrances that men like and drive them crazy are the secretions of the genital organs of animals? The third myth - the cost does not matter When buying a cheap bottle of perfume, many girls do not even think that it is simply not profitable for producers to sell the product at cost. In this case, companies are going to small tricks - they add synthetic, and not natural substances to the toilet water. It's not cheating - they honestly indicate this in the composition, but here to understand what is contained in this or that bottle, unfortunately, not every lady can. By the way, this perfume is less effective, which is not always reflected in the price. Myth four - spirits with aphrodisiacs hold on long. Not many people know that pheromones collapse very quickly when exposed to air, water and alcohol. Therefore, if you have applied perfume, and then used a normal deodorant, there will be no result. By the way, as experts say, in most cases, the positive effect is the result of self-confidence, as subconsciously the girl tunes herself to success. what spirits do men like

Floral, fruit and oceanic smells: delicious, sweet and not too luscious

It is believed that sweetish floral smellscan drive any man crazy. Buying this perfume, you should consider not only the nature of your young man and your preferences, but also the time of year. So, for example, in summer, people around may like lilac, jasmine flavor, in winter - pink or lily-of-the-valley. As for fruit notes, it all depends on your age. Young and very young people fit light, not very cloying and unobtrusive smells, for example, citrus or berry. Adults and well-established people should pay attention to more serious toilet water. Remember, respectable men in the prime of life like a more persistent, but in no case a sharp and not heavy perfume.

Ambrose aromas: where the east converges with the west

Cinnamon, thyme, clove - they are crazyalmost all men without exception. But the combination of sharp and sharp flavors is not always popular with women who are accustomed to softer and less saturated smells. In addition, use this perfume should be neat and not too often, otherwise your partner too quickly oversaturated to them. It is best to put a couple of droplets on the evening dress before going to the theater or restaurant. In this case, the street should not be too hot, otherwise the flavor can change.

Fuzzy flavors: the lot of rich men or the smell of a successful woman?

Strong and rich smellfreshly cut hay mixed with the scent of fern is an expensive and high-quality perfume, which is preferred by almost all members of the stronger sex. He likes strong, successful and self-confident people who are ready to reach any heights in this difficult but exciting and adventurous life. But who said that a woman can not use "male" smells? This does not mean that you should take a bottle of toilet water from your boyfriend. If you do this, others may think that you are crazy. Indeed, in our time, almost all leading manufacturers also have a line for fine ladies who like a fungi flavor. You can use this perfume every day.

Shiprea: forest aroma for nymphs

Francois Coty is a great perfumer, who in 1917he invented a new bitter-sweet smell. In fact, he made a great discovery in the world of spirits, today many world brands use his recipe. So, the spike is a mixture of the scent of patchouli, fragrant moss, bergamot. And what kind of man does not like the slight, hardly noticeable smell of pine forest? Believe me, he will drive your young man crazy. It is recommended to use this option in the winter, when there is not enough brightness, heat and colors.

Wood fragrances: feel close to nature

Often girls confuse this line with chypre,because sometimes smells can be very similar. But to declare that there is no difference between them is a real blasphemy, since the principle of their creation and the shades of their aromas are completely different. Their difference is a sweetish-tart smell with an admixture of haze. It does not just drive men crazy, but makes their heart beat harder. This perfume by default can not help but like strong and confident people. what men like perfume

What smells are not to men's taste or the most common mistakes of women

It happens that the girl spends three hours inperfume shop to choose the right flavor, and on the day of X man turns his nose, because he does not really like the smell. The reasons why her spirits did not fit the guy to taste, maybe a lot. But most often it is either a cheap low-quality counterfeit, bought in transit, or an incorrect use of toilet water. At least once in life did everyone make mistakes, even the most intelligent woman?

  • Mixture of fragrances

Apply deodorizing agents with brightthe expressed smell and perfum are remnants of the past. It's unlikely that such flavors will drive a guy crazy. Do not react to the nuclear mixture can either people without smell (not feeling the scents), or very intelligent people who do not want to offend their partner.

  • Excess of spirits

Another moment that is forgottenrepresentatives of the fair sex - in everything there should be harmony. Even if you like the scent and your guy is going crazy from him, do not throw in the contents at once. If the perfume is high-quality and elite, then it is applied to certain areas: a little on the neck, wrists, decollete area. As for ordinary perfumes, there must be a dispenser or a sprayer. Spray the air above yourself and swim a little. Thus, the droplets will settle evenly, and you will smell pleasant the whole day.

  • Perfume before sex

Natural women's fragrances that likea man with a capital letter "M", can not even be compared with spirits. Enzymes, excreted by an excited and in love with a woman, can drive an ardent and passionate guy crazy. But the bitterish spirits on the skin not everyone will like. Therefore, before intimate affinity it is recommended to take a shower to wash away extraneous smells. After water procedures, do not put on the skin any aroma and oils, let the man enjoy your scent.

How to choose your smell: the eight rules of a successful purchase

Going to the store for a new bottle of perfume,girls often spend in the perfume shop for hours and sometimes go out without shopping. This is due to the fact that they did not adhere to the seven basic rules, which, unfortunately, even some sellers of elite toilet water do not know.

  • Rule one - do not use perfume before shopping

An hour before the exit, take a shower to wash everything offsmells that have absorbed into your skin and hair. Do not use lotions, balms, creams and other cosmetic products with odors and fragrances, so as not to bring down your sense of smell. And, most importantly - in no case do not apply perfume to the skin.

  • Rule two - use the probes

Did you notice that on the shelves of largeshops, where perfume is sold, are small and thin leaves of paper. They are necessary so that buyers can quickly and accurately decide for themselves which version they like best. By the way, do not pour on yourself all the available toilet water, since the mixed smells will distort the real picture. As a result, you will get a perfume that does not suit you at all.

  • Rule three - take coffee with you

In shops with elite and expensive products, alwaysthe seller has a small jar with ground coffee. This is necessary for the client to be able to clean the receptors, which are clogged after the second-third vial. But if you go to a regular supermarket, then it's better to grab a couple of grains with you just in case. And remember, more than seven options at a time you should not try.

  • Rule four - wait five minutes

Finally found a perfume, which you, andyour young man madly like! But do not rush to grab the packaging from the shelf and run for it to pay. Wait for about five to ten minutes and smell the fragrance remaining on the probe or skin. After some elements have evaporated, the perfume can smell quite differently.

  • Rule five - never trust advertising

Buy products, relying on advertising anda beautiful picture in the booklet, can girls who do not have the intelligence to understand that the advertised goods are not always good. Therefore, do not order a bubble with perfume through the catalog, without feeling it and not feeling the fragrance, even if you have been using perfume for a long time. The fact is that, for example, the manufacturer could make some changes that distort or radically change the smell. Do not believe the inscriptions "For stylish ladies", "You will drive men mad", "For young girls", as these are usual, unjustified slogans. You can taste the fragrances of Baby Doll, even if you are over fifty, or do not like perfume for seduction.

  • Rule six - do not buy perfume on the recommendation of girlfriends

Even if you are crazy about the spirits of your sister, mom,girlfriends and then on the list, buy exactly the same or order them as a gift is not worth it. On your skin, they can manifest themselves differently (worse or better - depends on the characteristics of your body). Therefore, first try them on yourself, and then make such a serious decision. Also, do not listen to advice, if someone did not approve one or the other option.

  • Rule 7 - fight low-quality products

Every self-respecting girl must acquireand use only good, quality products. Spirits in this case are no exception. When buying toilet water, ask its real value in advance. And if in any store it is cheaper at least by fifteen percent, then it's a fake. It is unlikely that a trading institution will want to work at a loss. The fake differs from the original in a less pronounced smell, which also quickly disappears. Thus, if you follow the above rules, without relying on the luck and honesty of the sellers, you will easily find your fragrance. Picking the right smell, you will notice that to drive a man crazy and fall in love with him is much easier than it seems at first glance.