family budget planning During our childhood and adolescence, we did not think aboutthe volume from which parents take money for all the necessary family needs, everything seemed self-evident. But time does not stand still, everything changes, and now we get families, become parents, and planning of the family budget becomes our pressing problem. And we solve the seemingly unsolvable task of "smart" waste of earned money so that by the end of the month there will not be a handful of trifles left in your pocket. Quite often in the family, both husband and wife work, they get quite a good salary at the same time, but they do not have the opportunity to afford pleasant excesses. That's why, it is necessary at the earliest stage of joint life to agree with your partner about the planning of the family budget, so that it would not be "painfully painful" then. In general, the planning of the family budget is a purely individual thing and is formed in every family in different ways. But, if we take into account what it is (planning), in fact, from income and expenditure, it becomes clear how to manage it. It is only necessary to assess the task correctly and to look at it objectively.

We look at the problem

Previously, you had to count only onyourself. But now, it would seem, the salary of her husband was added to her salary, and for some reason she does not have enough money. Why? In general, women tend to spend their own money on themselves (perfumes, cosmetics, clothes, ornaments), and they also like to give gifts to relatives and friends. Men also spend a lot of money on their own hobby and will never deny themselves a tasty and satisfying meal. Before disputes and disagreements arise about this, it is necessary to immediately put all the points above the "i" and decide for what purposes it is necessary to plan the family budget, and how to do it correctly. Perhaps the husband did not even imagine how much money is spent on buying a washing powder or other necessary trifles for the kitchen. And the wife does not understand why so many funds are required for the maintenance of the "iron horse". And yet, how to plan a family budget? Anyone who has a general idea of ​​addition and subtraction can cope with this. For competent planning, you need data on family costs in the past six months. But even if there is no such data, and you do not have an idea of ​​what your last salary was spent on, do not worry! The main thing is to have desire and desire. However, then at first you will have to independently maintain financial statistics. how to plan a family budget

Methods of planning the family budget

There are two of them: or we try to increase revenue, or we try to reduce costs. Then the "debit with the loan" will converge. But there is also a golden mean: an exact calculation of the correspondence of incomes and expenses. First of all, it is necessary to determine the main articles of family income. They consist of the salary of a husband and wife, bonuses, scholarships, any social payments. If you are a visionary person, then we will also add interest on deposits, dividend income, cash gifts, and sometimes even sub-work. In the event that the income part is reduced, you can come up with different ways to earn money. The determining factors here are the desire and resourcefulness of the spouses. In the absence of these inevitably there are scandals and misunderstandings on the basis of lack of money. With the expenditure part it is more complicated. Each family individually determines its standard of living (sometimes exorbitant incomes). But costs for utility services or fees for rented accommodation, spending on food, footwear and clothing, as well as expenses for the education and development of children, remain mandatory for all. Here you can also mention the current costs, such as transportation, cellular communication services, as well as expenses for rest, gifts to friends (as always, unexpected), on guests and on home holidays. To calculate the daily expenses, you can divide the amount you have deferred for this by the number of days (for a week, for a month). If in some day the amount exceeds the estimated costs, then the next day you need to "tighten the belt".

Optimizing costs

How to plan a family budget by optimizingcosts? It is always possible to reduce painlessly at least one of the items of expenditure. For example, psychologists are not advised to go shopping on the first day of receiving a salary. On this day, every person is in euphoria because he is rich, even for a short while. Therefore, "thoughtless" spending is most likely. The cost of food can be reduced if you buy everything not on the road from work to home, but by making a list of necessary products for a week, go with it to the market on Saturday or Sunday. At work, you can eat food grabbed from home, and not leave your money at a nearby cafe. Moreover, the quality of the dishes cooked in them leaves much to be desired. However, there is one "but" here. It is not necessary to save on vital products such as milk, cottage cheese, eggs, fruits, vegetables, juices (natural), meat. Treatment for lack of vitamins and minerals can do much more. You can get yourself a separate purse for small change and put all the small coins there. At the end of the month, you will be surprised at how much money has accumulated on this "home deposit". Do not buy for advertising such as "every little thing - only 100 rubles", from small things a large sum can be formed, which you did not expect to spend. Loans, loans, loans in the bank, as well as bank cards, checks, insurance can turn into a serious debt hole. Do not be shy to find out from the bank's employees the total amount of payments that you will need to make. Otherwise, in appearance quite "favorable" conditions can become very burdensome for the family budget. Studying family budget planning showed that, ideally, half of the family's income should be spent on necessary needs, 30% of the budget can be given to things that you would like to buy, but they could do without them, and the remaining 20% ​​can be postponed. Savings can be needed as a "rainy day", and become some kind of inviolable stock, which will help you in case of unforeseen expenses. It will be much more effective to save money on your bank account, forcing them to work for themselves, rather than lying dead weight "in stockings." Having received the first interest you can already feel the income from the deposit. And one moment. Both spouses need to keep some money for personal expenses. And do not scrupulously count up every penny that your dearest half spends. At best, this will lead to misunderstanding, and at worst - to nervousness and rejection. Personal money will allow you to make pleasant surprises about and without reason. As for children, psychologists give an unambiguous answer: "Give money for personal expenses." Let it be a small amount, but it will also instill in them a sense of independence, and later the children themselves will be able to plan their own expenses. how to plan a family budget


From time to time you will have to sit at the table withpen and notebook (or even a computer, if you do not want to trouble yourself with writing), and analyze family expenses. In a couple of months you will have a more or less clear idea of ​​where your money is going. If possible, punctures or, conversely, profitable decisions will be indicated. We hope that our tips will help you understand how to plan your family budget correctly, and why it is absolutely necessary. Over time, you will develop your own individual approach to solving this problem. Allow yourself to live by controlling your incomes and expenses and not letting them control your life. And for the future. Carry with you only the amount that you expect to spend today, so that there is no temptation to spend everything. We advise you to read: