kefir diet for 7 days Of course, all women want to look simpleflawlessly. And even more so, when winter ends and spring and summer come. And this means - open sarafans, deep neckline, shorts and swimsuits. In general, we must urgently get on a diet. But here's what to choose? This is a rather difficult question, it is necessary to approach it very responsibly. One of the most popular diets is kefir. She is praised on television, in magazines, and on the Internet. But after all, each diet is a test for the body, and the ladies immediately begin to "rush into the pool with a head," cancel all foods and try to strictly adhere to only dietary nutrition. In fact, a kefir diet for 7 days is a serious blow to the body, in particular, to the function of metabolism, so you must first prepare. Namely - to reduce the number of calories consumed almost twice.

Preparing for a diet

Gradually reduce the consumption of food. We refuse from the sweet-flour-sharp-roasted. It must be done gradually too. Remember that your goal is to lose weight, and not starve yourself. As a result, your daily menu should be as follows:

  • Breakfast: porridge on the water. You can take any groats, even semolina, but not a drop of milk or butter in the plate should not be. A little podolite food, do without fructose;
  • Second breakfast: a glass of kefir;
  • Lunch: okroshka on kefir, lean meat, vegetable salad;
  • Dinner: fish cooked or steamed.

Here such a diet will be ideal for switching to a tougher kefir diet. If you are able to so eat for more than 3 days, then you can safely go, in fact, on a diet. kefir diet 7 days

Menu of kefir diet

Get ready, the diet is very tough. But if you are prepared in advance, then nothing will be complicated. Just remember - you have to drink a half a liter of kefir every day.

  • First day. We drink kefir (at any time of the day) and eat no more than 4 potatoes welded "in uniform";
  • Second day. Kefir and 4 green apples;
  • The third day. Kefir and a kilogram of fruit or berries. Eliminate grapes and bananas - they are too high in calories;
  • Fourth day. Only kefir. Nothing more can not be eaten;
  • Fifth day. Kefir and chicken fillet. Meat should be taken from the breast (the so-called white meat) and boiled without salt;
  • Sixth day. Kefir, vegetables. Vegetables can be cooked or eaten raw, only without salt. The number of vegetables is about a kilogram;
  • Seventh day. Only kefir.

Kefir diet is very convenient because it does not requiresome special cooking dishes, additional financial spending. Everything is easy and simple. And if you conduct a preparatory stage correctly, then the organism will perfectly transfer such extreme nutrition. Just do not forget about the main thing - salt should be excluded from the diet completely.

How to get out of the diet correctly

All nutritionists in one voice will say - can not be abruptlyto leave the diet. And if you kept a week on a strict limitation, in no case should you attack the high-calorie foods at once. This will not only kill all the results, but also cause significant damage to health. Just remember a few rules:

  • You can not immediately put on greasy food;
  • Salt should also be prohibited. Minimum for 3-4 days after the diet. Only gradually enter it into the dishes;
  • Be sure to drink kefir every day. You can add a little honey, and even sugar.

Only in this way can one go on to denser food. And still you have to be careful - first eat fish and boiled meat, then you can switch to fried and smoked food. weekly kefir diet


Like any hunger strike, a weekly kefir diet has contraindications. Be sure to read them:

  • Diabetes;
  • Increased acidity of gastric juice;
  • Disruption of the metabolism and cardiovascular system;
  • Inflammatory processes of internal organs;
  • Some skin diseases - for example, psoriasis;
  • Recent surgical interventions;
  • Women who have only finished critical days, too, should not go on a diet;
  • You can not use this kind of dietary nutrition for adolescents, pregnant and lactating women.

The type of such food is called a mono-diet. This is the most dangerous diet for the body, be sure to consult a doctor. Remember that you can do harm to your health. Frequent cases of treatment of patients in surgical and therapeutic clinics. Complaints - weakness, nausea, fever. This all can signal the onset of a peptic ulcer, then there will be a perforating ulcer and an operation. In general, the development of events is too gloomy, so we need to approach the issue of dietary nutrition "with a sense, sensibly and consistently."

Results and recommendations

First, even at the preparatory stage, younotice how the extra pounds go away from you, and the skin acquires a pleasant color. This means that the metabolism is normalized, and toxins and toxins are eliminated. Secondly, the 7-day kefir diet is praised for the fact that it allows you to get rid of 7-10 kilograms of excess weight. And this is not a fairy tale, but the truth. Third, after a competent exit from the diet, you can maintain your status, from time to time arranging days of unloading all on the same yogurt. If you think that it is only from excessive nutrition, there are "folds" and a sagging tummy, then you are very wrong. This can be both heredity and health problems. Thoughtlessly, one should not starve - it's not a problem to go to a doctor's consultation. And yet - do not rely solely on the seven-day diet. Be sure to engage in physical education. Let it not be exhausting training and "katorga" on the simulators. Better make morning jogs in the park or around the house, do exercises and just lead an active lifestyle. Yes, banal advice, but they are very effective. In the end, our life is everywhere and everywhere automated: elevators, cars, subways, taxis. And you walk more, go to the rink, play bowling. In general, the options are many and important to choose what will suit individually. And do not forget that on such a diet you can "sit" no more than once in six months. Still, it is too hard for the body, and while the restoration and a slow transition to normal nutrition will take place, you will just be ready for a new "race". Yes, it's hard, but nobody promised that it will be easy. "Beauty requires sacrifice" - this statement is still relevant. So, it is necessary to exert maximum efforts and to withstand all the prescriptions. We advise you to read: