evening hairstyle for long hair If you are the owner of chic long curls, then you can choose a variety of evening hairstyles for long hair. But how to decide the choice? Below is the details of this.

How to choose an evening hairstyle?

Choosing a hairstyle is a responsible thing, because fromThis depends on how harmonious and complete your image will be. And what are the basic rules of choice to observe? We list them. Event. For example, if you are invited to some formal meeting, then you should prefer a more restrained hairstyle: beams, seashells, neat ringlets and other things. If there is a secular party, then you can choose a more original version, which adds a chic image. Dress and makeup. Remember one simple golden rule: there must be one bright accent in the image. So if you chose a chic dress with lots of rhinestones and beads, then the hairstyle should be simple and neat. And if the outfit is modest, then the hairstyle simply must be original. Convenience. Constantly thinking about how to prevent hair from breaking up and getting out, you probably do not want. That's why appreciate the complexity of the hairstyle and think about whether you will be comfortable with it. The type of hair is also important. For example, if the hair is naughty and thick, then you can collect them on the vertex and clip them with hairpins. But thin and liquid hair is sure to give volume. Another point that must be taken into account is necessarily the form of the face. For example, for a round face, a hairstyle with a large crown or smooth strands on the sides will be ideal. But the direct parting is contraindicated. If you have an oval face, then you are lucky, as it will look perfectly any evening hairstyles. A square face requires special elements. Asymmetric lines are welcomed, as well as an open forehead line. The ears can be slightly opened, and the chin should be visually softened with romantic curls. To comb the hair back or to do a straight parting is not recommended. For a triangular face, a hairstyle with a volume near the ears will do. And in the hairstyle for a rectangular face, the ears should be closed. The line of the face needs to be made softer. Contraindicated long straight hair loose. Individual parts of the face. So, if the nose is long, then choose a magnificent hairdo, providing a thick volumetric bangs. Do not comb your hair back. If your spout is pulled up, then you do not need a bang, take your hair back. The wide and flat nose looks great with the upstairs and bulk hair removed. A small spout can be combined with curls. With a short neck, you need to open it. Big ears are best covered with hair. With widely set eyes, it is better to give preference to smooth bends near the forehead. And close-fitting eyes will look great with hairstyles, implying a volume at the temples. bundle of hair

Several hairstyles for long hair

We suggest you choose something for yourself. For clarity, we offer several examples. Bant of hair To create such a romantic hairstyle you will need hairpins, two thin elastic bands, invisibility, and also a fixative for hair. First, divide the hair into two parts, drawing a horizontal line from one ear to the other. The bottom part should be more voluminous, from it you will make a bow. The upper part is divided into three: temporal curls on the sides and bangs. Screw these strands into large curlers to give them volume. The lower part of the hair is tied in a tight tail. Separate the strand from its upper part and kill it so that it does not interfere with you. Tie the bottom of the tail with another rubber band, then divide the hair between the two elastic bands into two pieces. Raise the lower part, form a bow, fasten all the studs. Hold the remaining loose strands under the left and right parts of the bow, straighten the curls. Now complete the construction. To do this, release the stranded strand and, as it were, wrap the middle of the bow with it, fix the ends with hairpins. Now take up the bangs. Start it with a light wave and fix it with lacquer. Temporal strands twist into bundles and hide under a bow, zakolov their hairpin. Fix the entire hairstyle. A light and romantic hairstyle from locks you will need: a thin elastic band, hairpins, a comb with small teeth, hair curlers, decorative hairpins, hair dryer and hair spray. First make light curly hair. To do this, wind some damp hair on the large curlers and dry them with a hairdryer, dissolve. Make a side part. From the side strands, twist the flagella by wrapping the strands inward (from the bottom upwards), fasten them about the ears. The top of the head is small enough to give it volume. Now divide the hair into two parts: the lower part (it should be a little bigger) and the upper one. Upper yet pick up and kill. And the lower bandage with an elastic band, but do not pass the tail to the end, but leave it, fixing the studs in several places. From the top, separate the strand, twist the net tow, wrap it around the unfinished tail and fasten it with decorative hairpins. So do with other strands (there should not be more than three of them). Fix the hairstyle with lacquer. a bow of hair A bunch of hair To create such a romantic andan elegant hairstyle you will need: two fine hair gum, a special roller to create a beam (or tight and very voluminous elastic), hairpins. First, tie a tight ponytail at the top of the head. If desired, hair can be combed, then the hair will be slightly careless. Now thread the hair into the hole of the roller, placing it at the base of the tail. Distribute the strands evenly along the circumference of the roller (you will get a certain palm) and bind the formed structure with an elastic band. If you have long hair, then you will certainly have loose strands. So, wrap them around the elastic band or around the beam, fixing the studs. Fix all with varnish.

Useful tips for creating an ideal evening hairstyle

To make your hair look perfect, follow some simple guidelines.

  • Do not do your hair on absolutely clean hair, they will disintegrate. Ideally, if you washed your head yesterday or even the day before yesterday.
  • Wet hands with water or slightly moisten your hair to make it more docile.
  • Do not make the hairstyle in a bad mood and in suspense. you will be even more nervous, you simply will not succeed.
  • First, put on an evening outfit, then do your hair, otherwise, for example, when putting on a dress with a narrow throat, there is a risk of spoiling everything.

Let your evening hairstyle attracts looks and complements your chic image.