fashion jewelery 2011 photos What can cause the female image to play up with newcolors and fill it with spicy notes of exclusivity, which, of course, will give the lady out of the crowd of others. Bijouterie and accessories - this is the easiest way to give the style a unique highlight, which is characteristic, it is this season that stylists predict a special stir for accessories that are alternative to traditional ones. About the increased interest in these products says the widespread desire of fashion magazines to post on their pages information about what a fashionable bijouterie of 2016 represents, the photos are designed to demonstrate the diversity of style and conceptual solutions that are trendy this year. The reference accessories of this season have finally moved away from the half measures, because of this, high fashion masters, jewelers and stylists call upon ladies to hide intact chains, small earrings and unremarkable rings deep into their boxes. Instead, go to the nearest store and buy a trendy massive, catchy and distinctive costume jewelry 2016 summer, as eclecticism and ethno-motivated motives, as well as rebellious notes of industrial subject to one rule - the trend of impressive, large sizes of ladies' jewelry. In this season, everything is permissible: extraordinary experiments with a combination of different styles, including in the image of fashionable costume jewelry of 2016 from ecologically natural materials, for example, stones, wood, corals; or modeling the style with the products of modern alloys. If a fair sex prefers a classic of noble metals, sustained in the best traditions, then similar taste preferences will be relevant. Costume jewelry by today's standards has finally lost the status of "tinsel" and an optional element, on the contrary, those ladies who are persistently trying to evade the use of jewelry, cause not only condemnation, but fall into the category of "bad taste."

Fashionable bijouterie of 2016, what does the fashion market offer?

fashion jewelry 2011 However, a modern fashionista may facea dilemma, because in the widest range that is offered to women's attention, it's not surprising to get lost if you do not know the basic rules for choosing jewelry in the summer of 2016 or not give proper attention to the brand-manufacturer. In this case, the representative of the fair sex risks not only to destroy the perfection of the created image style, but also to be known as a lady with bad taste. This article is a direct guide to the selection of the standard fashion jewelery of 2016, sustained in the best modern fashion trends.

  • Fall into the category of must-have jewelry in stylesafari or accessories that convey African motifs with animalistic elements, such fashionable costume jewelry of 2016 appears in the collections of Coro, Elsa, as well as the world-famous Dior. What is characteristic, the stylistic performance remotely gives notes of hand-made, and all thanks to the use of natural materials: decorative stone, dissimilar corals, intricate shells.
  • Especially popular among the sophisticated bohemiansuses the ruler "girl-coquette". What can the original fashionable bijouterie of 2016, made in this conceptual key, offer? Drapery and only it: colorful ribbons, bows in combination with rhinestones, decorative vintage stones in the style of the 30s, like bunches strung on massive necklaces, chains or beads, as well as bracelets, the special highlight of which are thick chains with inserts of fabric . Similar style solutions were present on the stage from Vuitton, as well as Myriam Haskell, and immediately got on the pages of women's magazines that posted information about what fashion jewelry 2011 should be in their columns, the photos only revealed to the masses all the charm of these products.
  • However, for lovers of vintage jewelryfind more creativity and originality of creative ideas than in the collection of Jeanne Azocar, the basis of her last show was made up of minerals: colored bakelite, and galatite. But not only this one is strong this master's collection, the real hit was jewelry in the summer of 2016 using dried beans in earrings and beads, as well as chestnuts and other environmental materials. All lovers of shocking and courage can safely go in search of these unique accessories.
  • But the motifs of the Asian ethno slipped inmany high fashion masters. Ladies who rely on romanticism in conjunction with brightness, can find a lot of useful in these rulers, for example, massive earrings with a cascade of rhinestones or intricate, bizarre patterns. Necklaces and beads of impressive size with an abundance of decor in the form of stones, beads, rhinestones, as well as unchanged heavy bracelets in ethnic style. Displays from the label Mazer, Marcel Boucher, as well as the French Yoco were built on oriental notes, advanced fashion catalogs placed trendy fashion jewelry 2016 on their pages, the photos conveyed the romantically intriguing color of the Asian ethno.
  • A modern phenomenon, which immediately rankedto one of the trend trends, have become varnished accessories. And to thank modern women of fashion must master Nathalie Costes - the creator of a whole series of necklaces and beads from wooden, varnished balls. Glitter is an actual solution for the ornaments of this season.
  • Obviously, creativity and extraordinary designconceptual solutions at the peak of popularity - this is an ideal option for young and stylish, bold and bright, but what remains for ladies who prefer quiet classics? Representatives of the fair sex who appreciate traditional products, will take a shower in the shows from Celine. Her line-up is hello from the 70s, as she is filled with retro-style notes. Costume jewelery in the summer of 2016 should not be reduced to flashy, vulgar ornaments, quite enough a string of "pearls".

Bijouterie 2016 summer: choose and wear correctly

costume jewelery 2011 photo In such an abundance of female assistants in the struggle forbeauty is not surprisingly lost, so the knowledge of jewelry, trends in 2016 - not a guarantor of success in creating an attractive, harmonious image. To the flirt and fashionista really was a success and received attention it is important to know how to choose the right accessories that would not go against the style decision, and also emphasized the individuality of its owner. Although this year requires almost all products to combine weightiness and massiveness to some ladies, it is necessary to carefully purchase such models. So, for example, miniature, undersized "inch" should think ten times before choosing bulky, heavily decorated beads or necklaces. They visually land a figure and outshine their fragile possessor. Miniature women of fashion designers recommend to pay attention to something more light, for example, products made of transparent or light bugles, they can combine trend volume, but do not overshadow their mistress. But the ladies, whom nature has awarded with magnificent shapes and outstanding volumes - are lucky, because the trendy massive jewelry of the trend of 2016 satisfies to the full and at the same time it is perfect for fat women. Thick bracelets, heavy cascading earrings or beads, kept in the best, for example, gypsy traditions - ideal solutions, they are designed to shift the accent from the extra pounds of women of fashion, such accessories will serve as a bright spot and a kind of "distracting maneuver." What color can be advised to the fair sex, based on the size and models of jewelry? The most common on the stage of high fashion gold jewelry, as well as models of deep brown tones, fashion magazines are rich in information, which explains what should be fashionable costume jewelry 2016, photos also clearly demonstrate its range. So, the smaller the accessory, the more catchy and screaming its tone can be, as indicated by the secret rule of choosing a trending decoration. On the contrary, weighty and massive, enriched by pompous drapery from pebbles, shells, ribbons or chains, accessories must be performed in a restrained color scheme, otherwise the product risks being overloaded and given off by vulgarity.

How to properly combine accessories? Designer Tricks

costume jewelery summer 2011 As this season allowsrepresentatives of the fair sex to experiment and embody the wildest fantasies in life, you can safely beat a variety of styles of jewelry. For example, aggressive and laconic industrial with its metal jewelry with elegant classics, a combination of ethnic ornaments with the inherent futurism with safari-style models is very effective. Women's magazines very often try to find new images, so on their pages you can find fashionable costume jewelry 2016, photos show that the piquant uniqueness of the style can be achieved with the help of a skillfully selected accessory. Minimalism is now not in high esteem, it concerns both color decisions, and touches the decor. But this is what complicates the combination of colors. Imagine if the bracelet repeats the print of the zebra or leopard skin, then the compatibility of such a product with a blood-red coral necklace will be highly questionable. It is important that the image does not lose its integrity and convey a single idea. For example, the abundance of different-colored bracelets on a woman's hand will support the youthful image of a coquette, fashion catalogs show trends in creating an individual style, including fashion jewelry 2016 on their pages, photos already show that it's easy to change oneself. Far in the past, those times when accessories and ornaments were considered an excessive refinement and echoes of the bourgeoisie, now costume jewelry is a direct indicator of the bright individuality and unique style of the lady. With the help of well-chosen jewelry, modern women of fashion are doomed to feel their own irresistibility and admiring glances of others, involuntarily attracted by spicy notes and zest, the secret of which will be discovered only by bijouterie 2016 summer. We advise you to read: