family business If we talk about the path that leadsmodern woman to the idea of ​​creating a family business, in most cases it begins with internal dissatisfaction and the inability to realize all of its potential in the workplace. We all tend to think about our future. Disassemble the current financial situation. Consider the pros and cons of the current state of affairs. And very often such analysis leads to disappointing conclusions. Someone believes that no salary can justify conflicts with the authorities, someone wants to introduce into their work some innovation that contradicts the company's rules, and someone looks even further and understands that the only way to become truly independent and create a solid financial base gives its own business. It should be noted that you will not be alone in your decisions. In our time, an increasing number of girls and women prefer to work for themselves, and most importantly - successfully implement their decision. Especially in case of choosing a family business, your closest people will be your partners: husband, parents, brothers and sisters. And who can help better than people you trust unconditionally?

I have an idea? Sound it!

Like any innovation, family business beginswith ideas. And if you and your family members decided to combine their efforts, capital, skills and professional skills to achieve one goal, you will have to work hard before starting your own business. The most important at the first stage will be the question "what to do?", And the answer to it is not as simple as it seems at first glance. First, you need to consider what skills each of the participants in the future family business has. They will become your main capital. Yes, yes, there is no reservation here. Suppose, you always dreamed of opening your own studio for tailoring fashionable clothes, and in your family there is not a single designer or tailor. And if the boot starts to pull the pirozhnik, and the cakes will bake the cobbler, nothing good will come of it. Hence, the direction of business should be chosen based on professional skills, preferably backed by real experience. After all, you want your business to flourish, which means you need to set realistic goals. But do not think that having a pastry's talent, you must forget about it and start your business, starting from the diploma of the teacher. In no case. If you are confident in your abilities - go for it!

Exploration by battle

The next step is marketing research of the market. You need to enter it with such a service or product that will have a demand, which means making a profit. Here, if you believe the professionals, very many make their main mistake. Namely, they try to offer the consumer or the buyer something completely new. Undoubtedly, innovation can help you make your products or services unique and recognizable. But! For people to accept and understand the value and all the merits of your product or service, it will be a long time, and you can not afford it for the present. After all, your family business has not yet proved itself. Therefore, it will be more optimal to choose a product that is in demand in the market, but to introduce something of its own in it. At this stage, it is not superfluous to get acquainted with the experience of "experienced". Practical advice on this topic can be found in the literature: the book "Family Business" by Christina Jones or "Managing the Family Economy" SA. Reznik can give clues to those questions, which, having no real experience of running a family business, is difficult to answer. And, at the initial stage, this idea will require you and your team members to spend a lot of internal resources. And the main thing here is to be able to support each other, quietly deal with incomprehensible moments. Indeed, right now, the foundation of business relations between close people is being laid. And we need to try to start the business so that the joint business does not become a source of conflict. On the contrary, it should make your family ties even stronger and more reliable. small family business

With the world on the thread. Looking for capital to achieve a dream

Any business requires not only physical,mental and emotional costs, but also financial investments. Perhaps this will sound prosaic, but the dream of a family business will have to fork out. There are several options and opportunities. Let's start with the most obvious. If members of your family become members of your joint business, it is reasonable to consider the option of their share participation in the initial costs. The necessary starting amount is determined and is divided into all participants. Of course, equity participation in business must necessarily be properly designed. It is possible that one of the members of the team will want to quit the business, which means that it is necessary to clearly record what part of the money it can take in this case. By the way, on the basis of the initial installment, the percentage of the profits will be calculated, for which each of the participants in the family business can claim. But while the profit is still far away, so let us consider the second option. If you start a business together with a husband or sister, but at the same time want to become the sole owner of a family business, then you have to make all the initial capital yourself. Take a loan, if there is no savings. Or get a loan for small business development. And, by the way, recently local authorities not only issue such loans, but also establish tax incentives and preferential rates for advertising on local television. And if there is no other way out, you can ask for help from local authorities.

What's in a name?

Another important issue at the initial stagethe formation of the idea of ​​a family business is the definition of the organizational form of the enterprise. You must decide what exactly it will be: CJSC, LLC, PBOYUL. And if the interpretation of the first two abbreviations is unknown to the babies, perhaps, the latter will require some clarification. Incidentally, it is this form of organization of an enterprise (an enterprise without the formation of a legal entity) that is the most used and the most popular, since, having registered as an unincorporated business, you will pay taxes on a simplified system. And taxes, as jokes "business sharks", - cry, but pay. So, it is necessary to do everything in the very beginning, so that with the payment of taxes there were as few problems as possible. Especially, if your family does not have a good accountant and you will have to hire it on the side.

Vertical power, or nothing personal

Well, money is found, the idea meets allthe above-mentioned requirements, the business plan is calculated to the smallest detail. It seems possible to start working calmly, to embody the idea to which you have so carefully prepared and with such persistence sought, overcoming all bureaucratic obstacles. But just here and it is necessary to especially consider all the pros and cons of the family business. If you rely on facts, plus in this case, only one: at the initial stage, when the family business requires total dedication, sometimes not bringing significant profits, only close people can with such understanding treat the emerging problems. Work in emergency mode and take care of the prosperity of the common cause. But after the completion of the period of formation, each member of the team wants to receive dividends due to him, in his opinion. In the form of profit, leadership position or satisfaction of their own ambitions. It is these disagreements that can lead to the collapse of your business. But believe me, this is not scary. The world knows the confrontation between the two giant corporations Adidas and Puma. But this is a confrontation between two brothers: Rudolph and Adolf Dassler, who made a mistake and brought family troubles into the business. So that you do not have such problems and you not only have not lost, but also strengthened family ties and led to a prosperous family business, you will have to learn to be a subtle psychologist and a visionary leader. Economists, among other things, are advised to follow a few simple rules:

  • Set the power vertical. Your enterprise should have one boss. And kinship ties do not give any of the members of the family the right to behave with hired workers from master positions. Subordination in business relations should be present. But, at the same time, this should not affect the relationships within the family.
  • Fix job duties. Each member of your team must deal with a specific area of ​​activity that corresponds to his professional skills or inclinations. But you need to distribute the duties in advance. And in the correct form. Global issues can be addressed with family members. But if for each "scribble" you have to get the good from all the team members, this will lead to the collapse of the business. Do not breed the bureaucracy on an equal footing, designate the right of everyone to solve current issues independently and determine the range of problems whose solution requires joint discussions.
  • By deed and reward. And to put it more precisely, the position held can not depend on the degree of kinship. First of all, you should treat family members as your main asset, your gold fund. Let education and competence become the main indicators. No favoritism. Criticism, promotion, promotion should be considered with the impartiality of the Sphinx, regardless of the presence or absence of kinship.
  • Service relations and obligations requirefixed in writing. If you involve your relatives in the family business, especially if they initially contribute their share in the initial capital, you must document the amount of compensation in case someone decides to quit the business. Here options are possible. Either by leaving the case, he gets his contribution, or leaves it, transferring the right of management to you. But in this case, the size of dividends and the settlement period should be considered. It is necessary to discuss and fix the document in time, in which the depositor will be returned his contribution.
  • Weekly "brainstorming". In any case, one way or another, there are questions and disagreements. And in order to identify them and solve them in time, take for the rule the holding of weekly meetings, where everyone can voice their problems. You are the manager, and in your hands the "health" of the enterprise. It is known that it is better to prevent trouble than to deal with complications.
  • Fresh ideas. A significant disadvantage of the family business is closeness, isolation. If you do not bring something new to this process, very soon your business will suffocate. Try to adopt someone else's experience, use someone else's ideas and learn from other people's mistakes. You always have time to make your own.
  • Opportunity for career growth for young people. A frequent mistake of the owners of the family business is the impossibility of career growth for the younger generation. Recall the advice on feats and rewards and try to give the opportunity for younger family members to take a position in accordance with their abilities, competence and education, and not depending on the time of work for you.
  • Starting a business together with close people,entrepreneurs, in addition to the usual for all beginner problems, face additional difficulties. According to economists, this is the reason for the slow development of the family business in our country. Of the three enterprises founded by families, only one survives. But if you learn to find a common language and, after reading our article, try to avoid obvious mistakes, your small family business may eventually become a huge corporation, inherited. The main thing is not to forget that no profits can make you happy if they brought strife into the family. And no one corporation deserves warm and trustful relations between relatives and close people. We advise you to read: