Fashion Caps 2016 Soon the spring, so it's time to think about yournew spring wardrobe. Many women for some reason believe that the spring hat - this is an excess. But they forgot that in the spring there is a significant temperature drop, and this can negatively affect not only the health in general, but also the appearance of their hair. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what caps are now in vogue. The main requirements for this important subject of the wardrobe are the properly selected style, the corresponding fabric texture (knitwear, felt, tweed, wool), as well as the style and color of the hat. In addition, no matter how important fashion for us, the caps of 2016 in spring should be warm, not just beautiful. Therefore, all the same fashionable and very relevant remain knitted knit headdresses. After all, they will not only warm you in the windy weather, but also keep your hair in order, protect them from the negative effects of the environment. In occasion of what this spring in a fashion spring hats, photos from glossy magazines speak:

  • Always in fashion remain feminine and elegant hats.
  • It is very fashionable in the spring of 2016 to wear stylish kepi and berets.
  • Hats are a fashionable alternative to hats this season.
  • Knitted hats with different texture and different colors, as always, are fashionable, practical, comfortable and will warm you in cold weather.
  • If you could not find a suitable model from a set of caps, the fashion of 2016 suggests replacing it with an equally beautiful bandage or wrapping a scarf around your head.
  • Caps, knitted hats and berets this year have become much larger than before.

Hats - always topical and elegant

Fashion Caps 2016 This spring in fashion, in the first place, varioushats, because they can give charm and charm to any woman. No matter how fashion designers change, the hats of 2016, as before, give way to a certain place for hats in the market of hats. After all, it is the hat that can decorate every outfit and make every woman unpredictable and mysterious. what hats are in fashion now In the event that you find it difficult to determinechoosing the color of this headdress, feel free to choose brown or black, because it will fit almost everything. A good option for invited dinners or business meetings, as the designers say, will be men's hats that have sharp lines and transitions.

Spring hats 2016 - the color scheme

spring hats pictures What will be the actual spring hats - fashion2016 argues that with regard to color, we can afford to wear almost any shade. Fashionable will be saturated bright colors, which look very impressive and highlight the fashionable representative of the weaker sex from the gray crowd. fashion hats 2016 spring When choosing a monophonic cap, pay attention to theobligatory presence in it of a bright accent of some other color. Those women who have pale skin, are recommended hats and coral hues, visually making the cheeks more rosy.

Cap - spring version of the headdress

hats fashion 2016 spring When viewing in fashion printstendencies of spring hats, photo caps always attract special attention. And in this season, the classic model of such a headdress, as the cap has become much larger. The basic colors of the spring 2016 caps are black, gray, all calm neutral colors, as well as all kinds of bright patterns. As you can see, the choice is huge, so every fashionista can pick up a suitable model for her cap. Choosing a hat is often a lot of trouble if you do not prepare well for it. And very many women refuse to do such a wonderful accessory because they can not find a suitable model of the headdress. But it's better to spend a little more effort and time to find out which hats are in fashion today, and still choose for yourself a beautiful, fashionable, stylish, ideal. We advise you to read: