Fashionable women's shoes 2012 What will make any woman happy? No doubt - the charming shoes that look from the shop windows. Fashionable women's shoes in 2016 will please the beautiful ladies with their variety and originality. The designers made the most daring, extravagant fantasies in the shoes model, not shown on the podium earlier. The key attribute of fashionable shoes is a high heel, as well as a platform.

High heels

It is difficult to imagine that high heels will come outsometime out of fashion. Wide, textured heels are among the popular trends, but thin hairpins are also not forgotten, because it is a symbol of elegant women's shoes. Wide, steady high heels took incredible shapes. For example, in Lanvin they are curved inwards. Heel is originally twisted into a spiral and attached to the sole by decorative "jumpers". In 2016 there was a boom in footwear for all kinds of high-heeled designs. Backwaters decorated with threads, beads, rhinestones, yarn, ribbons, leather, flowers, fringe, and other ornaments.

Platform Shoes

Shoes on the platform are also in favor. It seemed that the platform would not be popular, but it was not possible to abandon it entirely to fashion legislators. So, the impressive platform is more than 5 cm in height - this is one of the favorites of the spring and summer of 2016. The platform complements the heels of medium thickness. Massive design was just as interesting. Female legs, shod in fashion this season, will surprise and impress.

Fashionable shoes on a wedge

The defender of the wedge is Christian Louboutin. He presents the spring-summer shoes 2016 with this element and used for its production a classic cork tree. Shoes on a wedge accent attention to an open toe with a clasp on a wide membrane. A wedge is an alternative to a heel, and it works according to generally accepted fashion rules. Decoration of a wedge is removed all restrictions. Upholstery made of leather, fabric decorated with sequins, beads, rhinestones, embroidery, biker spikes, rivets. Walking on a wedge is much easier than on high heels. These are the fashion trends of shoes in 2016.