cleansing face masks at home The notorious author of aphorisms Valery Afonchenkosomehow, speaking of women, said: "The time spent on make-up shortens the day and lengthens the night." Well, in fact, of course, he is right. But immediately you can see that this phrase belongs to a man. Makeup! If only make-up ... Would he save, if it is applied to unkempt, unprepared skin? To make up the "shot" accurately and in time, constant work is necessary. What are they - men - aware of this? Can any of them be able to understand how the day cream differs from the night cream? Milk for removing makeup from tonic? Cleansing face masks from nutrients? That's the same! But "to be clever" and to talk about women - they are the first ... It seems that there is no point in proving the need to cleanse the skin - this is understandable to everyone. Since childhood, we are taught to wash, shower, take a bath. And what is this, if not purification? However, with the face all is a little differently. Clothing protects our body from various harmful effects and pollution. A person is always open to "all the winds." Dust, exhaust gases, decorative cosmetics - all this accumulates on the delicate skin and, of course, does not add to her beauty. Unfortunately, washing is not enough. Yes, and cleansing lotions can not fully cope with this problem. How to be? Yes, it's very simple! For a long time already invented special cleansing masks for the face. But do not rush into salons - in most cases you can perfectly clean deeply the skin and at home. And even cosmetologists themselves agree that masks made at home are not worse - and sometimes even better - salons. At least, making the mask yourself, you can be absolutely sure that it includes only natural products. And "work" it will be no worse than professional. From what can you make such a face cleansing pores mask? face cleansing mask

Sweet life

Remember the cartoon about Winnie the Pooh? "Mishka loves honey very much. Why and who will understand? ... "So - the skin is also very fond of honey. And, by the way, unlike Winnie-the-Pooh, for quite understandable reasons. First, it is a natural antibiotic - note, "no chemistry". In addition, honey perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin - knowingly it is added to a lot of cosmetic products. Well and one more advantage: it approaches absolutely for all types of a skin - even for the most sensitive. This is such a "magic" product, which is best suited for cleansing and nourishing the skin. But we must not forget that honey is the strongest allergen. And that cleansing the skin at home does not entail the development of a strong allergic reaction, first be convinced of the reaction of your body. How is the best cleansing face mask with honey prepared? There are several simple recipes. Method one. You will need:

  • glycerol
  • Wheat flour
  • honey
  • cold water

Such a mask not only deeply cleans the pores, butand will eliminate any inflammatory processes on the skin, if they have a place to be. Take one teaspoon of honey and glycerin, and then pour in three spoons of water. Stir. The flour should be poured gradually, stirring so that no lumps are formed. One spoon will suffice. Stir? Well, now apply on face and neck. All. 20 minutes can do their own thing. Wash off with warm water. Such a mask should not be done more than twice a week - this is enough to completely cleanse the skin. Method two. You will need:

  • milk
  • oat flour
  • honey

A small spoonful of oat flour mixed with onea tablespoon of milk. Add two large spoons of honey. Gently apply on the neck and face, especially in those places where the pores are greatly expanded. You need to hold for 10-15 minutes. To wash off also - warm water. This mask helps to fight black dots at home - do it at least three times a week. Method three: mask-peeling. In addition to honey, freshly ground coffee is required, which is perfect for deep cleansing of oily skin at home. Very little - half a teaspoon. But honey will be needed more - three tablespoons. Apply the mixture on your face and neck and gently massage for a couple of minutes. Only rub not too much - instead of deep cleaning the pores, you can scratch the delicate skin. After that, let the mask "work" for another 10-15 minutes, and then gently wash it off. The best mask that can be made at home, for those girls who have a combined skin type - it deeply cleanses the pores and nourishes the skin. cleansing face masks

All colors ... clay

Perhaps, the best cleansing face mask -from cosmetic clay. It is recommended most often. Why such a love? Why is this mask considered the best? Everything is simple - clay perfectly "clings" to dirt, scales of "old" skin and excess fat - the pores are cleaned just perfectly. In addition, it has the ability to remove irritation and "soothe" the skin. Yes, and such a mask is elementary - on the principle of "just add water." True, clay is quite active and the main thing here is not to overdo it. Do not leave this mask for more than 12 minutes. A wash should be especially careful. And, of course, do not forget to apply then moisturizing cream - clay cool the skin dry. Cleansing mask from cosmetic clay is suitable for any face - you just need to choose the right color. How to choose? Well certainly not to the color of hair and not in the tone of a homemade gown! It all depends on your skin type. For sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin, red clay is suitable. It will relieve irritation, remove itching and "feed" the skin with oxygen. The owners of oily skin choose more - you can use green, yellow, blue or white clay. In addition to the main task - purification - these masks bring other benefits. White - will tighten the skin, straighten the oval face and remove excess fat. Blue - will help the wound on the skin to heal faster and prevent the appearance of new acne. Green - will improve blood circulation and help for a long time to maintain a healthy complexion. And if you feel that the skin lacks elasticity and "radiance", then yellow clay will come to the rescue. It will remove toxins and relieve inflammation. What color will it be if you mix red and white? That's right - pink! That's exactly how the cleansing mask for combined skin is prepared. Everything is logical, right? And the skin is combined, and the mask is mixed. Easy to remember. However, pink clay is suitable for normal skin. Perhaps the most "mysterious" is black clay. People with the same type of skin respond to it in different ways. Someone argues that such cleansing facial masks are the most mild and sparing, others complain of a feeling of constriction and dry skin after this procedure. Therefore, people with dry and combination skin are recommended to conduct a small experiment first. Apply clay to a small area of ​​the face and leave for 7 minutes. Then wash and observe the skin reaction. If everything is in order, then black clay is what you need. face mask cleansing pores

Other masks

It is impossible not to mention a few simple, butvery interesting masks - perhaps, some of them will be a real panacea for you. The main thing - strictly follow the recipe of mask preparation and do not do it too often. Even the best mask can harm the skin if applied more than three times a week.

  • Mask from aloe

To make a mask, grind two dining roomsspoons of the most usual oatmeal flakes, peel the sprig of aloe from the peel and cut it too small. Then lightly remember with your hands to make out the juice, mix with oatmeal and immediately apply to the skin. This mask is best if you have enlarged pores on the forehead and forehead. And with inflammatory processes of aloe - an irreplaceable thing.

  • Mask made of chalk

The most common white chalk is able to createreal miracles - it cleans and narrows the pores, smooths the complexion and gives the skin tremendous elasticity. In a word, the best mask for those women who do not need anti-inflammatory therapy. This mask is prepared simply - grind a piece of chalk on the smallest grater - you should get about one tablespoon. Then add a little cold water and carefully stir - the mask should have a creamy consistency. Apply the mask to the problem areas of the skin and leave for 7 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

  • Peach mask

Peach mask - the best, when it comes notonly about cleansing, but also about moisturizing the skin. The mask is so simple that many women begin to doubt its effectiveness - and in vain. Peach must be peeled, kneaded and the resulting gruel evenly spread over the surface of the skin and left for 10 minutes, then rinse the skin with cool water. It is difficult to say unequivocally which mask is best - it all depends on the skin characteristics of each particular woman. Someone has expanded the pores, someone - a lot of acne and acne, and someone has a combination skin. Moreover - even for two women with the same skin type, one and the same mask may not be suitable. Therefore, in order to find out which mask is the best for you, you need to try at least two or three. Assess the condition of your skin after the procedure and you will understand if this mask is really the best for you. Talking about home cleansing face masks can be very long. That only for them do not use - vegetables, fruits, cereals, eggs ... even raw meat and liver! Each product is good in its own way. Everyone - helps the skin to keep freshness and beauty. And men ... let them come to the certainty that they know about everything better than we do! After all, as the legendary Coco Chanel said: "We need beauty to be loved by men; but stupidity - so that we love men. " We advise you to read: