how to save money The desire to save money is familiar, perhaps, to everyoneman. Of course, the goals of such savings can be very different - someone does not have enough for a washing machine, someone for a mink fur coat, and someone for a diamond of five carats - but the essence of this does not change from this. How to save money and not feel unhappy with it? In order to start saving - to postpone - it is necessary first to find those "holes" into which money "flows". After all, it often happens that coming from a store with half-empty bags, you find with surprise that there is nothing left in your purse. But you do remember that there was something rustling in the morning.

Where do the money go?

In order to understand this,time to become a "clerical rat" - armed with a thick notebook and pen. Try to force yourself daily, within a month to make absolutely all expenses in a notebook. Of course, the occupation is tedious and unpleasant, but absolutely necessary. You want to figure out how to learn how to save money? In order to facilitate the task and forget nothing, make a useful habit of keeping all checks. Well, maybe not at the "everlasting" - otherwise you quickly enough zahlamite entire apartment. At least until the end of the day. And there it will be possible to rewrite everything in the treasured notebook. After a month, carefully review all entries. You, for certain, will find there a lot of edifying. Try to determine the "extra" spending and those points on which you can save.

I see the goal ..

Trying to save and constantly deny yourselflovely little things - a sad thing. In order not to give up on this hand in a couple of days, it is absolutely necessary to clearly define what you are suffering for. That is - to set a goal. However, there may be several goals. The main thing is that they are real - otherwise nothing but frustration and depression such "accumulation" will not bring. It's pointless, when working as a doctor or as a school teacher, to try to accumulate on a personal plane. You will only feel unhappy and "unlucky". Count and establish the exact time when your dream will become a reality. To sweeten yourself the "months of deprivation", identify the intermediate stages of the "big way". That is, some sums, having accumulated which, you can arrange a small holiday for yourself. Just try not to glamor too much - otherwise all efforts will go wrong. how to learn how to save money

We reduce the debit with the loan

There are many people in the world who simplyThey can not deny themselves the purchase of some nice, but not very necessary thing, if there is money in their wallet. A simple way will help to avoid unnecessary temptations. As soon as you receive a salary, immediately postpone any part - usually 10-15% - to the bank account. And, it is necessary to get the account from which it will be difficult to withdraw money. You can do even easier - write an application to the bank, and this money will be automatically written off. For "unexpected" income - a bonus, a win, etc. - Use the 50/50 rule. Make yourself a small gift for half the amount received, and put the second "in a box". In order not to appear in the middle of the month with an empty wallet, it is necessary to make a list of mandatory expenses. What does it include? Typically, this is:

  • rent;
  • payment for mobile phone and Internet;
  • expenses for transport / gasoline;
  • expenses for food;
  • "Economic" money;
  • entertainment;
  • education or training;
  • Unexpected expenses

Counted? Do not put money in one "heap" - get a few envelopes and put them there for expenses. Then you will immediately see where you "got out of the schedule."

On what to save? Little tricks

Clothes and shoes. Try not to buy the thing you liked at once. Better get yourself a special notebook and write down all the vending "rags", the name of the store where you saw them and the price. Quite often it happens that in 2-3 hours you come to the conclusion that this thing you absolutely do not need and you have nothing to wear. Then ruthlessly delete it from the notebook. And what about those that you really want and really need to buy? Watch for sales and discounts. After learning about the sale, you can just call the store and ask about the availability of this model. So you save money and time. Going to the sale, do not forget to take a notebook with notes. This will help you not to get confused and not to buy unnecessary things. It is highly desirable to bring along a whinnying girlfriend who in an hour will begin to moan, that her head is spinning, her legs are tired and she wants to fresh air. Yes, do not take a lot of money with you. You also recorded the approximate prices, right? Hairdressers. This is a rather serious expense item, especially for women. And what to go groomed? Of course not! Conduct a survey among your friends and co-workers. Surely they will have a familiar hairdresser at home. Such a haircut will cost you much cheaper. The same applies to manicure / pedicure and other "female tricks". Products. And again - lists. What is there to do? After all, you decided to figure out how to save money, which means that all purchases should have a reasonable approach. Make a list of long shelf life products. It is better to buy them for 2-3 months at once, at wholesale stores or in warehouses. There you can buy shampoos, soap, toilet paper, powders and other household trivia. Estimate what foods and how much you will need for 1-2 weeks. Buy a discount card of the nearest hypermarket and go there. Closely check the list and do not back out from it. If you are purchasing in a network supermarket, take a closer look at the products released under its brand - usually they are cheaper. Pay attention to the material and the volume of the package - depending on the price for the same product may differ. "Catch" promotions - they can be recognized by special price tags. Bank cards. Of course, bank cards are a very convenient thing. However, for those who are trying to save, this method of payment is not very suitable. There is always a risk to spend more than you originally planned. "Live" money is much more visible. Consumer loans. Try not to take consumer loans. Why do you need extra debt? After all, you already understood how to save money, right? So, soon enough you will be able to purchase the right product for "their own blood," not for bank money. Nothing is impossible here. You just need to set a goal and persevere towards it. At you all will necessarily turn out! We advise you to read: