exercises for the hands While doing physical exercises, we oftenforget about one part of the hands - hands. And in vain! According to doctors, strong hands will help to perform other physical exercises, and in this area there are a lot of reflex points. In addition, according to the results of studies, performing regular exercises for the hands, you can get rid of wrinkles on the fingers and palms.

Algorithm for conducting classes

Classes for hands can be carried out in conjunction with morning exercises or in any free time. There is nothing complicated in this, the main thing is to follow the sequence:

  • Raise your hands up, relax all the muscles and shake your hands - arrange your hands a real "blubber";
  • Connect hands in front of the chest palm to the palm of your hand. With a strong pressure on the fingers, tilt the palms to the right and left;
  • Pull your hands forward, palms squeeze into fists and do circular movements with hands in different directions: first counterclockwise, then clockwise;
  • Raise your hands up and again shake your brushes, only now at the same time do circular movements with your hands along the trajectory to the sides - down-up. All the muscles of the hands should be as relaxed as possible;
  • Dilute your fingers (try to do it to the maximum width), hold in this position for 20-30 seconds and relax again;
  • Bend and unbend the hands. First it must be done 10 times in a relaxed state, then 10 times in the "fist" position, and again 10 times in a relaxed state. The pace of exercise is slow, steady.

Each of the above exercises should berepeat at least 10 times. The ideal number of repetitions is 30. Do not forget that it is necessary to conduct training in a good mood and certainly not in a sleepy state. In addition to exercises, you should show additional care for your hands - this way you can prevent premature aging of the hands. The best way to withstand temporary changes is to massage. useful exercises for the hands

How to do massage hands

The main task when performing massage hands- do not make any effort. Movements should all be smooth, slow and absolutely calm - no tweaks, shocks and shakes. Only in this way it will be possible to achieve the result. It is quite good to use essential oils for massage. You will have a beneficial effect not only on the skin of hands and palms with fingers, but you can relax the entire body - a kind of aromatherapy.

  • We rub the entire palm, grabbing the brush and fingers - this should be done by soft circular motions. Spend for this lesson for 3-5 minutes, no more. At the end, make movements that resemble hand washing;
  • Now carefully knead every finger - circular movements from all sides. First one hand, then the other;
  • We perform loop-like grinding in the following order: from the thumb to the wrist, then "bypass" the entire brush;
  • To perform the next move you needimagine that you are wearing gloves. Stroke the entire hand and grasp the forearm slightly. It is not necessary to do this exercise to the elbow. First for one hand, then for another. Be sure to pay attention to this procedure - do not miss a single millimeter of the surface of the skin.

Actually, this can end the procedure. Be sure to spend it regularly, it's better to do it in the evening. Choose a time when you will not be disturbed, relax and have fun! In general, when carrying out any massage it is important to properly tune. Let the room play a pleasant melody, the aromatic lamps burn, the movements will be smooth and exceptionally soft. Such a massage will help relieve tension not only in the hands, but in all hands. Exhausted fingers relax, and the skin will receive a new charge of vivacity. With the help of simple exercises and massage, blood circulation in the hands can be improved, the lymph drainage process can be accelerated - the upper layer of the epidermis will be updated more quickly. All these processes favorably affect the appearance of the hands. We need such procedures for people who are engaged in monotonous, monotonous work. Now the majority work for computers, and even a clear medical definition of the problem of the hands of such workers - tunnel syndrome. Do not be indifferent to the pain in the hand, tingling and temporary numb fingers. It is better to carry out preventive maintenance in the form of exercises and massage, then you will not have to resort to medications. For those who constantly work at the computer, doctors even developed the basic rules:

  • Never hold your hand in one position. Especially it concerns the hand that works with the mouse;
  • From time to time, do exercises for brushes;
  • Be sure to equip your workplace competently: a high chair with armrests, a large space on the table;
  • The hand must always lie on the table to the elbow. In no case can not work with a computer mouse in a "suspended" state - for example, the brush lies on the table, and the rest of the hand hangs in the air.

In general, remember - our health is in our hands. To hope that it is you who will not be touched by the problem, at least, is silly. It's not for nothing that doctors all over the world repeat it every time - prevention is very important! Doing exercises and massage for the hands is not only useful, but also very nice. Receiving real pleasure from pleasant movements, and relaxing with the help of aromatherapy, you can prevent the appearance of unpleasant symptoms. We advise you to read: