eyelashes after building Perhaps each of us is displeased with hisappearance. Someone has a small chest or long nose, thin hair or excess weight. Even the most compelling beauties find many shortcomings. However, thanks to the development of cosmetology, unresolved problems do not exist today. The complexion can be freshened with a mask or by applying a foundation, short nails become longer in the hands of a skilled craftsman, artificial strands will help to "grow" lush head of hear, even small eyelashes - not a verdict. Do you want to solve this problem? Then do the build-up. But before agreeing to the procedure, weigh all the pros and cons, because, in order to make the effect truly stunning, you need, first, to choose a good specialist, and secondly, to properly care for artificial hairs in the future. Only in this case this event will be successful!

Who can and who should not do this procedure

To increase eyelashes well kept andlooked beautiful, you need to find an excellent master. But sometimes even the most skilled specialist, after completing the work for one hundred percent, can not guarantee you a prolonged wearing of cilia. So in some cases it is better to refuse the procedure so as not to waste neither time nor money. It is believed that the glue that is used to build up is harmless to the mucous membranes of the eyes. However, the resin that is part of its composition, in some can cause allergies. To protect yourself from the onset of inflammatory processes, ask your master to paste a pair of artificial eyelashes. Walk with them for a day, and if there are no deviations, safely go to the salon. Another contraindication is infectious diseases of the eyes. In this case, the procedure can only aggravate the problem, so postpone it until complete recovery. If you have weak, weak lavender bulbs, they can not withstand artificial fibers that will fall out after two to three days, at best - within a week. You do not need "bald patches" in front of your eyes? It is also better to refrain and girls with increased secretion of fat on the eyelids - eyelashes will not hold. The exact answer to the question, whether the build-up is safe, does not exist. It is absolutely individual: each organism reacts in its own way to both the adhesive substances and to the artificial fibers themselves. Someone's eyelashes later remain the same as before, do not break down and grow well, and some, on the contrary, become weaker. But - beauty requires sacrifice! Therefore, if you want to tame men with one glance only, it's worth taking a chance. Consult with friends, read reviews about salons and choose the right one. Also, do not forget to look at the certificates for the materials that the cosmetologist uses in his work. after eyelash extensions

What to do after?

So, you dare to the procedure, everything has passedsuccessfully, what next? In order not to spoil the master's jewelry work, you need to know a few subtleties. Eyelashes after building up in any case can not be wetted for two to three hours, and also in the first two days you can not make steam baths. Only after the resin seizes, you can safely wash. By the way, so that it does not dissolve, so that the effect lasts longer, do not use thick, thick creams. You will have to get rid of the habit of rubbing your eyes forever. Now only in the morning and in the evening, washing off makeup, you can touch them. Otherwise, all efforts will go wrong. It is also recommended to put waterproof brachmatics in the farthest corner: make-up remedies contain many fatty substances, as well as amino acids that negatively affect glue. From a fluffy miracle in a couple of days there will be no trace. Stretched eyelashes look very impressive, so it's not necessary to use mascara. If you want to keep them as long as possible, it's better not to do it at all. Also, forget about curling irons. Why do this, if artificial fibers are already sufficiently twisted upwards? To remove make-up from the eyes, use a gel for washing or a special lotion. Avoid contact with marine and chlorinated water - now these are your main enemies. To beautiful fluffy eyelashes pleased you for a very long time, you have to forget your favorite position for sleeping - facing the pillow. Lie on your back or on your side, otherwise all the beauty will fly like autumn leaves.

Recovery procedures

Eyelashes can be worn for about threemonths. The main thing is to make correction in time (every two weeks), otherwise you risk walking with tufts sticking out in different directions. If you decide to return to the original type of eyelashes, do not remove the build-up yourself. For this, a special tool is used - a debander. Of course, if you have one, having consulted your master and carefully reading the instructions, you can do it yourself. But it is better to trust a specialist: he will remove artificial ones with the utmost care, without any losses for natural hairs. You want to remain as beautiful as before? No matter how safe the build-up, after all, natural eyelashes (as well as nails, hair) are not the same as before. During removal, their ends may break, causing loss of length and density. But there is always a way! We will tell you about several ways with which you can restore your former beauty. Restore eyelashes will help the usual castor oil, which is sold in each pharmacy. For four weeks every day (preferably before going to bed), apply a few drops to the cotton bud, and then rub it into the roots of the hair with massage movements. Then hold for about ten minutes and rinse. If you do not find such a remedy, replace it with almond or olive, linseed or peach butter. You can even make a cocktail of three components - in a short time it will return the length and splendor. Also suitable fish oil: use it should be the same as the above preparations. Along with such procedures, it is not superfluous to drink a course of vitamins (C, A, E, B). If you want to be beautiful and healthy, watch your diet. Eat milk, liver, sour cream, vegetables, eggs and fresh tomatoes. Did not you see the results, do eyelashes continue to fall out? Then try another method of treatment. To do this, make this mixture: put one tablespoon of burdock and sea buckthorn oil and the same amount of crushed rose hips. Hold in a dark cool place for about ten days, strain and every day lubricate the roots of the eyelashes. Use a normal brush from under the old carcass, rinse it well, then drop a little of the healing solution on the finger and apply it to the hairs. Comb them in this way: from the base to the ends in the upper eyelid, and after - from the bottom. Wash the brush with soap after each procedure. There are other folk remedies, the use of which will help restore the former beauty. For example, a decoction of nettles: take a dry grass, pour hot water and let it brew a little (about half an hour). Then strain, cool and, wetting cotton pads, apply them to the eyes. Also, green tea has excellent healing properties: make a night lotion, brewing it for about ten minutes. beautiful eyelashes after building up

A few tips for caring

Stretched eyelashes, of course, look veryeffectively. However, if you decide to take them off for a while, then in order to preserve your natural eyelashes, you need to follow a few simple rules. For the period of treatment, do not use mascara. And after always watch the expiration date of cosmetics, since the overdue can contribute to the fallout and so of weakened hairs. If the brachmatic is withered, do not dilute it with alcohol or other means. Better get a new one. Regularly change the makeup: eye pencil once a year, eyeliner and mascara - once every six months, and shadows - at least twice in twelve months. And do not forget every evening, before going to bed, to wash off makeup with a special remedy. And then apply a vitamin cocktail on your eyelashes. Following such simple rules will help you to remain always charming and beautiful!