cucumber diet To put yourself in order, it is better to chooseyear period. Cucumber diet for quick weight loss is an ideal option. In the garden, cucumbers are an obligatory vegetable for every gardener, and besides, cucumbers are not delicacies and hard-to-reach vegetables. This simple and useful product, cheap and delicious, can help in a short period to solve a variety of health and figure problems. The summer period is the ideal time to bring the organism in order:

  • To drop those extra pounds.
  • Improve the intestines.
  • Give yourself strength.
  • Pump muscles.
  • Add strength to the whole body.
  • Improve mood.

During the summer period, all the defects of the body are visible due toopen clothes. Since under the clothes you can not hide anything, you have to limit yourself to eating and exercise active physical activity. This, of course, is a great stress for the body, since not everyone will be able to diet and keep themselves in shape. For this, the first thing you need is willpower and a great desire to look beautiful. Virtually all vegetables and fruits are useful for the human body, but they need to be used correctly and wisely. Any diet requires a doctor's prior consultation, since it can be not only a waste of time, but also a dangerous occupation. At the moment, a cucumber diet for rapid weight loss is very popular around the world.

What is the effectiveness of a cucumber diet?

  • Cucumbers consist of water by 95%, and the remaining 5%this is cellulose. It is very useful for the body, for proper digestion and removal of toxins from the body of toxins and harmful substances. Water also helps to remove harmful substances from the body, so there is no need to drink 2 liters of liquid daily. Water can easily be replaced by eating 2 kg of cucumbers every day.
  • Cucumbers help maintain the skin in perfect condition.
  • Cucumbers as a face mask give it a fresh and pulled appearance, eliminate fatigue and swelling.
  • Excreted from the body excess fluid, because they are a diuretic, to the same natural.
  • Diet on cucumbers is a quick way to lose weight. In addition to water and fiber, in cucumbers, there are many vitamins and microelements that are useful for human health. Cucumbers contain vitamins B1, B2, C, PP. All of them heal and rejuvenate the body.
  • Cucumbers help to regulate the metabolism in the body and quickly remove excess kilograms. After a cucumber diet, a person feels light and comfortable.

salad with cucumbers

Basic principles and rules of the diet of cucumbers

Every day a person to get a positiveresult you need to eat a half kilograms of cucumbers, but without salt. Cucumbers should be fresh and raw. From cucumbers you can cook all kinds of salads. In addition to them, you can drink water in unlimited quantities, but the water should be boiled or mineral without gas. For breakfast, you can drink tea or coffee without sugar. There are some cucumbers for a week without anything - it's very hard and also wrong. The body can be exhausted and sluggish. If you work or study, the decline in strength will not lead to good results, but will only harm and upset you and others. Therefore, when dieting, you can eat other foods, but those that do not cause harm. It is better to exclude all harmful products immediately:

  • Fatty, fried, smoked, salted.
  • Sweets, sugar in tea, coffee.
  • Flour products.
  • Carbonated drinks.
  • Alcohol.

Variations of salads from cucumbers

Option number 1. 3 kg of cucumbers cut into cubes, season with mayonnaise (low-calorie), you can pepper, but do not salt! Add a variety of greens: parsley, dill, onion, garlic. You can use dry seasonings. The whole salad is divided into 5 receptions. Salad should be enough for a day. Portions should be smaller, but more often. If you eat the whole salad at a time, it will be worse. Option salad number 2. 2 kg of cucumbers cut into slices and season with sour cream or kefir low calorie. You can add boiled eggs, so that the salad is not too simple and insipid. It is also possible to add pepper or dry herbs. Variant of salad number 3. Cucumbers cut into slices, add tomatoes. The ratio of cucumbers and tomatoes 2: 1. You can fill with sunflower or olive oil. You can add cooked meat to the salad, but not fatty. It is important to remember 3 iron rules:

  • eat small portions often;
  • The food is not salty;
  • Do not overload the body at night.

Thanks cucumbers for the fact that thanks to them, namelytheir physiology, the body after the cucumber diet feels better, healthier and more spirited. At the normal approach the diet has no contraindications. But if a person is inclined to some chronic diseases or is in an applied age, then do not risk your health and consult a specialist - dietician and therapist. What you need for a cucumber diet

  • every day you need 2 -3 kg of fresh cucumbers,
  • water,
  • a great desire, willpower and desire for victory,
  • healthy organism

What are the benefits of a cucumber diet?

  • thanks to cucumbers the food perfectly moves through the intestines,
  • improve the process of metabolism,
  • withdraw water from the body,
  • normalize the water-salt balance,
  • make the skin clean, smooth, healthy, young,
  • are not allergenic products,

Variants of a diet can be different. There is a diet for 3 days, and there is a week. losing weight on a cucumber diet

Diet for 3 days - classic cucumber diet

The diet is based on eating only cucumbers, withoutadding salt and other products. You can only allow spices and a lot of greenery: onions, parsley, lettuce, etc. For people with great willpower, there is a diet for cucumbers, designed for a week: Thanks to this diet, a person should eat 2-3 kg of cucumbers daily. Diet by day: On the first day:

  • Breakfast: a couple of cucumbers, a slice of rye bread.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup: cucumber, carrot, radish, apple.
  • Dinner: salad of cucumbers and greens with the addition of sunflower oil.

The second day:

  • Breakfast: cucumbers, a slice of rye bread.
  • Lunch: salad of cucumbers and boiled beef.
  • Dinner: salad of cucumbers, greens and vegetable oil.

On the third day:

  • Breakfast: a couple of cucumbers and rye bread.
  • Lunch: a little boiled rice, boiled fish and salted cucumber (200 g).
  • Dinner: cucumber salad with greenery and vegetable oil.

On the fourth day:

  • Breakfast: cucumber and a piece of rye bread.
  • Lunch: cucumber, boiled rice, hard cheese.
  • Dinner: salad from cucumbers, greens and sunflower oil.

On the fifth day:

  • Breakfast: a couple of cucumbers and rye bread.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad from vegetables, orange.
  • Supper: salad from greens, cucumbers, vegetable oil with addition of cheese of a firm grade.

On the sixth day:

  • Breakfast: cucumber and rye bread.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled egg, pear.
  • Dinner: salad from cucumber and greens with the addition of sunflower oil.

On the seventh day:

  • Breakfast: a slice of rye bread, a pair of cucumbers.
  • Lunch: soup of fresh vegetables, such as cucumber, carrots, radish, greens, apple.
  • Dinner: salad from cucumbers, greens and sunflower oil.

As a result of the diet,a person will lose an average of 7 kg, normal water-salt balance, the skin will be cleansed. For best results, it is better to combine a diet with exercise. Taking sports in the open air is an excellent way of charging the body with energy. three-day cucumber diet

What you need to remember when observing a cucumber diet?

  • The main part of the diet is cucumbers only in fresh form.
  • Such seasonings, like Mivina, should not be present in the diet, as they contain salt and other unnecessary ingredients.
  • It is better to take vitamins in a complex, because some cucumber is not enough to fill the body with enough vitamins.
  • You do not need to go to extremes and eat only cucumbers. This is not enough - the body needs proteins and fats.
  • If a person suffers from gastritis, then do not start a diet.

Not all people manage to lose weight withusing diets. It is necessary to include in the regime of the day sports, walking outdoors, exclude bad habits and nervous loads. Sometimes just changing the situation helps to live in a new way and lose weight gradually. To try a cucumber diet and test it on your body, and also to understand whether it will help lose weight, you need to spend a day of liberation. After the appearance of the first results, you can confidently paint the entire week for the above method. Food on a day off should consist of cucumbers, tomatoes, vegetable oil and boiled eggs. Vegetable oil helps the body to saturate, and the egg makes variety in the diet. Therefore, such nutrition should help the body to unload.