fashionable bags spring summer 2012 A bag is perhaps the most necessary itemwardrobe of every girl and woman. After all, it not only easily accommodates a huge number of things, without which we can not do, but it will also become a spectacular and elegant addition to the image. Fashionable bags spring-summer 2016 - this is not just a complementary accessory, but a reflection of the inner world, the desires and tastes of each girl. All fashionistas are eagerly awaiting the wonderful novelties, which will be presented to our attention by the most famous couturiers. So, let's see what the bags of spring-summer 2016 are like. bags spring summer 2012

Fashion Trends of Bags

  • Messenger bag

Such a model can be called classical. It will become the most popular and widespread in the spring of 2016 due to its incredible versatility and spaciousness. Among the famous fashion houses the most popular and famous model can be considered a bag "Birkin" from Hermes, which is an undoubted luxury item and an actual accessory. This style will instantly attract the attention of all fashionable women around you and will emphasize your financial viability.

  • Tote bag

This model is also very roomy and beautifulsuitable for everyday wear. Its large volume and very simple shape make this handbag quite comfortable for walking or shopping. Fashionable bags spring-summer 2016 in the style of "tout" can be made of a variety of materials, for example, textiles, leather, suede or plastic. The most popular bags in this style have a rectangular or trapezoidal shape. Actual additions can be considered original prints, drawings and various applications. The bag "tout" is suitable for lovers of creative design solutions, because the amount of textures and different colors is not limited to any frames. Among other things, you can sew this style yourself using sketches.

  • Hobo bag

Fashionable bags spring-summer 2016 with such a ridiculous,even a fairy name conquered the hearts of many girls with their soft, pleasant form. Variations of the models of such a bag can be counted as an endless set. As for the most fashionable materials for bags of this style in the coming seasons - this will be natural or artificial skin of ostrich and crocodile. Current additions will be chains, brushes and buckles of golden color, as well as suede fringe.

  • Carrying bag

A fashionable bag of this model has always been among theactual accessories. The last few seasons such a style does not go out of fashion, as the style of the 60s-70s returned. In the spring and summer collections of 2016, one could feel the wave of retro mania, because today many designers surprise us with vintage products in the style of the sixties, supplemented by applications and drawings from leather of different colors. But for some reason, such a model almost did not touch this model, except for the bags from Dolce & Gabbana, decorated with knitted items and black lace.

  • Wicker Bags

The trend of the coming season can be consideredwoven bags spring summer 2016. Straw accessories have become a real flashy event. The most beautiful models from raffia presented to our attention the fashion house Burberry. Large and small handbags were complemented by bright leather straps, buckles, and wooden beads. women's bags spring summer 2012

Fashionable colors of bags

The most fashionable bags spring-summer 2016 are simply requiredbe bright, attracting the attention of everyone around and, of course, to match the warm season. A fashionable tandem can be considered a few contrasting shades in one model. The actual colors are: red, bright green, yellow, orange, all shades of blue, turquoise and violet. Many like to rest on the water, so the sea theme is an indispensable trend for vacation. Traditional colors are: blue, white, red, black and yellow. A diverse underwater world pushed fashion designers to various fantasies about the shapes of bags, so some designers created clutches in the form of various shells and shells. The coming warm season is very diverse with accessories. These are clutches, which are gaining popularity among business business ladies, as well as kegs, which for several years win the recognition of the most inveterate women of fashion. The brightest colors, imitation leather, vintage femininity, various prints on any subject - such will be women's bags spring summer 2016. We advise reading: